Sherlock Is Less Impressive When You See His Mistakes

I love the BBC’s Sherlock, but so many of his deductions come down to guessing extraordinary causes for mundane events. I guess including those times wouldn’t make for such an impressive character.

While we’re here, can we also talk about how many of Sherlock’s incredible solutions involved being able to see a single fibre of cloth from across a room? Does the man have bionic eyes?

Sherlock Holmes Sucks At Deduction [Pete Holmes]


  • LMAO That’s the best thing Holmes has done since his first Xmen parody. I’d love to see him do more ‘Sherlock’ stuff in future!!!!

  • That was genuinely hilarious – the outburst at the end and the spitting, brilliant. They’ve all been reasonably funny, but I haven’t had a good chuckle since the Batman ones.

  • I am a fan of Pete Holmes, but Johnathan Creek did it first. Season 5 episode 1, Riddly doing the same thing and getting it wrong. Whatever still good for a laugh, the whole angriness made it worthwhile

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