Sony Announces A Dozen More Indie Games For PS4

Sony Announces A Dozen More Indie Games For PS4

The PlayStation 4 already has no shortage of good indie games, and soon it will be getting even more. Today at an indie-focused press event outside of San Francisco, Sony revealed a bunch of new indie games that will be coming to PS4 and other PlayStation systems.

The current list: Axiom Verge will be coming to PS4 and Vita, with PS4 versions coming for Escape Goat 2, Ironclad Tactics, Apotheon, the well-liked fencing game Nidhogg, Skulls of the Shogun Bone-A-Fide Edition, Starwhal: Just the Tip, Jamestown Plus, Drifter, Chasm, Source, and beloved roguelike Spelunky.

Sony has posted videos of the less familiar games to the official PlayStation blog — here are the videos they have posted so far:

Axiom Verge - PS4, Vita

Escape Goat 2 - PS4

Ironclad Tactics - PS4

Apotheon - PS4

Nidhogg - PS4

Starwhal: Just The Tip - PS4, PS3

Jamestown Plus - PS4

Drifter - PS4, Vita

Chasm - PS4

That's all that Sony has shared for now, but if they announce any more games we'll add them here.


    Excellent! I'd been hoping for a PS4 port of Spelunky after becoming obsessed with it on PS3.

    Even better, the PS4 version is cross- buy so I don't have to pay for it again!

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      Spelunky is that good hey?

        I love it. I bought it when it first came out just because I'd heard such great things about it. Played it for a little while but didn't really "get" it. Didn't hate it, but didn't really understand all the love for it, either. So I left it, went and played other stuff for a while. Came back later when I had a bit of a gap in my gaming schedule, gave it another try and been hooked ever since.

          used to love games like Rick Dangerous 1 and 2 and the like, this looks very much like it :D

            The aesthetic is a lot like Rick Dangerous (loved that on the Amiga!).

            But the way all the different bits of it work together, combined with the randomly generated levels, means there's always something new to discover.

    Xbone is getting absolutely smoked at the moment...

      The irony of the Ponys bagging the graphical power of the Xbone, but get all wet and excited when more tired 8 bit Indys appear. I'm another who purchased both next gen consoles, but seriously this news is far from smoking the Xbone. 8 bit Indys have been done to death and is become tiresome.

        Totally agree. Most powerful console on the market and we are getting excited by indie games.

      Because of the indie titles?

        A game is a game is a game, is a game.
        I don't care if it's AAA, indie or a flash game. If it looks fun, I'm gonna play it, and if it is fun, then I don't care who made it.

        *disclaimer: Liondrive takes no part in console bashing, console fanboyism, or particularly cares what your preference is, but does himself prefer playstation*

    Don't care if I'm wrong, but I'm taking the subtitle "just the tip" as an Archer reference.

    Finally something worth playing. Time to dust off the PS4.

    Again.. enough with the ANNOUNCING and start RELEASING

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