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    Morning all. How was your weekend?

    Mine was pretty ordinary, work, followed by more work. Only got a couple of hours of game time in. Played some Trials: Fusion here and there, and played about an hour of Child Of Light (liking it so far). Tried to watch Star Wars: A New Hope last night, and was almost falling asleep by the half-way point because I was so tired.

    What about you guys?

      Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, picked up 6 free comics and got two cheap ones. Also hung out with friends, which is always a good thing. I have also been playing Child of Light and loving it. The game is one of the prettiest games I have ever seen. I probably would have watched at least one Star Wars movie if I had any, but I watched The Internship instead. Not a bad movie.

        Oh yeah, comics! Gf and I got maybe 4-5 between us (gold coin donation for 2nd onwards) and I picked up Legend of Zelda manga collection for $85 minus 25% off, which was alright.

      Not much to report about my weekend. I spent most of it jumping between Adventure Time, Legend of Grimrock, Tony Hawk HD and Rogue Legacy.

      Drove to Sydney, hung out with people, bought a new board game, drove back to Dubbo.

      I'd like to not spend any time in a car this week but we need groceries.

        I did the same, just replace doo-bo with Mud Gee as the support guy pronounced it last week.

      Since you're asking , it was slow. Though made progress in learning this Cocos 2dx thing.

      Didn't get a chance to play much games. Got company of heroes 2, and that took forever to install. Was only able to play like 2 hours or less and that's it.

      Hung out with friends they started talking about dark souls 2. Thought, hey why don't I buy it and then remembered that I don't get much time to play anyway and ds2 requires time and patience.

      That's my weekend.

      Trials fusion looks fun. I wish I had time to play games like I did back when I was in uni.

      This reply thing is still failing.

      It was alright. Spent time upgrading my new PC to Windows 8. After it using it so much on my laptop I've come to prefer it over 7. Also went down to my parents place to catch up with them. Yesterday I did some housework in the morning, and then had to go to actual work all afternoon. Tried to fit some uni study in, didn't get very far. No game playing either. All up it was a pretty average weekend actually... oh well.

      Mostly spent it trying to recover from a shoulder/neck strain and playing GTA Online (up to level 69 now).

        Did you know that lap dances are free at that level? *

        * Might be entirely fictional.

        *snicker* 69 *snicker*

          I am so glad Rockstar got that reference obsession out of their system with GTA SA, it was tiresome as all fuck there, I'd hate to go for an entire level with the game trying to make it funny. Still, I guess it'd be some serious motivation for level building...

        Ahh, I gotta get back in and try it out. We stopped playing after we were left with 200K ea. Bad part is I sold my Veyron and other expensive cars before that happened, so I don't even have assets to play with. :(

          Well 200k would still buy you some moderately decent gear (at least a cargobob chopper, they're always fun) and there's enough missions with good rewards to grind for relatively quick cash. Just running Coveted on hard nets you 18 grand and if you're good with a sniper rifle it's no harder than playing on normal. Mind you, you have to get to the mission start manually since they accidently took it out of the mission list but that's not much of a chore really.

            Mm, Coveted was good. I had the heli job down so that only those guys had to be dead for me to pick up container and fly away :P

            The problem I have, is that you need to grind for a week to have one day of fun. Repeat. When we had endless money we could actually enjoy the game and play game modes for fun, instead of worrying about buying ammo ffs. $200K doesn't even cover my ammo needs if I'm empty.

    Still so damn tired! I'd be all snuggled back into bed if I didn't have an appointment this morning. Who's the doofus who recognised the day given was straight after Gloryhammer weekend but kept it anyway? Me.

      poor Strange! I was tempted to crawl back in to bed this morning too, but I had to get up and sms my boss to tell her I wont be going to work!

        Did you crawl back in to bed after that?

          nah, but I did lie on the couch with warm cup of coffee and a doona over me for a while! Almost as good!

