Report: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaks, Is Future Silly

Report: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaks, Is Future Silly

Because Modern Warfare isn’t modern enough any more.

According to a “a trusted source”, Destructoid has posted a trailer for what it says is the next Call of Duty, which is called Advanced Warfare.

If you thought the second Black Ops game took some technical liberties, hoo boy. This one is going full-blown science-fiction. Note that the game doesn’t just star the vocal talents of Kevin Spacey; the guy is literally in the game.

Report: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaks, Is Future Silly

Peruse the screens and trailer and you’ll also see that the game has exosuits, cloaking and hoverbikes. Yup.

The game was due to be officially revealed on Sunday. You can see the trailer, and some images, at Destructoid.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked, see the first video and images [Destructoid]

Report: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaks, Is Future Silly


  • For your consideration, some other new COD games… with @redartifice

    Call of Duty: Postmodern Warfare, where every bullet fired is a commentary on all the other bullets.

    Call of Duty: Post-Impressionist Warfare, where your enemies are young French artists.

    Call of Duty, Surrealist Warfare: Ceci n’est pas une pipe bomb.

    Call of Duty: Pointillist Warfare – The graphics are in need of an up-res.

    Call of Duty: Cubism: Like if CoD came out in the 90s

    Call Of Duty: Expressionist Warfare – Takes place entirely in a fever dream with a random colour map.

    • Call of Duty: Chiaroscuro Warfare

      Like if CoD was filmed like an episode of Hannibal


    • Call of Duty: Cubism

      That’d be interesting in multiplayer – you’d play as both sides at once.

          • I was trying to work in a joke to COD: Cubism having the Futurism sequel but I think @braaains has cornered the market on that one.

          • That surrealism joke is probably the most sophisticated comment I’ll make all week.

          • I literally laughed out loud at my desk. I have a René Magritte coffee table book displayed in my apartment.

  • Wow. I don’t care. Like seriously, some of this stuff would be awesome. But Call of Duty has gotten to the point where it now drains my soul. I don’t like being a cynic, or ragging on the CoD series like a gamer stereotype, but I really can’t care about CoD games anymore. Maybe when Treyarch releases their new game, as it will be about 4 years since their last game. But really, the CoD series is in dire need of a rest.

    • Sometimes I wonder how long they actually spent coming up with the plot for their next game.

      Honestly, it can’t be anymore than a week from conception to completion.

    • Yeah, it’s got way beyond the point of mere franchise fatigue for me. Kind of like Assassin’s Creed… I loved the first couple, but by now I’m at the point where can’t even look at it anymore.

      • I would agree with you, if AC4 wasn’t such so refreshing. I did not get tired of that game at all.

        • First one I’ve not even played.

          That “honour” would have gone to AC3 if it hadn’t shown up for free on PS+ so I at least took a look and decided I hadn’t missed much by not buying it.

          I’ve just lost faith in the franchise’s ability to entertain me. If AC4 shows up on PS+ at some point I’ll give it a look, but can’t see myself buying it.

    • It’s sad but true.

      As much as I love Kevin Spacey, at this point just having “Call of Duty” in the title is enough to make me steer clear, no matter how many explosions they put in the trailers. We all know it’s going to be the same thing we’ve seen before. A new coat of paint on the same tired creaking game, pushed out the door in order to meet their annual release schedule.

      In days past I’d have picked it up just to play through the campaign over a couple of hours, but not at the price Activision is charging. For god’s sake, they have a sale on Activision titles on Steam at the moment, and it’s still a complete joke. $67.49 for Modern Warfare 2? Really?

  • First COD stole the spirit of FPS jonra, now COD is stealing Marvel and DC. can we please ban the sh!t already?

  • So what was all that shit in that vid they posted about PMC’s? I was actually keen as for something like that, all the lines blurred and such (and set in the present era), and then……this…..I will do the right thing and wait until the game is out before passing judgment, but so far it kind of has a Ghosts vibe about it (and the SP for that was pretty crappy I reckon)

  • Quickly say something pointlessly negative that makes my look hip and popular! Quick… Hmm its Shit! (I will wait until a the news come out before judging)

    • Because having the opinion that you don’t like anything previously released by a company that has followed clear patterns couldn’t ever be a valid one?

      I’m so hip I’m against the hip people who are against the mainstream. Yay me.

  • Well at least they’re going to try it. Figure they should at least have a shot at it. Who knows? Might even surprise us?

  • Call of Duty: Not Crysis Warfare – Gear up in the Crysis nanosuit, with your robotic Canine pal!

  • Honestly some of the stuff in the trailer looked kinda cool but it seems a bit late, i already got the future COD i wanted, and it was called Titanfall…

  • Call of Duty: Totally not influenced by Titanfall or making $$$ from their demographic, edition…?

    • Wait, so now Call of Duty is stealing ideas from franchises that stole ideas from itself?


  • I like the cod series. I know it’s look down on by the gaming community but i don’t care to be honest. I need my early fix of a game where I don’t think about or get emotionally envolved with characters and cod provides that.

    • A DIFFERING OPINION FROM THE MAJORITY!?!?!??! PITCHFORKS! Nah, that’s it. I’m only turned off by the aggressiveness of the online component. Too fierce for me.

      • But you didn’t kill it with fire, then tell him how you fucked his mum. And then he didn’t accuse you of hacking. Phonies! You guys aren’t real COD players! You’re both way too reasonable! :p

        In seriousness, it was the OTT jingoism, lack of motivation to want to help the characters (except Cpl Dunn– I wanted that guy dead!), the minor EA Sports-like updates from year to year and being bludgeoned with obnoxious Michael Bay-ish action sequences that was the killer for me. Oh, And multiplayer. And the assholes who played it, particularly the fuckers who wouldn’t shut up on the comms. I know there was a mute, but mine seemed to reset itself during or at the end of rounds. Although, I used to enjoy 4 before the franchise went to shit. I still have it installed with a botmatch mod, for nostalgia.

