Sunset Overdrive Looks Fantastic In Action

Sunset Overdrive Looks Fantastic In Action

I rarely get all that hyped while reading game previews, but Phil Owen's recent preview of Insomniac's open-world Xbox One action game Sunset Overdrive was an exception. Now we can watch it in action, and it does indeed look like a hell of a lot of fun.

Basically, some sort of mixture of Dead Rising, Infamous and Ratchet & Clank, which, yes, means it could fall victim to some of the problems those games have — spammy enemies, floaty controls, frustrating bosses — but hey, at first glance, I'm impressed.

Check it out:


    It looks a little slow. Comparing the grinding in this to Infamous it just looks really slow. Also I'm getting kind of a Gotham City Impostors vibe, which isn't a good.

      yeah, and more than half the weapons/abilities shown are pretty much from infamous (unless it's been done the same way before).

      i'm guessing the speed is to make the aiming system a bit more viable.

        It would be ironic if the same people that always say Infamous is 'floaty' think that this is amazing.

        Other than that, it looks like fun and I think I would very much enjoy waisting some time in it, but unfortunately quite generic and a mix of all the games that generic bro gamers love to take too seriously.

        EDIT: Also: Please remember that this game is coming from a studio that has made what, 10 games in 7 years?!?!?!?! And used their most loved series to try and create a one hit wonder (Changing the formula to find one that works in Ratchet just to bring it back to it's roots in an underwhelming cash grab) I think it's quite fair to be sceptical about their latest venture (EDIT) Considering the first gameplay trailer (At least as far as I am aware) opens by telling us it is a FRANCHISE and more generic guns blazing that isn't just generic guns blazing but will most likely end up just being generic guns blazing but marketed as new for the CoD guys...

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      It's likely to make aiming easier whilst on the rails. I'm wondering if you can increase speed when not aiming or something, via pressing forward/backward to control your speed. That's how Bioshock Infinite got away with filling the game with rails, and it's even more of a blessing when you're on a console.

      Insomniac games are usually all about the weapons/gadgets though. Combining that with stylish violence and hordes of mutants sounds pretty fun. I got the Gotham City Imposters vibe too, but to be fair that game came after a shoddy series of F.E.A.R. reskins from the developer, apart from that I don't find Monolith games too notable.

      RE insomniac, I was a huge fan of the Ratchet and Clank games growing up so this looks right up my alley (hence my defending a potentially fun game). That and the first Resistance wasn't bad for a launch title and a completely different style of game compared to their prior titles. This style and game type literally looks right up their alley, so chances are that it won't go the way of Imposters. I reckon it'll be decent, anyway.

    "Building up to for 20 years"

    I'm really underwhelmed if thats the result of such a time frame. It just looked clunky and meh. It's been done before.

    Looks pretty awesome. The thing that made TitanFall stand out in terms of gameplay was the freedom of movement, so this looks like it's taking that another step further.

    Finally some footage. Beyond keen for this. It's one of the games that made me buy an Xbone.

    Trying to hard to be the next Saints Row, plus as usual the "freedom" looks like it's simply a bunch of pre-set rails the player magically sticks to.

    Looks fun.
    Seeing the mutants scale the buildings in mass looks really natural and cool

    It reminds me of State of Emergency meets Jet Set Radio Grind

    Omnipotent Voice? Don't they mean omniscient voice, as in, that it knows everything? Omnipotent means all-powerful, and I don't see how that can be a quality of a voice.

      The comic Preacher riffed on the idea of an omnipotent voice, but I think you're right in this case and it's should be an omniscient voice as in an omniscient narrator.

    Wait what?

    Infamous has a gun that shoots vinyl now? Infamous has a gun that shoots bowling balls? Or Teddy bear bombs?

    When it comes to weaponry, this game's only peer would be Dead Rising 3. It's basically a blend of Ratchet's out there attitude, Dead Rising 3 weaponry/zombie enemy types mixed with human factions and Infamous' traversal.

    Sounds and looks like an amazing combo. Infamous doesn't even have weapons. Only fire powers. Your character in SO can pick and choose what types of powers or "amps" they have. There's even a blending of Crackdown here.





      This just in! Wordmancers discover a difference between being inspired by something and being derivative.

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      Caps Lock. Permanently on by voodoo magic, or is it just troll tricks?

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    I thought it was kinda rude when he said:
    "this is the game insomniac been working up to for 20 years".
    Those 20 years where you were pretty much PlayStation exclusive, building a fan base, now your best game is on the other platform away from your fanbase?
    I don't care that it is on Xbox or anything, it was just kinda salt in the wound.
    Still looks fun though.

    Was thinking this might be worth it, then went to find where I know Insomniac games from...Resistance! No thanks!

      Don't forget Rathcet and Spyro.

      Admittedly though they, like Rare, are looking more and more like a shadow of their former selves though.

      This game might be good, I hope it is. But fact is: Insomniac are milkers. Every recent game looks great but on release turns out to be underwhelming and buggy. People back on Playstation have felt like this for a while (Lets face it Insomniac fell a little into irrelevance because of it) and now they are going to a new audience who aren't as familiar with them and their 'antics' (I know a little dramatic) with at least one new IP. Great I say, but hold onto caution, they have been shovelling for a while now. (Again I bring up they have made like 10 games in the PS3's lifespan. 10! (3 Resistance games, Fuse and 6 Ratchet games!!!)

    Looks like Infamous mixed with Dead Rising 3's combat. I absolutely loved Dead Rising 3 so I can't wait for this!

    Crackdown 3.0 AMIRIGHT??

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