    Good morning all, sorry I missed out on the Brisbane Gloryhammer meat. Went to a mate's bucks party and had a grand ol' time instead. I hope you guys had fun.

    Are spoilers working again? Test

    Edit: Guess not. I shall put RPG related stuff in a separate post.

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      Yer still very glitchy. Took me 10 tried to get something to post this morning!


    Such a different experience on the big screen. Felt like I was watching them for the first time again. I was more blown away by the battle against the first Death Star than any spectacle I've seen in the cinema in the last twenty years (with the possible exception of Children of Men). I've seen it a thousand times, but legitimately felt tension watching this.

    Felt the shock at the paternal revelation in ESB, and felt major chills when Luke unleashed on Darth in ROTJ.

    Thinking back on it, I believe the music played a big part in this. It's always been great, but kind of subdued on the small screen. But unleashed in a cinema environment, that soundtrack grabs you and forces you, helpless, to submit to its manipulations.

    Rambling now. Gonna stop.

    TL;DR: Star Wars in the cinema is AMAZING.

      Music makes the scene in a lot of things but Star Wars has always done it really well. All praise John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

        Yeah, I've always thought it was an amazing score. I own all the CDs at home, and often just listen to them. But I was really surprised by just how strongly it came across in the cinema; wasn't expecting it at all.

          Still got the soundtrack to Empire Strikes Back on vinyl.

      ROTJ has it's critics (mainly people who hate Ewoks) but that Luke/Vader duel is THE moment of the trilogy, and the music that swells when Luke lashes out because Vader threatened Leia is the key to that for sure.

      It's astonishing that the same man who write and directed that scene would go on to create The Phantom Menace. I know he tried to defend himself saying that Star Wars has always been for younger people/kids and that adults who grew up with the OT had too high expectations, but look at the content of the old vs. the new. Even if what he said was true, maybe the OT succeeded because he didn't pull punches and made his story accessible without pandering? Sure, horrible kids movies succeed when there's child protagonists who outwit adults (see Home Alone, Spy Kids, Three Ninjas, etc.) but why would anyone want to lump in Star Wars with those?

        I agree with everything you said. That moment has always been my favourite in the trilogy, though the rest of the movie doesn't really compare to the the two that came before it, and they goddamn nailed it. In terms of sheer character drama coupled with incredible action, it's almost a perfect scene.

        Re; Phantom Menace and II/III. I honestly don't know what he was thinking when he made those films. I cannot stand them. For the longest time, I thought that it had ruined the original films for me as well. Even up to yesterday, going to the cinema was just me fulfilling an obligation I felt to a younger me who would have killed for the chance to see Star Wars on the big screen.

          You watched the Clone Wars cartoon? It managed (and I now have a sad having to use the past tense there) to capture a lot of he spirit of the earlier films, a good amount of high adventure, good drama and on rare occasions, some really dark & nasty things.

          Of course it had some really crap episodes too but even the best shows have off days

            No, haven't even looked at it. I can't decide whether or not to accept that that era even exists :P

              You really should. As patchy as it can be in places, it was an excellent show (with better acting overall I think, Cat Taber is more Amidala to me than Natalie Portman was). They did weird things with continuity, they had a film as the pilot/premiere (can't remember which it was) and then something like 16 episodes into the first series, they made a prequel to it explaining how they got into the shit situation they were in at the start of the film. They did similar things a few times, early in series 1 there's an episode centred on rookie clone troopers, then in series 3 you see them as cadets and the next episode you see the ones who survived as elites. It was kind of odd but cool too when you realised that the events in this episode leads into the ones you'd seen in previous episodes.

              If you want to try out single episodes, "Assassin", "Cloak Of Darkness" or "Bounty Hunters" might be good choices. If you want to try out one of the 3 parters (which is the usual format for the show), I'd suggest "Rising Malevolence"/"Shadow Of Malevolence"/"Destroy Malevolence", "Storm over Ryloth"/"Innocents Of Ryloth"/"Liberty on Ryloth" or "Nightsisters"/"Monster"/"Witches Of The Mist"

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            @aliasalpha I use a compression glove I got from the chemist. I don't think what I've got is arthritis, but it's a godsend for just a bit of extra support whenever I'm using the computer.

