Quickscope Simulator Is Everything That’s Horrible About Call Of Duty

In Quickscope Simulator, there’s only you, Doritos, endless headshots and weed. Just like our lord no-scope 360 would have wanted it.

This game might make zero sense to you if you’re never watched a stereotypical montage video — they’re basically Call of Duty videos full of obnoxious elements like dubstep and people screaming over every single kill they get. It’s turned into a meme, to the point that even games like Hearthstone have their very own absurd montage parodies<.>Quickscope Simulator makes fun of all that, by placing you in a game where the only thing you can do is land lethal quickscopes in a slightly altered version of the most popular Call of Duty map, Nuke Town. (Or, excuse me, Kush Town). You might know quickscopes as that popular tactic in Call of Duty where players use sniper rifles without actually fully aiming down the scope. In any case, I’d say this game, although not the most sophisticated thing out there, potently distills everything that’s horrible and hilarious about Call of Duty’s culture.

If you actually want to play this ridiculousness, you can download it here. You might want to avoid it if you have epilepsy though. Fair warning!


  • That was actually pretty funny, especially hearing the bogan aussie commentators laughing their arses off.

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