Share Your Xbox One Stories

Share Your Xbox One Stories

Six months ago, the Xbox One was released unto the world. For a half a year since then, Microsoft's giant new chunk of plastic has sat in our living rooms, asking for our voice commands, showing us movies, and letting us play games. How's all that going?

While most of us on staff at Kotaku have our own Xbox Ones and plenty of stories to tell, we're also interested in hearing from you, our readers. (And, no, the Xbox One isn't the only console we'll be doing this for, it's just the first.) Some prompts to consider:

  • How's Xbox One ownership been for you, so far?
  • Are you glad you own one? Or do you regret it? Why?
  • Do you use Kinect regularly?
  • Have you got your cable box plugged into the console? If not, why not?
  • Picked up any accessories?
  • Are there any things about the Xbox One that you still don't quite understand, or don't make sense to you?
  • More broadly: Have you had any experiences that were so cool, so annoying, or so surprising, or so disappointing that they have changed how you view the console?
  • What does the timeline of your experience look like, from when you first bought it to now?

If you think the Xbox One is the best console you've ever owned, tell us why. If you hate it and can't believe you bought the dumb thing, tell us why. If there's something about your experience that you think people should know, share it here.

Basically, if you own an Xbox One, you've probably got stories to tell. So, tell 'em!


    Microsofts views on gamers at their announcement has been preventing me from even caring to purchase one. The recent announcement of a Kinect-free vesion made me slightly interested, but I'm still going to hold off buying a next generation console. Even so, I'll most likely be getting a PS4 before an Xbone.

      Views on gamers? Could you elaborate? Or do you mean because they weren't devoting 100% of resources towards purely gaming only functions of the device?

        By making online and kinect mandatory and expecting their customer base to blindly follow them.

          Mandatory online never made it to release after they responded to gamers by firing the guy the gamers didn't like and changing the online requirements, and the device was built with Kinect hand-in-hand. A good 3-4 million people had no issue with Kinect (to be honest, it comes in handy a lot for navigation and system functionality), and I guess they've removed Kinect bundling to appease to those like yourself.

          Taking into account the evolution of the console and Microsoft's stance and adaptability to the 'gaming' crowd, do you still hold firm with your belief on their view of gamers?

            Who are you trying to convince here dude?

            Taking into account the evolution of the console and Microsoft's stance and adaptability to the 'gaming' crowd, do you still hold firm with your belief on their view of gamers?

            Well, if those views are still being that gamers come second for a new gaming console, then yeah.

              Oh no!... No sad loss really ... could always buy a PS4 and be dissapointed by the lack of games and that pathetic excuse for online multiplayer, honestly id rather a WiiU at least that has Mario Kart 8 and SuperSmash Bros soon!

              As for my thoughts
              Xbox one is fine so far, would like to see games not have massive patches released.. waiting still for lots of new AAA titles

              Really happy with Forza5 it copped a lot of early criticism but T10 did an outstanding job with the game and a even better one improving it

              Titanfall was definately worth the hype and I would love to see more from the series soon!

              There's more Microsoft cheer-leading on Gizmodo where he came from. I don't understand this mentality "but Microsoft removed all those horrible things! it's all good right?" Um, no. The intent was there and that intent frightens me.

              Reality and sales figures forced Microsoft's hand. Good for them on caving, I guess? But the console barely resembles the future they were touting 12 months ago. I applauded them for cutting 'always-online' so people who travel for work like me can actually consider buying the thing. But cutting Kinect? That one feature you kept stressing was integral to the Xbox experience? What else is considered expendable now?

              Microsoft should have taken their lumps on Kinect, and given us reasons to want it in the long run. That or have the conviction to include it, drop the bundle price to match the PS4 and eat the loss.

            "Mandatory online never made it to release after they responded to gamers by firing the guy the gamers didn't like and changing the online requirements"

            You are giving credit to Microsoft responding to gamers when in fact they were responding to console preorders and noticed that their extremely restrictive policies were not going over well with the gaming community.

              That’s a particularly biased appraisal mate.

              They don’t care about the gaming community! They only care about the people who pre-order gaming consoles?

              You can be critical of them for getting it wrong in the first place (which I assume is your opinion), you don’t have to give them credit for eventually changing their minds either, but to nitpick and pretend there’s a difference between a nice company which cares about the “gaming community” and an evil company that only cares about pre-orders is pretty silly.