            I don't know the brand, but it cost around $25, and looks like this.

            Tried to DM you, but you aren't following me on Twitter :(

        I think The Empire Strikes Back is by far the best of the films, but that's because I prefer the tone and direction it has (because Irvin Kershner was a rad director). However I agree that that final duel is one of the best single scenes in all the films, especially because of the music where they ditch the usual symphonic instruments for an organ all of a sudden. Hammond Organs are the path to the Dark Side :P.

        Lucas didn't direct Return of the Jedi, by the way. That was Richard Marquand. After A New Hope, Lucas realized he wasn't a good director. ESB and RotJ were both written initially by him, then had other writers (including Lawrence Kasdan, who's writing VII) turn that treatment into a screenplay, and then he had other directors work on the films while he worked as Producer. The same way that he approached the Indiana Jones films - Spielberg directed, Lucas Produced and wrote the concepts. As an ideas man and a producer, Lucas is amazing IMO.

        At some point in the late 90s Lucas planted his head firmly within his own asshole and decided he should be directing his films, and by that point he'd surrounded himself with sycophants and yes-men that knew if they disagreed with the guy who paid their salaries they'd probably not be working on Star Wars much longer, so there was no one to tell him his stuff was shit, and no one to act as co-writer or edit his stuff.

    I dunno about everyone else, but I'd be happy to see the other broken site features come back later on if it meant getting rid of the Posting Too Fast error ASAP.

      I'm not convinced it's fixed yet, but it's definitely better!

        It felt that way on Friday and then I got it 9 times in a row. It's just random. Sometimes the Goddess of Randomness smiles on you, other times she's a bitch :(

    Morning errbody!

    Hope the weekend was good to you all. My weekend was filled with birthday parties and Trials Fusion gameplay \o/ on Saturday we had my birthday dinner which was chicken on a spit! Absolutely delicious and a cale shaped like a PS3 which was delicious! (Pics on twitter)

    On Sunday we celebrated my girlfriends brothers birthday with more cake and more food! And tekken, lots of tekken!

    A question, if you can have one cake inspired by whatever you wanted what would it be?

      I feel bad eating themed cakes. So I want the inspiration to be SIZE. Give me a mudcake or a cheesecake inspired by the sheer scale of the Death Star and I'll be all set.

      #BruceBogtrotter (name that reference)

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        Someone at work made a cake like the one Bruce had to eat in the movie. It was awesome.

      I want an inverted Earth cake that reveals the geographically accurate boundaries of the continents as you cut it.

    OH MY FREAKING GOD! I can't believe it, I just beat @jalfrezy, @scp and @fatshadylive on one of the tracks on Trials: Fusion (Skyscraper Showdown) with a time of 48.064. I am so happy, what an awesome start to the week.

      My top moment was when I shaved 5 whole seconds off one of my tracks I can't remember which one but


      My week started by almost havng a head-on with a monster truck and also having to brake to not hit a pedestrian!

        Damn, I'm assuming no-one got hurt.

          Nah, just typical retards in this city not knowing how to drive or road rules.

          Monster truck: some P plater with a lift-kit on his 4x4 ute decides to run over double-lines and come into oncoming traffic. In peak-hour.

          Pedestrian: Oh, it's peak hour? At a very busy roundabout? Let's slowly take a stroll across the road and pay no attention that my back is to the traffic.


    I'm so awkward with a credit card. I've had one for quite a bit so it's not like it's completely alien to me but with online shopping and a healthy dose of caution/paranoia about money in general, I only use my credit card once a month, if not at all. But when those times inevitably arrive, such as when I go out to eat with friends, like today, it always pares down to-

    "Ok, insert your card."
    "No, other way."
    "Chip facing down."
    "Chip facing down and the stripe towards the machine."
    "Ok, fine, I'll restart the machine. You can enter it again."

