Russia’s Government Wants To Hide The Kids From Gay Sims

Russia’s Government Wants To Hide The Kids From Gay Sims

The Sims series is general fare in most places, as popular with teenagers as it is with older folks. Oh, except in Russia, where fear of the gays and their gay propoganda has the game restricted.

Russia being Russia, there’s a law – which has made international headlines over the last year – that considers any media containing homosexuality to be a form of propaganda, and aims to “protect children from information advocating for a denial of traditional family values”.

So The Sims 4 – which, with its freestyle playing options, allows for gay relationships – has been slapped with an adults-only rating. For reference, in most other markets it’s available for young teens, while as Ars Technica points out, in Germany you can buy it if you’re six.

It won’t stop the game being sold, but it will be a pain for Russian fans, and no doubt for EA as well, since Russia is such a big PC gaming market.

Russia hangs adults-only rating on The Sims 4 [Ars Technica][image credit]


  • I think I’m going to move to Russia. If they have so few real problems that their lawmakers have time to worry about this kind of thing then it must be some kind of paradise on earth.

    • Oh but that would be totalitarianism, Putin would never do anything like thahahahahahahaha sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face there

      • No, a ‘spontaneous’ crowd of ‘concerned citizens with pro-Russian values’ wearing uniforms that coincidentally look exactly like Russian army uniforms with matching Russian equipment & APCs, would come to the store and attempt to liberate your copy of the Sims 4 before trying to forcibly remove it when you refuse and trashing the building you’re in. If you fight back, he’ll threaten to seen troops in to quell the fighting, take the copy of the Sims 4 from you by force and organise a referendum run by some democratically minded pro-Russian officials so the copy of the Sims can legitimately vote on whether to go with you, or to return to the Rodina. There will be a 97% chance the game will want to separate from you and want to be reintegrate back into Russia…

        • An interesting perspective, but it doesn’t seem to account for the fact Crimea has wanted to join Russia since the Soviet dissolution (likewise with South Ossetia). The regions are populated primarily by Russians in the first place since that was encouraged during the Soviet era and Crimea in particular has been making overt attempts to reintegrate with Russia ever since.

          Calling Crimean officials ‘pro-Russian’ is accurate, but you make it sound like an allegation of corruption when that hasn’t historically been the case. And regardless of why the referendum itself was instigated, it’s unquestionably the case that the significant majority of Crimean population supports it, as they’ve always done.

          The situation there is a good bit more complex and a good bit less sinister than ‘Russian land grab lololol’.

    • Yeah I miss the values of gays been bashed and murdered, women silent and knowing their role while being victims of sexual abuse and assault, interracial marriage bans in place, heck, the whole segregation was all just respected family values. I sure miss those days…. Human rights abuses are the best… Yuck.

      • I love how left wingers love pushing their agenda even at the detriment to others and society at a whole. If you try to have an opposing argument you are either a Sexist, racist or misogynist.

        Sorry kid but you wont survive out there if you love people who don’t like you.

  • can of pringles on the picnic blanket in the header image.
    *edit bah, posting too soon. Was aimed @spankymk

  • Thank goodness the next generation cares more about real global issues and couldn’t less care about someone’s sexuality.
    Conservative political loonies fail to recognise that it isn’t hurting anyone.

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