Some People Can't Play Watch Dogs On PC Right Now

Some People Can't Play Watch Dogs On PC Right Now

Watch Dogs' launch on PC has proven to be a little rocky, with reports around the web noting problems with uPlay, Ubisoft's distribution service. Without uPlay, players can't play Watch Dogs on PC. However, uPlay is acting rather funky for people right now.

Some players report an "unrecoverable error" which causes the game to crash and shut down. Some people can't log in, or they can't download the game. Personally, I can't even make a uPlay account right now, much less launch Watch Dogs. We don't necessarily have a good sense of how widespread this problem is, and not everyone on PC is experiencing it either. Mike can log into the game and play just fine, for example.

Issues like this — online connectivity initially getting in the way of people actually playing the game — are becoming increasingly common: GTA Online launched with a number of problems, as did Diablo III and SimCity.

Thankfully, Ubisoft is aware of the problem with Watch Dogs:

We contacted Ubisoft to ask about any incoming fixes, and will update this post if we hear back.

Are you experiencing any problems on the PC version of Watch Dogs? Or is it smooth sailing for you? Let us know in the comments.


    Mine runs flawlessly on my rig. However, if I try to hack a street sign/message sign, I get the error that the game has 'stopped working'. It completely crashes the game.

      turn off TX AA.. use a different type of AA instead. i reported the problem on monday when my DedSec copy arrived and Ubi basically told me to not bother with reporting bugs

        Thanks Thyco, this bug has been driving me nuts as well!

      Uh... A game-breaking bug isn't flawless...

        Not game breaking, I don't NEED to hack the street signs.

        It is a flaw though. So surely you can see where the use of the word flawless makes you look like a tool.

          No, Your a towel.

    I've had one freeze while loading an online game. Other than that, it's been fine.

    Can't play here, very disappointing. Have not had any good experience with Uplay, first with Farcry 3, now with Watchdogs

      Same as me..first with farcry3 but i fixed it some how..and now with Watch Dogs..
      i buy it..i install it..i want to play it..and on the first freezes the pc..

        I was playing the game but know every time I lanch the game it freezes and that's it cant play

    I had one crash last night, while watching the intro movie, but after that is was fine. Other than the stuttering, hiccuping and farting that it does. running on low at 1920 (have the requirements to meet recommended). however someone on teh steam forums found there is a setting in the config file that is set to 'console' by default and apparently changing that to 'pc' makes a big difference. Will try that tonight.

      What CPU and GPU do you have? Changing from console to PC will make it perform worst as it allows for more tweak while changing PC to console will improve performance as it reduces a few graphical options

    Iv noticed lots of people having their keys already being activated so they are unable to activate the game.
    I cant pick mine up until Thursday, but i have good feelings about a smooth start

    Was all flawless for me. And my rig is not that high if the minimum requirements.

    well :) I for one am glad i got the Xbox One version now :) only one not to have been plagued with problems.

      no no no not xbox one you mean NSA version

        AHAHAHA bad Kinect jokes. That will never get old.

    sigh... I wish all these other services would just give up and use Steam already

    Had to wait a while to get my key from GMG then my download speeds were below 100Kbs...guess I won't be playing to the weekend.

    Are you experiencing any problems on the PC version of Watch Dogs? Or is it smooth sailing for you?Igeddit.

    Seems like Ubisoft's stance on DRM and listening to PC players feedback is in full swing again. Who needs always-online DRM if you integrate all your products with online 'open-worlds'.

    Dual GTX680 OC editions and having serious stuttering issues, smooth 60 fps on ultra then it will drop to 2 - 3 fps for about 3 seconds then back to normal.. Drivers were updated last night FUUUUUUUU!

      Did you try disabling SLI? I played with everything on ultra on my single GTX 680 and had not one frame drop.

    Got my key from GMG yesterday as I was heading home from work. Punched it in as soon as I got home, two hours later the download finished and I was playing. Played another hour this morning. No problems encountered thus far.

    Mine is running perfectly fine. Haven't had time to put more than 20 min into it yet but I'm loving what I've see no far.
    All the haters are really putting me down. I haven't seen anything yet that should warrant such responses.

      Play for more than 20 minutes. Every Assassin's Creed is great for an hour as well.

        Didn't Black Flag get rave reviews? I haven't played AC since the first one, which I'll admit got boring quickly,
        They way I see it - AC you can stalk, hide, kill and climb.
        It seems like watchdogs has a lot more to do then that. In any case, I'm sure i'll get more than $50 worth of entertainment out of it, even if I just explore the city

          Its not a bad game, the basic gameplay in Watch Dogs is more satisfying than AC so the fact that its really repetitive doesn't grate as much.

          I still hate how in every Ubi game they have that rubbish climb a tower to unlock the area system.

            I heard that but I think from a hacking perspective it actually makes sense.
            I haven't seen how it's implemented yet though.

            I read an article recently how the devs of watch dogs gave the script of the game to Kaspersky Labs so they could make sure all the hacking stuff looked authentic.
            Everyone admitted that the process is significantly sped up so that it works as a video game but apparently a lot of the coding, wireless access and methods of intrusion are very realistic/possible.

            Was actually a very interesting read and I'll definitely be paying attention to those little details when I play it some more

      if you have no problam then why are you posting a response for

      You haven't seen any bug, it doesn't mean that no one has !

      Mine crashes while loading after clicking on New Game. Disabling crossfire or lowering the game options doesn't change anything... Oh yes, it does change something : with lowest graphic options it crashes at 80% instead of 50 ! LOL

    The Seven Seas Double Deluxe Edition runs fine (shame the game itself is mediocre at best).

    Yeah I can't play it right now either

    Cause I'm at work :(

    Maybe, just maybe we should stop buying Ubisoft games.

      boycott them


    After getting Rayman Legends on Steam and it not being playable due to uplay I vowed never to purchase a ubisoft game on PC again.

    It's like this happens to every game now.

    My current problem is that the game is 100% downloaded, but it's decided to KEEP downloading. I'm currently at 14300 MB of the 14240 MB required to download the whole game. It should be done in about 42 000 hours, so that's great. Maybe then I can play!

    It shows up in Account Information but not in Activated Games or on the front screen of Uplay and makes no attempt to download. My Uplay support email has been unanswered for 1 day so far.

    shittiest launch ever, still encountering errors and have gotten 0% support / feedback from vendors.
    this is what happens when they focus so much on one point, such as security and it causes ripple impacts

    Whenever I click "new game" watchdogs freezes on or right before it is done loading.

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