    When we've hit the fifth sentence by then either the cashier or the surrounding people look at me with disgust and I'm quietly sobbing inside. And kinda sobbing on the outside.

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    Had a great weekend! Drinks and German sausage (and some pretty ok people) on Saturday, made for a great lead in to yummy breakfast and then finally seeing the Lego Movie, which was completely .... something that is a synonym for Awesome. Then back home in time to watch Freo beat West Coast in the Derby and one of my favourite players win the best on ground (Ross Glendenning) medal!

    Hooray for good weekends, boo for being back at work, hooray for Pathfinder tonight!

    Pathfinder tonight at 8pm AEST. What lies deeper in the Tallone ancestral tomb and will our brave adventurers locate the family signet ring? Will someone be able to contain Beorn's taste buds? Will someone be severely injured or even possibly DIE?! Find out tonight. :D

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @steve-o_the_deve-o @beeawwb @rize

      All this week I'm expecting to suddenly have to leg it to the hospital, so I'll let people know with at much notice as I can if I can't make it. If so, feel free to carry on without me and I'll do my best to catch up next time.

      I'd make a snarky comment about character dying, but then I look at my 8 hit points...

        We're level 1. A 1D8 can kill us. And I don't mean a roll of 1D8, I mean a single D8 on its own could probably do us in.

        Especially if Beorn eats it.

          Don't worry guys. If you take that sort of damage, you have 10 chances to not die from blood loss. :P

          Here lies Beorn

          Licked the wrong thing.

            Sounds like it's time for some Dr John.

            I been in the right place, but I must have licked the wrong thing.

            What do you mean that's not how it goes?

      I'm definitely coming along for the ride tonight, looking forward to it! :)

      I guess if we die we're already in a tomb so burial's a cinch!

    My weekend was pretty tiring but eventful

    My new bed rocked up at 8:00am on saturday. Which was awkward because i wasnt awake. Nor was i at home. I spend the morning assembling it and then that night i went and watched Roller Derby with the GF. Roller derby is nuts. I am 100% sure that if i was playing i would of been crying 10 minutes in.

    On sunday i went to Groovin the Moo
    It was okay, i saw a lot of cool bands and discovered how amazing the band Cults are. The bad side is that Drunk bogans are fuckwits. My ladyfriend is fairly short which to some drunk dude was a invitation to pick her up. Im not insanely proud of how i handled that situation. It has just reaffirmed my hatred of Townsville i think.

      Who else did you see at GTM? Did you see Parkway Drive? They're an absolute force live.

        Yeah I Saw them, crazy good live
        Karnivool were amazing, i don't know that much of their stuff but they were really amazing live
        naked and famous were my favourite of the day, just so much energy from the crowd and the band.
        Cults i knew only one song from them but they really remind me of CHVRCHES and put on a stellar show for like 300 people. It was a shame more people weren't there to watch.
        Robert Delong was pretty okay. Although it was a little experimental for my liking.
        Architecture in Helsinki went off, i didn't hate it but it had way more of a reaction than i thought.
        I only stayed until early night so i didnt get to see Jezabels which i was a bit bummed about though.

          I don't really get Karnivool, but having seen Birds of Tokyo a few times I know how good Ian Kenny is live. Architecture in Helsinki were really great when I saw them, it's just really fun music. Shame you didn't see The Jezabels, especially since we didn't stick around for their set at Laneway either. Though it's not like they don't play all the time.

      Dude Townsville people are amazing compared to some of the fucktards we get here in Mackay. Literally:

      Mackay clubbing: spot the non-asshole. Pretty much every night I need to restrain myself from not going to jail.

      Townsville clubbing: male friend and I dancing our asses off to Call Me Maybe when it came out, instant posse of chicks. Never had a single problem with dudes.

