Say Goodbye To Online Services On Your Wii And DS Games

Say Goodbye To Online Services On Your Wii And DS Games

Hope you’ve already gotten all your Dragon Quest IX treasure maps and downloaded all those daily Professor Layton puzzles. If not, now’s your last chance.

At some point in the next 24 hours, Nintendo is turning off online functionality for Wii and DS games including Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Pokémon. You’ll no longer be able to use the WiFi on Wii and DS to play those games online, download new content, or access leaderboards.

(Nintendo has a full list of all the games that will be affected.)

You’ll still be able to watch video services (like Netflix) and access the Wii Shop, but alas, no more Dragon Quest treasure maps for us.


    • Have been playing it constantly for the last fortnight in the knowledge it was getting shutdown. Going to have a crack at Super Smash Bros.

      • I managed to pull myself away from Pokemon but if there’s one function that would have worked it would be online trading and playing.

        Maybe it’s based on the location, but when I was a kid I was one of the few who did play Pokemon. There were a couple of other kids, but we couldn’t get the time to trade or play.
        When I became a teenager I was pretty much the only person who still was interested in Pokemon (and games in general). There pretty was nobody I could trade or play with.
        I didn’t get back into Pokemon as an adult, but if I did I would have been happy with the ability to trade or play online. Getting rid of that just means the only time I can trade is at PAX AUS, and there’s something creepy about a 26 year old young adult trading binary to little kids.

        • Enforced obsolescence – you can still trade online in the new game.
          I had much the same experience growing up, stopped playing just after gen 4 landed.
          The ability to trade and seamlessly connect to friends has been a big selling point in gen 6, and it’s been enough to get me reinvested in the series. Looking forward to the next lot come November.

          • I played a lot during Gen 1 on my old dark green brick of whimsy, gen two on the other hand I struggled with (mostly because my copy was a bootleg version that could not play with others and was only half translated) and I never got a GBA so I didn’t touch Pokemon again til Heart Gold.

          • That’s not all bad – I only just discovered Heart Gold / Soul Silver about a year ago.

  • I jumped online the night before last and was surprised to land in an eight player game of Conduit 2.

    Got slaughtered since I couldn’t even remember how to play, but still had loads of fun.

  • So a company that is already supposedly in trouble sales wise thinks this will drum up new sales? Some of those are still current games, that’s a decent hit to customers that own these. I’m looking for a handheld and being a bit of a Sony boy naturally it’s probably a vita, but I was seriously looking at a ds. There rpgs pretty much had me sold. But no online play on titles you can still buy new off the shelf? Sorry Nintendo I’m won’t be a customer to that.

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