              Opinions like that show exactly how good companies are at winning over fanboys and why nerds everywhere are always ready and willing to go into internet battles for their companies of choice.

              All three major console maker are exactly the same. They don’t care about the “gaming community” out of the niceness of their hearts, they want you to like them so you’ll buy their console. That line in the sand that differentiates an altruistic company from a money hungry one is an invention of your own imagination.

                I'm in this camp. Sony is just as opportunistic as Microsoft, but they're clever enough to realise that there's value in throwing us a bone. Microsoft on the other hand, horribly misjudged what consumers wanted in a console (they should have figured that one out after the derisive response to their TV! SPORTS! keynote), and admirably began course-correcting early (unlike the PS3) but boy, have I lost a lot of confidence in them.

                They sold the Kinect as one half of a whole, consistently repeated the party line that there's no Xbox without Kinect, that Kinect is integral to navigation, that they won't sell a Kinect-less console. Now, will they now revamp the UI to account for Kinect-less consoles? What about their ambitious plan for universal apps with Windows/Phone 8? Good luck on that count. What a mess.

                  I would have been inclined to disagree with this a few months ago when Sony were just Saints. But it seems that as soon as they had a numbers lead they sorta... went very quiet and haven't done too much for anyone.

                  Maybe something big is in the works and I'm jumping to conclusions but with all the crap lately (From unfinished UI's, Driveclub's PS+ shocker to BF4 etc, etc, etc) I think a bit of cautious scepticism is perhaps needed in regards to gaming right now regardless of 'allegiance' (I use the word playfully, please don't hate lol).

          What kaiser said, I was pretty happy with my 360 last gen and jumped ship this gen because of their always online policy. Not to mention the fact they lied when they said it would be impossible to get a Kinect free version.

            Honestly, when they revealed the ONE with Kinect, I just shrugged it off. I knew they would try to keep pushing the Kinect on to us, I expected that. I just assumed that they would release a Kinect free version. It was only afterwards when I found out it would be mandatory use did I get angry.

      "Basically, if you own an Xbox One" - Did you miss that part?

      Great story man. Glad to hear your interesting anecdotes about Xbox One ownership. :-)

    It has been great, I got the day one console and i havent had any issues, there are enough games for now to be an early adopter, and the games that have been released have been great.
    I'm glad, because the game play is wonderful and i have been able to play the exclusives like Dead rising, forza and ryse .
    Kinect makes navigating pretty easy on the xbone.
    i have the play and charge kits and the bluray/media remote, aswell as a spare controller.
    i buy pretty much every game which gets released, and it just keeps getting better and better.
    I have both the xbone and the ps4 so im not a fan boy. It is my preferred console of the two, there is just more content available for xbox users.

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    I won mine so I can't really complain about anything (but I will haha). The dashboard is kind of annoying. It's clearly all designed to be used with Kinect. I haven't even turned the Kinect on since I got it.

    The best thing about it is the controller. My god I reckon it's the most comfortable controller I've ever used in my life.

      you should give the kinect a shot, I didn't plug mine in for a bout a month but once I did and got used to it it is SO much more useful than I expected.

      Waiting for them to make the controller PC Compatible then I might pick one up.

      My wired 360 controller gets a lot of use on PC but that damn dpad is a pain!

        Yeah that dpad is something the have totally fixed on the x1.

    I bought mine just after christmas, been very happy and don't regret it at all. I use my kinect, don't run my cable through it and haven't picked up any accessories. I will likely get a ps4 at a later date when more games are released, I've really enjoyed the xbox one's current catalogue of games. Coolest new feature for me is "xbox record that" while playing nba2k and doing funny things in dead rising or titanfall. Really great to be able to record previous gameplay without having to open up a replay and rewind to find what you want. Can't say I've had any negative experiences with the console itself, I haven't had any crashes or issues and kinect always works fine for me.
    Not bundling kinect anymore has annoyed me as it will be useless now, being a core feature had me optimistic it would actually be used by games in a year or so.

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      Pretty much exactly this except I got mine on Launch day, although lately have noticed my console has started making a squeaking sound almost like there is a mouse inside it, my wife cant hear it and neither could a mate of mine but now its sometimes all I hear and distracts me from gaming unless I turn my home theatre up.

