Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Out Today On PS3

Briefly: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, one of the most visually unique RPGs for the PS2, is out today on the PlayStation 3. You can pick it up here on the Playstation Network Store.


    Cool article.

    Also known as Lucifer's Call in PAL territories. Definitely one of the best RPGs of its generation.

    alas, doesn't seem like its available in Australia.

      I think our store updates tonight, so maybe it'll appear then?

      But yeah, probably not. Will have to buy it off the US store if you want it.

    Here I was excited this involved Australia... Not like I am surprised though.

      I'm still bloody waiting on ChronoCross, so doubt we will ever see these kind of J-RPGs on the AUS-PSN.

    Would of loved to play this on Vita, another JRPG on vita is always a good thing

    Just a quick note: Nocturne was the NTSC name for the game. It was released in PAL regions as Lucifers Call.

    Also, by the gods do I reccomend this game. It is hard as balls if you don't prepare, and you will die a lot anyway. But the atmosphere, the gameplay, the unique visual style, and oh my goodness, that soundtrack, all worth it. It's so damm good.

    I also second ColdCamV. Playing this (Or Digital Devil Saga) on the Vita would be beyond amazing.

    Any news about P4 classic on AU psn?

    I spent maybe 200 hrs playing this on my ps2 many years ago. I highly recommend it. Monster merging was the highlight for me. All my characters had high level healing, I could go on.

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