Report: Xbox Will Stop Charging You To Watch Netflix, Hulu

Report: Xbox Will Stop Charging You To Watch Netflix, Hulu

According to "multiple sources within Microsoft", Ars Technica is reporting that Microsoft is set to ditch its long-standing strategy of making users pay for Xbox Live Gold to access services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Services users already pay for anyway.

The change, if true, would likely be announced at E3.

If you think that's good news, hold tight; Ars also reports that, to compensate, "Xbox Live Gold may put other services behind the paywall to make up for this shift".

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back.


    Certainly makes having a second Xbox in the house more appealing. I'd be more compelled to have an Xbox on each TV if I didn't have to pay for Live Gold for each of them.

      you dont have to pay gold for all of them, you only need the one account.

        If you only use one at a time? All accounts on one xbox can use live gold, not on multiple Xboxes.

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          1 subscription + 2 User Account on 2 Xbox One consoles. Think of it as an example if you had 2 children with 2 Xbox Ones'. They could both play in their own account with their own saves on their own console in their own game. At least that what I've been led to believe.

            Nope. You can only set one console as home console. So one console will work on any account. There other will only work with the live gold account actively logged in.

      Technically a single gold account could run both X-Boxes one at a time.

      You'd only run into problems trying to use both of them at the same time.

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    Misleading title, thought I was gonna get netflix/hulu under my Gold account :(

      If that was the case, Xbox would continue charging you to watch Netflix, but Netflix would stop charging.

    That headline is terribly written.

    Are people going to be able to use Netflicks for free on the Xbox?
    Is MS charging you or is ‘Xbox’?
    Is the ‘charge’ they’re actually removing the XBL Gold requirement?

    How about ‘Report: Microsoft to remove XBL Gold requirement for use of Netflicks/ Hulu’?

    Does this mean Australians have access to Netflix now, if not whats the freaking point doesn't mean a thing if we have no access.

    Either way - doesn't help us in Aus as Netflix not available on Xbox One


        Very much seconded.

        Hell if it wasn't for Netflix and Hulu I think I'd have regretted my Xbone purchase.

        Yes I know I can use a US account but it is all too much effort for things I usually download anyway.

          US account? just region switch, go to the store, download the apps, region switch back. Keep it Aus from then on. Hell I download cheaper games from the US store via my computer browser then download and use them on my AU account in my AU region console.

          Too much effort? 30 mins setting up is hard. plus the crazy 5 dollar fee for unblock_us, then the overpriced charge of US$9 per month for netflix.

          I reckon it would be easier to download everything you want to watch or even better pay the AUS$1,000,000 a month for foxtel.

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