Something To Light Nintendo's Darkest Hour

Something To Light Nintendo's Darkest Hour

Because...screw it, why not.


    Wont happen. Nintendo aren't in the business of listening to their fans. Hence their position in 2014.

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    Informative article. Thanks Luke.

      It shocks me that I still open his articles considering how long I've read Kotaku :P

        yeh, i think im learning to just ignore any article with his name on it now, bit of a waste of internet space that could of been used for something useful like pron or funny cat videos

        I did it because I couldn't quite see the "RPG" in the thumbnail.

    Pokemon RPG... Pokemon RPG! The RPG is redundant! Pokemon is already an RPG.

      You're missing the fact that it's on a home console which is something people have been asking for since...well, since pokemon blue and red really.

    ..and Kotaku just found itself removed from my bookmarks :/

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