        That sounds like it'd be a plastic cog most likely?

          yea I tried googling it and no-one seems to have the same problem, it happens when I play digital games and I could be wrong but it sounds like it speeds up when running games off physical.

            Then yeah its a plastic cog in the drive. Sounds like it. I used to come across those in the drives when fixing laptops and pc's for Dell. Send it in for repair maybe.

              Yea I will eventually do that, but waiting for Watchdogs next week and don't want to be without when that's released.

                You have to remember to feed your mouse or it squeaks :P

    I gotta say my best story is going to the midnight launch, after the terrible year I had last year this way the only thing that came out of it. It was the perfect night, first I went up early to have dinner and go see Catching fire finished at about 10.30 then hung out at the midnight launch talked to some people about game of thrones book, paid off my xbox and bought every game that came out on it except the 2 horrible ones. Met the nicest guy new casual at the store we became good friends, the girl at EB that I have a the biggest crush for years talked to me and we flirted a bit the dance continues, then after the launch I stayed behind helped clean up and all the staff offered me a lift home. It is still to this day the best night I have had in a long time since my mental breakdown stopping me from going outside for years, waking up that morning and setting up my xbox and playing RYSE for the first is still a memory I will hold dear to me for a long time. Even now I remember what a great night I had and wish I could relive it.

    Six months!? Holy hell where has time gone?

    I saw my first physical X-bone at work 3 weeks ago. I saw Titanfall on it. Didn't play it. Just saw it. I then though about how hard I tried for the previous 6 months to actually find one in a JB Hifi or EB games store that I could actually play and find out for myself how it handled. Not one demo machine available anywhere. Sigh.

    It’s hard to say what I think of the Xbone to this point, it’s primary function is to play games and it does that pretty well.
    Everything else is either barely passable of notably sub-par.

    The good:
    It’s had some very solid games. Forza, Titanfall and Dead Rising have all been a lot of fun.
    The rumble in the controllers is much better than previously.
    Kinect is good for Skype (the once I’ve used it) and one or two other uses.
    I like the “record that” function. It’s great.

    The Bad:
    It’s failed to deliver graphics to the standard being set by the PS4.
    The OS is still unfinished and was worse at launch. I STILL CAN’T PLAY A FUCKING CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK!
    The controller is worse than the Xbone (edit: 360) in several other ways. Shitty finish, drops out occasionally, trigger buttons are worse.
    Kinect is mostly a POS. It’s very unreliable, has features still missing for Aussies and it’s taken previously flawless functions (auto login) and made them iffy. It does a few things well, but scaling it right back (or turning it off) is a great idea.
    Online age issues: Not all MS’s fault, but I’ve had my fill of broken servers (Battlefield, Trials), offensive DLC/ free to play style mechanics (Forza) and the Xbone’s ludicrously overpriced online store.

    So after all that, I give it a narrow fail. The games on it have been fun, but not without headaches. Plus I’m still to see a game which truly screams “next-gen” to me.
    I’m very confident that it’ll be a great machine long term though. They do seem committed to ironing out the bugs and I’m excited for a bunch of releases over the rest of 2014 (The Witcher, UFC, Destiny).

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      The OS is still unfinished and was worse at launch. I STILL CAN’T PLAY A FUCKING CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK!

      Yep. This is by a wide margin my biggest problem with the XBOX One. The OS is beaten by the XBOX 360 on pretty much every front. Even if you use services Microsoft is pushing the media player functionality is barely there. The social side of the console is trying to be social media while completely abandoning actual communication. It's more interested in broadcasting to followers than actually letting you interact one on one with your friends. Skype actually does a better job of it than XBOX Live.

      The thing is I don't think it's unfinished. People keep saying that because they think the XBOX One was rushed out the door but it's not just an XBOX One thing. Maybe time was a factor but I look at Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps made by Microsoft and it's clear they're just awful at it. The Mail app on my Surface Pro couldn't take a POP3 e-mail address. Just let that sink in for a minute.
      I actually think someone at Microsoft thinks the difference between an App and regular software is that Apps are meant to be extremely dumbed down barely functional stop-gap solutions. I love my Lumia 1520 but the music player is an abomination. It's obvious a lot of work was put into it, it clearly wasn't rushed, but it still operates like it was designed by someone whose hatred of people who listen to music is only outweighed by his hatred for people who use apps.

