Share Your Xbox One Stories

Share Your Xbox One Stories

Six months ago, the Xbox One was released unto the world. For a half a year since then, Microsoft's giant new chunk of plastic has sat in our living rooms, asking for our voice commands, showing us movies, and letting us play games. How's all that going?

While most of us on staff at Kotaku have our own Xbox Ones and plenty of stories to tell, we're also interested in hearing from you, our readers. (And, no, the Xbox One isn't the only console we'll be doing this for, it's just the first.) Some prompts to consider:

  • How's Xbox One ownership been for you, so far?
  • Are you glad you own one? Or do you regret it? Why?
  • Do you use Kinect regularly?
  • Have you got your cable box plugged into the console? If not, why not?
  • Picked up any accessories?
  • Are there any things about the Xbox One that you still don't quite understand, or don't make sense to you?
  • More broadly: Have you had any experiences that were so cool, so annoying, or so surprising, or so disappointing that they have changed how you view the console?
  • What does the timeline of your experience look like, from when you first bought it to now?

If you think the Xbox One is the best console you've ever owned, tell us why. If you hate it and can't believe you bought the dumb thing, tell us why. If there's something about your experience that you think people should know, share it here.

Basically, if you own an Xbox One, you've probably got stories to tell. So, tell 'em!


    Well got mine in December 2013. The Xbox is my primary console of choice, since the original Xbox, I gotta say though that this Generations launch has been flat out boring and uneventful. I've moved on from Xbox360, but it feels like the Xbox One is an afterthought for Microsoft... it's been 6-months since release and there really is jack-all Games and Apps that have been released. When ever I turn on my X1 - same Apps, same Games, that I've been looking at for 6-months. Sometimes MS shuffles the squares around, ya know, to get that content in there...

    Digital Games cost more than what EB tries to hold us to ransom with... whoah, it's on special $99.95 slashed to $84.35 holy toledo! I'll stick to waiting 2weeks for UK imports thanks... though OZgameshops prices have risen to $70-$80 for new-releases the last few months... it all feels like the rest of the globe just shakes us down for whatever we have left in our pockets (but that's a whole other subject).

    So far, the only games that have interested me were, Dead Rising 3, Assassins Creed 4, Thief and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. I'm waiting for Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs, but at the moment it all feels like a conveyor belt of "random shit we can give those idiots who bought our new consoles."

    E3, hopefully, has something to show this year, as the last 5 years or so has been nothing but PR garble all these amazing things there all going to make." If not, 2014, will be the most boring year for gaming Ive ever experienced...

    E3 hopefuls; Fallout 4, Dirt 4, Mortal Kombat 2, Ultra Street Fighter 4 (X1/PS4), Red Dead Redemption 2... bloody hell, see what I mean, it's like where the hell are the games that do things we don't already expect?

    It's like;

    Xbox: Hey what you got PlayStation?
    PSX: Rice husks. What you got?
    Xbox: Potatoe Peels.

    Had an xbone since launch, I got COD, Forza, Dead Rising and Fifa. Ill say this, COD was poor, traded it pretty quickly, Forza was insulting, f***ing micro transactions in a full priced game, and so much free to play crap in it, like slowing down levelling and reducing cars and credits unless you paid was the first major disappointment of the new generation.
    Dead Rising was fun, and got some good play time, Fifa was fifa, the new bells and whistles were fun. Since then the 2 games that I have enjoyed the most are AC4 and Titanfall.

    On the console side, I'm not particularly impressed with it, it has crashed far to many times and it was released in such an incomplete state, with features like a battery indicator missing that it was pathetic. The kinect is a POS, and you can't even use words that it may mistake of xbox, it can't even recognise me most time for auto sign it.

    Over all I would give the console itself a C, an average pass mark that doesn't impress me.

    Mine just broke man! The power brick wont even light up anymore :-(

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