Report: Halos 1-4 Coming To Xbox One This Year In HD

Report: Halos 1-4 Coming To Xbox One This Year In HD

We may not be getting Halo 5 until 2015, but the games’ developers were careful to say that the Halo “journey” will continue this year some way or another. According to a new report at Engadget, that’s because this fall, the Xbox One will get remastered versions of the first four main Halo games.

Citing unnamed sources, Engadget says that a compendium called Halo: The Master Chief Collection will come to the Xbox One later this year, featuring Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Since it’s the Master Chief collection, Engadget says it’s unlikely that either Reach or ODST will be included. Bummer, I’d been looking for a reason to finally play ODST.

That report lines up with information leaked on the gaming forum NeoGAF earlier this year by user ntkrnl, who said that Halos 2, 3 and 4 would all get HD re-releases within the same year as Halo 5’s release. Recent new details about the upcoming Xbox One game Sunset Overdrive matched up with some of ntkrnl’s other leaked information, which lends his as-yet-unproven claims more credence. Unlike the Engadget report, however, ntkrnl made no mention of an HD version of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved. That game already got one HD makeover in 2011, when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was released for the Xbox 360.

Engadget doesn’t have much information beyond the collection name and the included games, so it’s not yet clear which studio is handling the remaster, how the games will look, sound and play, or which games’ multiplayer will be included.


  • I wonder how multiplayer will work. Surely they don’t want to fragment the Halo fanbase over four (soon to be five) games. I wonder, could they try and release all four games on the same engine sharing a single multiplayer mode?

    • If they are on the same engine I don’t see why not. They did it with Halo CE ann and Reach

    • As long as there is halo 3 multiplayer I am happy. So much so that I would but an Xbox one so I can play it again but with the hope that the lag wouldn’t be as bad as it is now when paying halo 3

  • So they are porting it to the x86 archetecture… Why do they not also port it to Windows?

    • My guess is that it won’t come to PC.

      They are trying to sell their new hardware. What better way to do that than to have remastered Halos exclusively on it?

      • Sadly this is entirely sensible. No point making a potential system seller (or at least system tempter) and then letting people buy it on another system, even if its one who’s ecosystem you already have a sizeable hand in.

        It’s be good if a year down the track they ported it to Windows though, by then its system seller potential would have flattened out and they might get a few more sales from it. Whether it’d be enough to justify the extra development costs would be debateable though. Also I’d guess there’d be legal issues changing platform, they might have a contract stipulating they can use it on anything with the xbox name but not have permission to put it anywhere else.

  • Called it.

    It’d be a shame if they didn’t include Reach though, that was easily one of the best Halo games. Although in context it does make sense if they really are calling it Halo: The Master Chief Collection what with him not really being in Reach other than an easter egg appearance. Nothing stopping them from releasing Halo: The Other Ones Collection with Reach, ODST & Wars, perhaps even chuck in Spartan Assault as a bonus to make it look bigger.

    • Seconded.

      Xbox is for the halos.

      But seriously, this unconfirmed rumour is a great idea. It would help make the wait for Halo 5 more bearable.

      I assume they’ll port over Halo: CE Anniversary, maybe do an enhanced remake of Halo 2 ala Halo: CE A, do a straight HD port of Halo 3 and Halo 4.

      But I wonder what they would do for MP? Maybe they’ll use Halo 4 MP as the basis for the other games MP?

      • That would be a shame, but it seems likely. They definitely won’t remake the multiplayer of all of those games. Maybe they’ll actually listen to the fans and just remake Halo 2’s multiplayer or something? I doubt it.

  • I thought this was happening, and people called me crazy. I’ll show them who is crazy! Hope this is in the next few months and not end of year.

  • I’m actually surprised that they haven’t done this before.

    Still annoyed they left out ODST and Reach though, as those two games were much closer to what made the original Halo 1 great.

    • I’m actually surprised that they haven’t done this before.

      Well for the 360 there wasn’t much need to bundle it together. I mean aside from Halo 2 you could play them all on the 360. Even then Halo 2 worked with backwards compatibility, right?

      Personally I’m hoping we see similar news with Fable Anniversary, II, III and The Journey on the XBOX One. Gears of War could use similar treatment. It’d be great if they started a trend of compiling classic series and re-releasing every generation. The cynic in me would want to call it milking a cash cow but at the end of the day I loved Fable Anniversary (as buggy as it is).
      It’s always a shame when years later you can’t play something like Blast Corps because it controls like it was made in the 90’s and the resolution makes you feel like you’re wearing someone else’s glasses. I love consoles but the idea of generation free gaming really makes me envy PC gamers.
      I always regretted not buying the GameCube Mega Man collections and Resident Evil remakes.

      • Usually the reason for compilations (aside from the obvious milking reason) is to give new fans a chance to catch up by playing the games they missed as they weren’t into the series at the time they were released. For some reason a lot of gamers refuse to go out of their way to buy something that isn’t still considered new. Even if a re-release hasn’t been upgraded in any way, people would still prefer to buy it when it’s on store shelves.

        Also for convenients sake.

  • How funny, literally this morning I was thinking after seeing the Halo5 announcement that Microsoft need to do a Halo series re-release. I then remembered hearing a rumour about a Halo 2 remake a little while after Anniversary Halo was released and then someone said it wasn’t get made for Xbox. Made me realise it must be for xbone, then I read this today. Wierd…

    • Halo 4 yes but Halo 3 looks stuck in that weird dead zone between PS2 and 360; like Half Life 2.

      They could use some graphical enhancement on that game (especially the faces)

  • Why not just go the whole hog and make it the Halo collection and include Reach and ODST?

    • Because the Halo series is about Master Chief. How is it possible to enjoy Halo without playing as Master Chief? Why do you think every single person in the world hates ODST and Reach? Because you weren’t playing as Master Chief. Master Chief is the sole reason why anybody is even interested in Halo.

  • I hope the remakes would be better than the god awful stuttering/bad frame rate mess that was Halo Anniversary. What’s the point of making it look better if it runs WORSE than the original?

  • If this is true, then Microsoft wins my wallet, dispite me already having a PS4. Halo was the only reason I was going to pick up the One, and this is better then I expected 😀

  • This would be enough to make me buy an Xbox One only if they were to include Reach and ODST as well (My favourites in the series) *shameless nerd boner for Nathan Fillion*

  • halo 2 multiplayer!!!!!!!

    so many good memories playing that as a kid

  • I dont think I could keep my credit card away from purchasing this. It would be jumping out of my wallet.

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