      I love the console and a lot of the core ideas behind it but it fights me at every turn.

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    Own both PS4 and X1, and honestly the X1 has had more use. Only problem is, I haven't touched either for a while now. Haven't had any real must plays so far. Sadly, this generation - both Xbox and PS have been the most disappointing yet. Hardware and software alike.

    The inability to commit to new hardware is disheartening too. Feels like no one has faith in the new tech. So many games still coming out (simultaneously/multi platform) for last gen and this gen. I don't believe in throwing the previous generation under the bus, but 6 months in, and it feels like they haven't even tried to let go. Honestly think it's holding the current gen back.

    EDIT: multi, not cross platform.

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      Bingo, you nailed it in my eyes.
      I only own an xbox one but have the same feeling as you across the board.

      Side note: I love how people are getting pumped over 4k tech yet they forget we've had 1080p tv's for like 7 years now and that isn't even close to being a standard on consoles yet *sigh*

        insert PC master race comment here.

          Right next to the PC hassle race comments...

          ... Yes I have a gaming rig
          ... Yes we're talking about consoles... thanks....

      Agree completely - only Xbox One but same sentiment

      I have to disagree with you on the software side, particularly for the Xbone.

      While I’m not going to say that it’s got some kind of epic software lineup, I think it’s easily as good as, if not better than the comparative launch window line-ups’ for plenty of consoles over the years. Particularly the 360 and PS3.

      While neither console had that “killer app” (think Halo or Mario 64), the Xbone at least had fully featured titles and quite a few of them. I remember some terrible software droughts after consoles launched where there was absolutely nothing to play after a week or so. I bought my 360 early overseas so it was probably a bit worse for me (Aussies got Oblivion at launch 3 months after the rest of the world), but Perfect Dark Zero and that pixi-platforming game from Rare (I honestly forget what it’s called) were the only things to play for the first couple of months.

      On the Xbone Forza was a big game with a good amount of content, you could play that for ages. FIFA was a full featured FIFA game, which wasn’t the case with the first entries last gen. Battlefield is non-linear and can be played for a long time. Assassins Creed was a huge title, Dead Rising was a big game…..
      It’s hasn’t been a launch full of classics, but I feel like I’ve had more to play this time around than previously.

      I’d expect a few moments of brilliance out of this gen towards the end of 2014, and for it to hit full stride in 2015. The Xbox 360 launched in November 2005 but it wasn’t until the back half of 2007 that it got Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassins Creed and Mass Effect in the space of a few months that the console really started to shine.

      I could swear there were more games when the 360 came out? And more exclusives too that weren't also available on the original Xbox.

        I don’t know about the exclusives, but the Xbone had more games available at launch (23 to 18).

        I’d argue (and I have above) that the games that launched with the Xbone have far more longevity too.
        The 360 had plenty of outright rubbish at launch and a lot of long running franchises have actually launched with both systems.

        FIFA for example was full featured and pretty good on the Xbone, the version that launched with the 360 was stripped way back and was rubbish.
        Call of Duty is a much bigger online game now than it was when COD 3 launched with the 360.
        Forza has tons more content than Project Gotham Racing 3 ever did.
        Dead Rising is a bigger game than Kameo was, although I you could also compare it to Assassins Creed V if you needed too. Also a massive, title with great longevity.
        Perfect Dark wasn’t great, you’d probably get more hours out of Battlefield.

        Combine that with the difference in quality of the XBL Arcade games that were availiable in 2005 and I think you’ve got a decent discrepancy.

        That said, the Aussie 360 launch had Oblivion. That was about 200 hours worth of awesome.

          Fair point. Sadly all the games that have longevity (save but Forza) are games I'm not too keen on. CoD and Titanfall are excellent, but not something I want to sink my time into unfortunately.

          And for some reason I had more of a blast in PGR3. Maybe because online racing was more novel back then because objectively speaking you're right, Forza has some great content.

          That said, the Aussie 360 launch had Oblivion.

          So maybe I did get it at launch. I'm craving for the same wow factor as when I went out of the dungeon for the first time in that game.

            My imported 360 RROD’d right at the moment I stepped out of that dungeon on the evening of the Aussie launch.
            No shit. RIGHT AT THAT VERY POINT!

