Sci-Fi Indie Platformer Wants To Be The Next Flashback

Sci-Fi Indie Platformer Wants To Be The Next Flashback

This one's also inspired by Heart of Darkness and Another World — with the latter serving as inspiration for Flashback itself. You could say it's a game inspired by a game inspired by Another World. But that would sound silly.

The Way (no relation to the similarly-named classic RPG Maker Game) tells the story of a space explorer trying to resurrect his lost beloved. To do this, he searches for the secret of eternal life on an alien planet. A gorgeous but dangerous alien planet, as the trailer shows:

The game's Kickstarter campaign page says that the developers are aiming to catch both the spirit and the gameplay of Flashback and co — so the focus is on surviving and exploring on an unknown planet, battling aliens and solving puzzles on the way. The trailer also seems to give off the same vibes as Flashback did with its unique atmosphere, which is quite promising.

The Way has a month to collect $15,000 Canadian on Kickstarter, which certainly isn't a far-fetched goal. Should the campaign succeed, the game will be released on PC in September.

The Way [Kickstarter]


    Looks awesome. I like how he's a young man at the start of the trailer and has aged noticeably by the end. I do hope it is based over a bit of time.

      yeah it looks interesting. I've got Another World on my steam account and even though I found it a bit frustrating to play through, it brought up some great memories.

      I didn't enjoy the remake of flashback, I would've preferred just a HD remaster. Something about that polygonal art style...

      I'll be looking out for this!

    I can't help but have a little chuckle everytime I hear either the word flashback or the Ducktales theme. Thank you Tam MacGleish and @markserrels.

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