  • I was trying not to be jaded but the first two thoughts that ran through my head were, “someone watched Elysium and then sat down to make a game” and, “I can’t wait to start and complete this during a lunch break.”

  • This COD looks pretty awesome.

    Some people in the gaming community just don’t make sense to me. You guys complain because of the COD’s and AC’s that come out every year, yet most of you buy them anyway? I mean, THAT is why those games are still being released, because they are the best selling titles every year. COD has become something that is fun to hate. You all need to relax and enjoy some games, stop over reacting.

    I play video games for one reason, enjoyment. Why wouldn’t I get enjoyment out of a fun game? COD has always been fun, COD Ghosts was pretty crap overall, but at least the SP was enjoyable. I buy COD and AC every year for the same reason why I love watching TV shows every single week, because I enjoy them. THAT is what gaming is supposed to be about. Fun.

    COD’s pick up and play gameplay is great for a ‘fix’. I can jump into the SP or MP every year and feel right at home, without any learning curve. It’s like reading the next chapter of a book, same theme, same structure, same characters, but different story and different elements.

    ALSO: I don’t get why people can hate COD so much, yet think Titanfall is the coming of jesus.

    • I don’t exactly hate the game, its the community behind it that turns me off, just look at almost every cod video on YouTube, has kids swearing and being racist over voice, or just people trolling.

      Can’t comment on titanfall, never played it, actually haven’t even seen gameplay of it.

    • Because Call of Duty is the perfect example of what is wrong with the industry atm.

      It is a very very basic game, not much to it. The Single Player is always bad and has a sub-par story.
      Activision every year says the next CoD will be a different game, but every year, it isnt.

      This next cod wont be any different. It will be set in the future but so was Black ops 2. Its multiplayer will be the same, unbalanced and fast paced peice of crap it always is, just with upgraded graphics.
      The online will be flooded with Perks and Killstreaks that it makes the Multiplayer so unfair and in your face.

      If you think they are gonna change it up much, then be very prepared to be dissapointed. Activision would prefer the game to sell 25 million copies then 10 million, so their wont be much change.

      I buy AC when its worth it. The good thing with AC, is that its a series that has heaps of room for innovation. AC Revelations and 3 were average, with 3 being experimental. AC 4 adding a big wiff of fresh air.
      CoD on the other hand has very little room for Innovation because of Activision.

      Titanfall by the way is extremely overhyped. Played it for 2 hours and had to stop. I prefer CoD over Titanfall.

      Now believe me, I want a good CoD. CoD4 is to this day my favourite FPS. It was great. But no other CoD has been able to capture that fun factor that cod4 had.

      If CoD could have less Killstreaks and perks and make it all about the gunplay and teamwork again, then Ill come back to CoD, but your right, CoD is the game that everyone loves to hate.

  • The problem isn’t the industry. The problem is us (or them, if you want to distance yourself) gamers/non-gamers (whateva you want to label game buyers as).

    People like these games. People buy these games. Just like people like shitty comedies, and stupid parody videos, and youtube clips of cats and drunk people.

    In the end, the industry provides what people want. Minecraft sold well, now there are a hundred sandbox games in the market. DOTA and LoL did well, now MOBAs are the biggest thing in online games. Candy crush did well. Every freakin’ app on the app store is a rehashed version of a classic game with jewels or farm animals and what not.

    No point blaming Activision…they do what a company is supposed to do, make money. If no one buys COD, then they’ll make other games…

    …and, the best COD would be COD1 or 2. Stalingrad on v. hard with 5 bullets and NO gun, or Pont du Hoc making that last clip of you Thompson last as long as possible…that was awesome.

  • please people stop buying this shite, just because cod was good 5 years ago! Just stop, so they get the hint we fucking hate it!

    • Oh, they know ‘WE’ hate it. But ‘WE’ are not the ones buying it…

      • These comments annoy me, everyone generalising that all the games are the same, even this one of which has turned into a Killzone/Star Wars influenced monster. That being said, keep harping on about the COD series, no matter what they do you people have an overindulged opinion of your own ideology. They finally do something even further out of the box and the average internet warrior still wants to nitpick. Sorry but I’ll take this right now over the 400 “Indie” games that are exactly the damn same that seem to have 9/10 for doing something another game did 15 years ago.

        Yes, I had fun with Blops, hated ghosts, meh MW series with the exception of MW1 but why decide more than 6 months before it comes out that it’s going to be terrible? I mean, it’s not like Infinity Ward put their stigma on it, give it a break?

        • With you on CoD4 being enjoyable, but when it became the new standard for the series, then 7 years later they’re still (fundamentally) producing the same game with a new slap of paint, it’s unsurprising that much of the community is cynical. Also, the unabashed cash grab beginning MW2 with it’s crappy map packs and continuing with each year’s edition combined with killing off community modding and the arrogance of “We want you to play the game as we intended”, then releasing a crappy console port for PCs has cheapened the franchise irreparably. Blops/Blops 2 in particular received good reviews because Treyarch dared to try something different and it paid off for them. When (the remnants of) IW took the reins again, they went back to the same old crap they’ve been churning out since the success of CoD4. If IW actually tries something different and creative this time around, maybe sentiment towards them might change. Until then, however, you’ll have to forgive the community for it’s skepticism given IW’s history, and how that relates to their new trailer with it’s obvious thematic similarities to Blops 2.

  • This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that CoD:AF was released weeks ago as Titanfall…

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