            All my mates thought it was hilarious because I’d been piling sh*t on them that I’d been enjoying Perfect Dark and PGR for months before them. I even got my local EB Games to sell me a copy of Oblivion at lunchtime since it was only the console itself that was embargoed until midnight…. Then all of a sudden they had Oblivion and I had a brick with red lights on the front.

            I do agree that I’m yet to have that moment where I really appreciate the jump to next gen that I had a couple of weeks later when my 360 came back and I finally got to play Oblivion. I’m guessing that the Witcher 3, or maybe even UFC will give me that moment (Fight Night 2 was pretty stunning early in the 360’s life too).

      Yup, I agree completely too. I have had a PS4 since launch and got a WiiU for my birthday this month and I have to admit it gets far more usage than the PS4 ever got. I ended up lending the PS4 to my GF (She's the one who gave me the WiiU. I think it was all in her devious plan to get to play Infamous haha) and IMO the interface on the WiiU is better and web browsing actually feels good instead of tacked on.

      But I feel that, since the WiiU and Vita, developers have been painfully slow to adopt new hardware. It's really sad considering that back on the PS1/2 Developers couldn't wait for new hardware. Yes there were some cros gen games but not THIS many and I don't remember all the cross gen games being advertised as 'next-gen' either like this time around. Not to mention the games coming out, even exclusives, feel like they have been dumbed down to better suite the 'masses' and all feel generic.

      But I have high hopes for this gen (Perhaps thats the problem). Both machines have BluRay and quite a bit of ram, for consoles, so memory size shouldn't be a problem (Textures and sound should be great across the board) and TBH I am more than happy with the visuals we are getting now, even the 60fps games are fine looking!! Perhaps devs should focus on gameplay and give us 'PS360' level graphics but at 1080p60fps, I would be MORE than happy with that myself because I frankly thought games like TLoU looked good enough IMO.

      I can't shake the feeling that so far everything about the PS4 and Xbone are half baked. Especially the interface and the games. I think that it is quite sad given that the generation was looking so so promising: It was cheaper, had more memory, had more launch games than normal. Until the delays hit and more and more cross gen games got announced. The consoles launched doing only a fraction of what they promised. (The PS4 still can't play an MP3 to my knowledge and the screenshot app keeps crashing!!!!!!!! ONE OF THE DEFINING FEATURES CRASHES ALL THE TIME!!!)

      Not to mention the controllers. They both feel AMAZING but with prolonged use both feel.. Cheap? In different aspects mind you. My DS4 sticks are worn smooth already and from what I have felt of the Xbox controller the sticks are small and the triggers feel like crappy plastic and the lack of a built in rechargeable battery in this day and age baffles me, even Nintendo got that right (You can even change out the rechargeable battery in the WiiU gamepad if it goes dud!! (Just my opinion, ignore if you disagree)

      Anyways. We'll have to wait and see, maybe E3 is great. But for now I'm hopping on the disappointed band wagon with you guys.

    Got Xbone at launch with many games, after all the hype surrounding the new consoles thought PS4 would be the better console but still wanted xbox as 360 has been awesome (better controller and online, but didn't like how M$ treated loyal gamers and it seemed PS had things figured out smarter and headed in a smarter direction) I also got my PS4 at launch then sony announced the Killzone bundle so got 1 of those also. after playing both consoles I do prefer the Xbone but I think in about a year the PS4 will be the much better console. Things I hate about Xbone so far is I am out of HDD space and I still have 2 games I have not played due to this I know external support is coming but I don't want to have to delete things to make room for another, I like the ability to be able to go back to a game when I want as it maybe for just a quick 5-10 min session to pass time while waiting for friends to play another game etc. On the note of my 2 PS4's I was not playing either one much at all so I placed an add on Gumtree to swap1 for another Xbone which gave me many offers and I traded 1 PS4, 1 Controller and 2 games for a Xbone and 7 games I was happy as was the guy I traded with. Both consoles are used purely as gaming machines I have no interest AT ALL in the other crap M$ or Sony have included as features on the consoles, I do not use my Kinect but would like to use it as my main gaming room it is all connected to a projector so all my gear sits behind me and there is still no kinect extension cables on the market despite many asking for it with setups similar to mine.

    As the Mc'donalds Slogan say "Im lovin it" Still dabble on my 360 but the X1 is great console and don't regret getting it day one.

