Starcraft Pro Fights In MMA. Starcraft Caster Commentates. Hilarity Ensues.

Fans of professional Starcraft will no doubt know of Jinro, the recently retired, high level Swedish Starcraft II pro. Bizarrely, Jinro now actually fights in Mixed Martial Arts, and recently had a fight in South Korea. Famous caster TotalBiscuit thought it might be funny to commentate on the fight as though it was actually a Starcraft II match. He was right.

Despite not having much knowledge of Starcraft, I was able to watch this and enjoy it, but I suspect that hardcore fans will get a lot more out of this than I did, what with the layered references to the game. Pretty clever stuff.


    So if he were to say "Fight me irl m8" you would be worried.

    Shoutout to TotalBiscuit and to a speedy recovery from recent illness!!!

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