      Groovin the Moo attracts those losers from Mackay, further south, and generally out of the woodwork. The weekend turns horrible in TSV, and I will never go clubbing again the night of a big festival. Everyone is already a loser, and now they are also blazed and sped up and drunk.

      Last edited 05/05/14 9:35 am

        I think i just had a bad experience. If it was just me alone i wouldnt of cared because nobody bothers a 6 and a half foot dude. But i was with 3 fairly attractive chicks who were just constantly getting hit on by drunk dudes. We were literally just sitting listening to the music and dudes would come up and touch them. In no way is that ok. It just made me angry and a bit sad.

          Ew. Stab em. Seems like a typical Groovin the Moo thing, not sure how to help that apart from increasing the male count in your group or being friendly with all of them equally.

          But really, how did you handle it? Care to share? :o

            When i finally got him to put her down. I pushed him away and told him to fuck off. The girls who were with him didnt like that and told him he was just having fun. I said i didnt care and to go have fun somewhere else. He tried acting all tough and asked me if i wanted to "go" I said no i wanted him to go and the girls dragged him away. Not my proudest moment pushing a 17 year old onto the ground.

              He tried acting all tough and asked me if i wanted to "go"


              Being a teacher, I think there should be *more* pushing of 17yo idiots to the ground.
              Not by me, though. I like my job. :P

          That's the Melbourne clubbing scene for the outer suburbs, if your a girl out clubbing your gonna get felt up so that's why it's rare for girls who are in a relationship To actually go out clubbing, and if they do that relationship doesn't last long

            Sounds like what's needed is a vastly lower voltage version of a Taser, nothing potentially lethal or even disabling, just enough to tell people who are too stupid to realise that touching people without their permission is not okay that they'll be punished if they do it again.

            Less of a cattle-prod, more of a bogan-prod.

            Last edited 05/05/14 11:41 am

              more of a bogan-prod.That sounds like something else entirely.

          I was lucky this year when I went to Breath of Life Festival in Launceston in March. I think we have at least as many drunk bogans as Townsville. But this year it seemed to have a fairly relaxed atmosphere. Better than the last festival I went to here when I had a drunk bloke grinding against me at the Parkway Drive set.

    Hello. 'Cold' weekend here, apparently 10C this morning. Was 15C on my car when driving at 8:40am.

    Weekend was alright, did lots of cleaning: house, gardening, etc. Went to a nearby mountain and national park and had the famous pie for lunch on Sunday. Good to get out of the house.

    Played some more PvZ and finished Uncharted 2 finally. So pretty, so witty.. maybe I will play the next one ..

    AND HOW R U?!

      Famous pie?! What is this wonder?

          coool! If I'm ever up that way again, I might have to stop in!

        Eungella National Park is the NP by the way. if Interested.

    Dr Who (new) season 4 done. Would post thoughts but no spoiler tags and too much effort to rot13 on mobile, so eh. Will say that it had something for everyone by the end.

    Other than that, lots of monster hunter - I need to change some of my default chat messages to 'Jolly Cooperation' and 'Praise the Sun'. Knocked over first 4 legendaries and E4 in Pokémon Diamond, now at the 11hr mark. Just need to clean up the Pokédex to be able to get the last 3 (also been playing on the old DS since they're copies I got from eBay, and the fact they freeze on the 3DS points to them being dodgy bootlegs. Ah well)

    Hooray for posting too fast on the first post in several days. Attempt 3.

      Dr Who Season 4 - not spoilers - The Daughter in the episode The Doctors Daughter is the daughter of a previous Doctor (The 5th Doctor) who ended up marrying this Doctor, so she's the wife of the doctor who she played the daughter of while the doctor is now the son-in-law of a previous doctor while she is also the daughter of the doctor oh god I've gone crosseyed.