    Games being able to instal while the machine is in standby is a bonus as I gave up on Ryse and let it install overnight after a long session installing Dead Rising 3 which was again after that rather generous firmware update. No games were played that night. Awesome!

    Looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, D4, Quantum Break in the future. Not looking forward to more install times!

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    My wife and I use it a fair bit. I like it. However, there are some problems.

    When the kinect is enabled, it attempts to change profiles when I hand the controller to my wife. This causes the console to freeze and requires a reset. So I don't use the kinect anymore.

    The other problem is that I use my consoles to stream media from my computer. Xbox One doesn't allow this. So now I have a Xbox 360 sitting next to my Xbox One so I can still achieve this.

      It does, I literally just streamed a movie to my xbone using Play to.

        Thanks, buddy. You've helped me out twice now. :O) I'm streaming as I type. I hope they eventually allow browsing of public videos from the One though.

          Yea its not ideal but it does work, luckily my TV and Home Theatre both stream via XMBC so I can browse whole library.

          Hey mate just found out you can also stream with PlayTo from your phone, I'm using Smart Player on WP7, I've heard AirShare works aswell, think iOS and Android both have PlayTo or other DNLA sharing apps....and it shows your whole Library ;)

            Thanks for the info. I'm testing them out now

      God I hate that contoller issue.

      It’s the kind of thing that is broken for no reason other than that MS wanted to force Kinect down our throats.

      I’ve had Forza switch users when my brother and I have gone to get beers between games.
      We put the controllers down on our respective lounges and when we get back it’s switched us around for some reason (we don’t look particularly similar either) so we’re controlling the wrong screen.

      What was wrong with the 360 system of allocating the controller to a player number and showing it with a light on the controller? Nothing at all.

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    I bought the Xbox One at launch and recently bought a Ps4. I mainly play Battlefield 4 on the Xboxone and have put in almost 250+ hours. After the last few updates the console stability isn't an issue now.

    I wouldn't say I am disappointed in either system. The big issue at the moment is most current releases are last gen with a texture/resolution increase. It wont be until studios develop purely for the next gen consoles that we will see the fruits of the new consoles hardware.

    I'm actually really enjoying dipping into my pile of shame on Xbox360,PS3 & Wii U.

    As above a big sticking point is the lack of custom soundtrack support

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    Got it at midnight launch. Don't use Kinect. Got it to play games but there aren't enough games for it so now it's gathering dust.

    The Midnight Launch

    Some of you might remember me as the nerd who went to the midnight launch to grab his console because he was desperate to play as soon as possible:

    "I'm taking tomorrow off which I haven't explained to my boss yet," Mr Tarno, 29, laughed.
    "Now it's straight home to play like the good nerds we are."

    What people might not know, is that when I went home that night as keen as a kid in a candy store, the console wouldn't work properly. I couldn't get the controller to sync no matter what I tried and when I finally did get it to work (no idea how in retrospect) the box made a weird noise. It turned out to be one of the small number had had issues with the fans. Probably the ball bearings, who knows.

    So that ruined my excitement. But I took it back the next morning and EB games were cool and exchanged it. I did however lose my Day One edition and had to opt for the standard one. First world problems, I know.

    Take 2

    Finally when I got it up and running the next day (on a new TV too) my excitement levels went back up. I was looking forward to the new console and fondly remembered what it was like to unpack and marvel at the Xbox 360 back in the day.

    Forza looked amazing. RYSE was really pretty. Dead Rising was the favourite I remembered, but with pretty new graphics just like what I expected.

    I played and I played and I played. The entire weekend was spent in front of the TV switching between Forza and Dead Rising. I refused to play all 3 at the same time because that would have lead to me enjoying each one a little less.

    I mucked around with Kinect voice commands for a bit but then gave up and went back to my old ways, leaving the device to slowly collect a nice thick layer of dust. I don't have Foxtel and haven't used the media features much. I feel like a bad Xbox One owner because of that.

    And then...

    The excitement died down. I realised that ultimately I just didn't have the same level of excitement that I had when I unpacked my 360 and played Oblivion. Granted that wasn't a launch title from memory because I got the 360 a little after it launched.

    Since then truth be told, I barely turn it on. In the last 2 months I've turned it on 6 times. Each time there was an update. 3 system updates and 3 updates to Forza which is the only game I have left.

