Someone Fixed The Far Cry 4 Box Art

Someone Fixed The Far Cry 4 Box Art

Briefly: This is just so much better. Thanks, Brian Altano.


    @agentbizzle on twitter did

    Haha wow! That was quick! And is that Nicolas Cage? Lol

      That's Gene Wilder! The original Willy Wonka. Does look similar here though.

        Good primary school memorys with him as mr wonka.....

          Loved the old version. Though I will say, that boat scene was freaking terrifying. Saw it again last term as a teacher for the first time since I was in primary school and it is STILL terrifying.

            That scene contains real footage of a real chook really getting its real head chopped off.

            That's pretty messed up for ANY movie, never mind a kid's movie...

        Ahh haha. He looks different here from what I remember.

    Gotta be fake.

    The Oompa Loompa is way too big.

    ohhh nice :) how did i miss that ?! when was it announced? Today?

    Well I know what I want as FC4s blood dragon

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