Sony To Release New PS Vita Slim In Australia

Sony Australia has just announced that the new slimline PS Vita will be released in Australia.

The PCH-2000 model of the PS Vita is Wi-Fi only and will feature a 1GB internal memory card. It is 20% slimmer and 15% lighter than the original and will hit stores 4 June and sell for AU$269.95. According to Sony the new Vita will feature better battery life and improved usability, allowing users to charge using a mini-USB cable.

The new Vita, as you may already be aware, ditches OLED screen of the original PS Vita for an LCD display. While I see the OLED screen as one of the Vita's greatest selling points, Sony doesn't see the new LCD screen as a downgrade, claiming that the "rapid progress of LCD technology in recent years... provides users with the highest-level image quality that is at the core of PS Vita".

The new PS Vita has been available in other territories for a while now, nice to see it heading to our shores.


    Woah is it actually a mini USB? I thought it was a micro... Damn that's actually one of the things I was considering upgrading for.

    Also is there any word on what colours are coming here?

      I'm pretty sure it's micro. There's like 7 colours + limited ed decal versions in JP, I'd assume all colours would come over.

        I'd assume all colours would come over.

        haha no.
        Dood we didn't even get the white vita 1.0

          :'( Wishful thinking! You don't have to ruin my dreams! *runs away crying*

            I know right? There are some wicked colour combos out there. I've got a couple of black OG Vitas (dat OLED) but I'd love to have a white one...

            The vita isn't region locked like the 3ds just import one. The only downside is the x and o buttons are switched around sometimes randomly in different software.

      These are beautiful i picked up a lime green back in January while in Japan.
      there was about 6-7 colours too choose from as well.

      Bad news. Even though one of the marketing points of the new Vita are their colours, Australia for some reason only has black. I'm checked all over Melbourne city with everyone confirming that.


    Cool. I thought this was supposed to be a cheaper model then the OLED vita. Seems that Sony is still committed to overcharging Australians.

      Oh wow, wtf?? It costs around $200AUD in Japan. :\ Wow that's ridiculous, since OLED Vitas have been selling for $169-199 lately.

        This along with the WiiU not getting a price drop here really irks me. >:(

        Hopefully they start releasing the game packs like they do everywhere in the world

      Agreed! I love my vita and recommend it to people, but I cant at that price
      $199 TOPS

      Wait isn't the current Vita $199 here? o.O

        it was about 2 weeks ago New with a copy of killzone aswell

          Yeah, that's what I thought. No way is this slim version worth it then. Wish I could justify even putting a Vita on layby atm :/

            if they do the borderlands 2 pack for $250 it would be worth it
            Vita slim
            8gb card
            code for Borderlands 2

            Last edited 16/05/14 2:51 pm

              Yeah for sure, otherwise meh to that!

                I hit PS australia up
                even asked bluntly if we are just going to "get the left overs from the rest of the world" (only black and no bundle)

                Who knows if I will get a reply

                  Don't hold your breath man. I got my comment deleted on the PSblog for asking why Vita games are now being priced at 58.95 instead of the old max price of 54.95. Had to ask on NIS forums to get a real answer.


              Isn't the Vita version of Borderlands 2 supposed to be a bit substandard, though? Reports I've read haven't been great.

                if your expecting borderlands to be on par with a pc or ps3, you need your head checked.
                I know it wont be as good, but its a solid game and its now handheld so im happy with that

                  Not expecting it to be on par, but I read a few reports about game-breaking bugs etc. That's not the end of the world in the sense that it's the kind of thing that can be fixed with a patch, but I haven't heard when or if that patch is being released.

      JB hi-Fi selling about 10 dollars cheeper with the Borderlands game bundled.

    Are there a decent amount of locally available JRPGs?

    If so this could be very tempting...

    Last edited 16/05/14 11:15 am

      Start with Persona and Ys, then call in 6 months once you're done with those.

      Yes alot from Atlus, NIS and Aksys.
      My recommendations would be Persona 4 Golden, Disgaea 3, Demon Gaze, Final fantasy X, Toukiden and Dragons Crown.

      Like everyone else said Persona 4 Golden is a must as well as Ys, Tales of Hearts R is also being released later this year.

    Wow. I bought one in Japan for what worked out to $170 brand new, in April.

    Great device tho!

    Toukiden cheap on Sony online store at the moment.

    just picked up the last OLED from my local store, wasn't impressed with the slim and was gambling on the price. My oled cost me about $50 less than the slim is priced and included some download codes and a 16 gb memory card. Glad I got it now but I was very let down with how bad the back touch screen is in psone games. Also that half the psone games I wanted (was told were on it, and saw were on vita on the au store) disappeared once I actually logged into an au account and can't be played here.

    I've got it already and all I can say is that I love it! It's feels nicer in the hand, it's lighter and the battery life is great. I'm getting 5-6 hours play from it. Of course, the LCD screen is not as good as the OLED screen though..

    Not that I was planning to get another one, the price is disappointing.

    It can be tough to find the 1000 model, but at most stores you were paying the same $269, but you were at least getting a game with it. Really needed to either be bundled with something or be sold for $199 standalone.


    I'm hoping that E3 will see a memory card revision, losing the 8GB card, everything drops a tier and we get 128GB cards.

    Last edited 16/05/14 3:09 pm

      you can get the 64gb cards on Ebay for about $110

        Oh I'm aware of that, I've had the 32Gb card since the beginning also, but I'm at a point where I don't want to jump on a 64Gb now if in a few month there might be an announcement of a larger one.

        Wow sweet! I remember buying my first 32Gb card for about that much. Time to get an upgrade!

    Well the original Vita stopped production in January this year. and the PCH-2000 model will sell at the same price that the original OLED PCH-1000 model is now (if you can find one brand new).

    The only thing I don't understand is that while yes the new model has 1GB on board storage, you can't use it in conjunction with whatever size memory card that have inserted. So it's kinda pointless really

    Like what most of the reviews I have read and watch has said - it's a choice of a pretty screen or longer battery life and if you don't have a Vita then the PCH-2000 model would be a good choice but if you have the PCH-1000 model then there is no need to upgrade....

    With that being said, I don't have a Vita and I might consider buying a PCH-1000 model because I'll get it cheap as a second-hand product.

    if it was really cheap would consider getting one for a US only account, so I wouldn't have to faff about with switching over memory cards with my current one.
    can still wait.

      Does switching accounts still stuff up the bubble and wallpaper layout? That's the only reason I don't do it.

        that it does.
        plus all the hassle or the quick format & all that. Better off just getting a new system really.

    For $200 bundled with Borderlands 2 or Killzone.....everyone should have one. So to me it's a but silly pricing higher.

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