    Whenever I wanted to have a 3 minute race, I'd have to wait an hour for the update. By the time it finished I went away and forgot all about it. Came back a few weeks later and turned it on again only to have another update.

    Which means I've played it for about 20 minutes in the last 3 months. Hardly worth the $600 'investment'.


    That's probably because there's no games I want on it yet. The range is very limited and that will take some time. When new games come out that will capture my interest, it will no doubt end up getting used very frequently. I don't play CoD so there's no reason to keep going to it every day otherwise.

    Until then it's sadly just a VCR looking thing sitting under my TV.

    I got the console to play games and while it can do that, there's just not enough titles around to use it.

    I don't regret buying it, but given the lack of usage, it would have made more sense to wait.

    Even though the previous Console generation last a long time (7/8 years) it still feels like both consoles were rushed to market. Im sick of hearing about console features that are coming Fall 2014/15 or "when we are ready to speak more about this feature, we will".

    Dont release the console until the Core features you want to implement are there and then update and tweak and add new features during the life cycle.

    I won both consoles and to be honest they both havent been played in months. I actually turned on the ONE a couple of days ago to watch a new Blu ray and I needed to install 1300Mb patch (couldnt skip). Waited for that to install and reboot and then tried launching the Blu also needed an update (couldnt skip)....Ended up booting up the PS4 while I was waiting and it also needed an update (which I could skip). I was a quarter of the way through the movie on PS4 before the Xbox One had finished updating.

    As a child of the 80s, an interesting question to ask yourself would be: if you gave your 10 year old self an Xbox one, having to load updates, navigate the god awful OS, Snap in apps and talk to the connect, sign in and then create a whole new sign in for any friends who want to play local multi with you......would you take that over a SNES?

    These new consoles have potential to do great things but they also need to remember they are there as a leisure device, when it feels like work to get into a game, something is wrong...

      How the hell did you manage to win BOTH consoles? Are you just insanely lucky?

      As a child of the 80's who used to sit waiting 20 minutes or so for Predator on c64 to load from tape, every time I finished a level (not often) , or every time I died, in the days when the VHS movie retail market barely existed, and you'd pay $30 even to own a crappy ex rental copy on VHS - (circa 1989) - seeing that digitized Arnie in those high res, parallaxed backgrounds.....

      I think if you showed a 10 year old me an Xbox One, my 10 year old head would have exploded.

    Have purchased both conoles on release and have had no issues with either apart from the first 3 consoles i received were broken(luckily the local eb had some stock and i received a working one before they ran out). Since then though it has been running fine. I use the PS4 mostly for games which come out on multi platform but apart from that the xbox gets used the most for everything else.

    Streaming video from the pc to xb1 works seamlessly, if you change your location to US you can stream Netflix without any problems and i have not had a hiccup with the connect or a single problem with it not understanding me.

    The kinects use in games is still pointless as i dont want to shout at my tv (Ryse) while playing a game as i mostly play at night and will wake everyone up, and any games which require me to use my body to control (battlefield head movements, Sports) while working without issue and is actually quite sensitive is still tiring after 20mins. (im lazy hence i play video games and not sports)

    Cant imagine the system without the kinect as its actually a very useful feature. I knew what i wanted the system for and what its limitations were when buying it so im not disapointed. I bought the xbox for media with gaming and the ps4 for gaming only. I dont really see the two in competition with each other.

    Like comparing a superbike to a SUV, both will get you where you want to go its just what else you want to do with it.

    I've been liking it so far. I held off and then purchased the Titanfall bundle when it released. I like the Kinect I think it adds some nice features. Now its been dropped I fear the devs will disregard it again and it wont realise its potential.

    The OS is a little clunky at the moment but the 360 was the same before it got a few updates. The DVR function is cool but I have had issues with it not recording sometimes.

    I still dont get the people with a stick up them about how MS launched the console... as if it was some sort of insult to gamers. Come on. They were trying to be innovative and got it thrown back in their face. You'll see some of the features they introduced at the announcement creep in I think. They announced the shared LIVE recently which is a bonus.

    Although I havent played locally I think the kinect recognition of controllers is a bit stupid. They overcomplicated something that was already perfect... Now you cant tell who's controller is who's and evidently neither can Kinect.

