Rumoured 'Project Beast' Clips Sure Look Incredible

Early this month, rumours about something called "Project Beast" started floating across the web. A number of screenshots, posted on 4chan and compiled in this NeoGAF thread, allegedly showed off an upcoming PS4 game developed by From Software, the studio behind Dark Souls.

Today, potentially leaked clips have emerged, and they look fantastic.

Though we don't know for sure that these are from an upcoming game — we've asked Sony to comment, but we don't expect anything beyond the "we don't respond to rumours" line — we think they're too cool not to share.

So with the caveat that these could be clips from just about anything — and that we'll find out one way or another at E3 in two weeks — enjoy:

Rumoured 'Project Beast' Clips Sure Look Incredible
Rumoured 'Project Beast' Clips Sure Look Incredible
Rumoured 'Project Beast' Clips Sure Look Incredible
Rumoured 'Project Beast' Clips Sure Look Incredible


    This looks like everything I expected Dark Souls 2 to be, but wasn't.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it could have been so much more!

    Would be unimpressed if this was a PS exclusive. DS2 just wasn't that good especially compared to DS1.

    Why is this tagged PC when the rumour is for a Sony exclusive?

      Seems to be how they tag anything that might be cross-platform. Pretty much all the GTA5 articles were tagged PC, which was an especially low blow. :P

    This and Kingdom Hearts III will sell a PS4 to me. Let's just hope that it looks this good when released. I remember Dark Souls 2 looking spectacular in all it's pre-release footage, only to disappoint when actually released.

      Excellent point. We never really got what we saw. Could very easily be the same again.


    Looks pretty good! Hope it delivers.

    Just a heads up, Miyazaki (the director for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1) has apparently been working a "new secret project" since before Dark Souls 2 (which he did not direct) was released.

    This could be something Souls related, but from the looks of it the game resembles a third-person Shadow Tower with Souls elements.

    Hopefully it'll be good.

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