Report: Next Battlefield Game Is Cops Vs Robbers

Report: Next Battlefield Game Is Cops Vs Robbers

The next entry in EA’s premiere shooter franchise — coming for last-gen and current-gen platforms — will reportedly be called Battlefield: Hardline. The 2014 release will put players in the middle of armed conflict where it will be cops and criminals fighting each other.

Eurogamer rounds up various bits of information about Hardline, which have popped up on EA servers, Twitter and BF fan sites. When EA had mentioned that a new, unannounced game would be coming this year in its latest quarterly earnings call a few weeks ago, many assumed that it would be a Battlefield game. According to various sources, Hardline will supposedly feature four player classes called Enforcer, Mechanic, Professional and Operator, along with modes named Blood Money, Bomb Squad and Carrier Assault.

Report: Next Battlefield Game Is Cops Vs Robbers

Weapon and award images from the game are among the assets to have leaked — via Twitter account @BFDaily — along with Battlefield: Hardline icons for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Visceral Games and Ghost Games — responsible for the Dead Space and Need for Speed games — appear to be the EA studios developing Hardline. With E3 just two weeks away, an announcement either debunking or confirming Hardline‘s existence should be right around the corner. Kotaku has reached out to EA for comment and will update this post if they reply.


  • I only know a few police officers… but isn’t killing people something they pretty much try to avoid?

    • Now where would be the fun in that?

      This concept sounds super exciting to me.
      I’m having relapses of playing Action Quake back in the day.
      God I loved that game.

    • That’s why I see a stub gun in the picture, so many people gonna run around yelling “TASER! TASER! TASER!”

    • Aye; it’s very heavily insisted that you shouldn’t even reach for your gun / hover your hands over it, as this is a show of aggression and a point of no return.

      But this is a videogame! So throw that out the window 😛

  • I am VERY worried about this.

    a Battlefield Game, not developed by DICE? EA are going to butcher it like what activision did to COD. A new BF game every year with developers swapping back and forth…

    I’ll be open as visceral and ghost havent made a bf game (nobody has) so who knows, but im not expecting great things 🙁

    • Surely they couldn’t butcher this game any more than DICE butchered BF4.
      While I know many people have no issues playing BF4, most of my friend list on PS4 have stopped playing it due to horrible lag, ridiculous glitches and their seeming unwillingness to fix/admit to the major issues with the game. My hope is that they make a game that is more stable than BF4 and maybe, just maybe, I may buy another Battlefield game.

      • The people who say they don’t have any issues with BF4 most likely just cant recognise what the issues are.

    • As long as the games have variation in what they are. COD is essentially the same game with the same kind of maps and game play. Well there is variation as in now the non Treyarch games have no redeeming qualities.

      If Battlefield Can stick to a big Battlefield game every 2 – 3 years. Large scale warfare. Then between that release things like Hardline, a Badcompany game. Even Close Quarters 2. Then I’m happy with that. I just don’t want the same game with the game kind of maps every year.

    • Yeah, it is quite worrying. Although I didn’t actually mind Treyarch’s rendition with World at War, and I normally despise the repetition of CoD games! It changed things up pretty significantly, and actually wasn’t too bad. Not game of the year, but at at least enjoyable to some degree.

  • This sounds terrible, my money is on it being a hoax. If the Battlefield franchise was going to break away from the massively oversaturated ‘modern military shooter’ genre, they wouldn’t be that stupid as to move to the next most oversaturated ‘cops and robbers’ genre. Between Counterstrike and Payday, the Battlefield formula doesn’t lend itself to anything that isn’t already available right now.

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