    Overall pretty happy with it. Waiting on a few more games now :)

    Im liking it alot, infact i just got a 2nd xbox one and i am doubling up on all my digital games through one purchase, just played titanfall last night works fine.

    i was going to get a PS4 but id rather play co op with the wife and the lack of splitscreen support helped me decide.

    Even though the previous Console generation last a long time (7/8 years) it still feels like both consoles were rushed to market. Im sick of hearing about console features that are coming Fall 2014/15 or "when we are ready to speak more about this feature, we will".

    Dont release the console until the Core features you want to implement are there and then update and tweak and add new features during the life cycle.

    I won both consoles and to be honest they both havent been played in months. I actually turned on the ONE a couple of days ago to watch a new Blu ray and I needed to install 1300Mb patch (couldnt skip). Waited for that to install and reboot and then tried launching the Blu also needed an update (couldnt skip)....Ended up booting up the PS4 while I was waiting and it also needed an update (which I could skip). I was a quarter of the way through the movie on PS4 before the Xbox One had finished updating.

    As a child of the 80s, an interesting question to ask yourself would be: if you gave your 10 year old self an Xbox one, having to load updates, navigate the god awful OS, Snap in apps and talk to the connect, sign in and then create a whole new sign in for any friends who want to play local multi with you......would you take that over a SNES?

    These new consoles have potential to do great things but they also need to remember they are there as a leisure device, when it feels like work to get into a game, something is wrong...

    My point is thye cant have it both ways, stick to your guns or change your policies and admit that it was due to sales....Dont patronise us and say you "listened" to us gamers... You listened to our pre orders not our points.

    I look forward to a console launch with more collaboration with the gaming community...

    NO DLNA NO DLNA ! WTF is that all about from both consoles. I get more out of my Xboxone primarily because of plants vs zombies. The Ps4 has been on for all of about 10 minutes in the last 2 months. The Xb1 will be used in my house as a console for the kids to play their games on and ill use the ps4 for my games ( exclusives excluded ).
    Kinect is crud only used for some stupid dancing game and the sports demo.
    Long term it will be fine as will the PS4 but the feature poor OS on them both is a really shitty effort.

      I got a free app on my phone last night which allows me to browse all my movies on PC with XBMC running then PlayTo to the Xbone.


    *drops mic and walks away*

    edit: see my comment below

    Last edited 21/05/14 6:53 pm

      This discussion is about consoles or a single console if you didn't read the article... why do people always say have to say something like "pc, master race"? If course it's more powerful! It's a totally different thing!

      You know, for most gamers I know, gaming isn't a 'ONE MACHINE FOR LIFE OR DIE' thing. I have a PS4, WiiU (Planning to get a One for Halo) and a good PC that maxes out games at north of 40fps 1080p (not counting hand helds and last gen systems).

      The system is only as good as the games, in which case, I believe that for someone like me there is reason enough to own all systems, or at least the ones you can afford.

      So you who insist on yelling 'PC master race', 'console peasants' or

      *drops mic and walks away*"

      I say: You are the peasant for only having one system. (I don't mean offence, I'm only pointing out that it goes both ways.)

      Now please, don't make such closed minded comments, you look like a petty, HYPOCRITE tool we don't need to aimlessly fuel the flame war on what was a relatively civil thread.

        i probably should of added a sarcasm tag and added more information stating that i intend on buying one of the new consoles sometime soon (i have yet to decide on what to buy first) but i wasn't thinking clearly and its too late now to edit my post

          There are just too many pricks on all sides these days aren't there.

          Edit: Also, I guess wait till E3 before deciding? It's what I would do 'cause frankly theres nothing ATM that justifies it, you'll play the 4 games on either platform then twiddle your thumbs. It's what I ended up doing. Not to say I 'regret it' cause I know there will be great games, just that I could have waited in retrospect.

          Last edited 21/05/14 5:47 pm

            thats what i plan on doing, in the mean time ill be catching up on ps3 games that i have yet to play

    I got one. It's the same thing with better graphics, so for now it's worthless. At least until it gets a Battlefront sequel.

    My Christmas present last year was supposed to be an Xbox One. I found out when my partner wanted to borrow my EB card. I got a new videocard for my gaming rig instead. I'll wait 18 months or so before choosing. Its to early in the cycle and there are not enough compelling games to sway me. Wii U has more good games than the PS4 and Xbone combined. I still don't own one.

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