      Last edited 05/05/14 9:57 am

        A lot of the series has been 'spot the actor with other main roles', it's been surprising how many are there before going on to do Game of Thrones. Guess it can be a smaller industry than you'd think.
        I've been grumbling about the level of support role people re-use, but the wikipedia browse triggered by your interesting fact has shown me that they're actually different people. Huh. They all look the same to me.

        Interesting real world cross over trivia there. Guess it can be the kind of thing that runs through a family.

          I cannot remember where, but there was a quip by an American comedian that if you watched the Harry Potter Movies, The Bill, Dr. Who and Coronation Street you have seen every single British actor that is currently working.

          I laughed, then remembered how many characters each of those four things have and realised he's probably right.

            Also just discovered that David Tenant's first foray into voice acting on video games was an XBone title released last month.

            Well it was always the way back in the old series as well, you'd see people from the RSC who'd also regularly appeared on TV adaptations of Shakespeare, mid range film actors and jobbing actors from pretty much every other show that was on although that was back in the day when there were a lot less channels so I guess I was expected.

            Under John Nathan Turner, the show had a depressing tendency to get variety show people who were cast for name rather than ability or interest in the show so some of 5th-6th doctor guest stars were really quite shit.

    Started watching the stat wars trilogy again last week(not because of Star Wars day, I totally forgot that it was coming up) havnt finsished all of them yet though.

    Played some ESO, enjoying the extra 5 days Zenimax gave to us. Just about reached level 40 \o/. Also I've starting getting into crafting and enchanting which is actually quite fun, I usually just stick to combat and questing but if I want legendary's I'll need to get higher in crafting.

    Then to top it off I watched some more episodes of Grimm season one last night. To anyone who hasn't heard of it or watched it, it's really good so far, I'd advise watching it :) enjoy your Monday everyone.

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    Hola Tay

    I had a quiet weekend, went out on Friday for tea with a potential lady friend, then did not much Saturday and Sunday- Caught up on Agents of SHIELD (which actually got pretty good) and played a bunch of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which I'm liking a lot more now. I'm enjoying some of the side missions more than the plot missions, the pure stealth ones and the kill-em-all missions. Went out to tea last night with my Grandpa and my brother.

    A Monday Morning Question: Now it's wintry (at least in Adelaide), favourite winter level?

      The icy slide in Super Mario 64. The number of hours I spent trying to find shortcuts to the bottom was epic.

      Or maybe the Battle of Hoth in [insert Star Wars game name here].

      What was yours?

      Last edited 05/05/14 9:45 am

        But WHICH Hoth? :o

        For me, Shadows of the Empire's will always be best. Rogue Leader's just didn't seem as cool, despite probably being a much better game overall.

      Considering over the weekend I sunk a bunch of hours into Skyrim, I'd have to say I'm in love with the wintery areas in it again. I currently have a mod (I believe it's "Perfect Weather") running that makes night time "night time", not "slightly darker daytime". When a snowstorm rolls through and suddenly you're under attack by a group of vampires it's just an amazing experience.

        Yeah, +1 to Skyrim. Nothing else jumps out at me for the moment.

        Mafia II snow is pretty fun though.

      When you say "potential lady friend", is this someone you're trying to chat up or someone thinking of sex reassignment surgery? If the former, good luck to you. If the latter, good luck to her.

        The former, though I suppose you could do the latter and then be the former?

    Sleep in by accident, sprint through the shower, scraping teeth on toothbrush on the way, and dive into work-chair with all the same screens open, feeling for all the world like I never left the office.

    ...yay? Whatever. Let's Get Shit Done.

      Let's get sh*t done! *opens TAY in new tab* XD

      *hugs* rough morning. All the feels bro. Says me as I sit on my ass at home...

    Civ 5 - Pacifist of the North Bazaar (Formerly Prince of Panic)
    It's that time again. Time for another game of Civ! This time I've upped the difficulty, and I am attempting a 'no-amy' run. Barbarians have been disabled, so I will only need an army if someone declares war on me. It will be my job to weasel out of war by diplomacy. The number of civs and the map size has also increased.

    So begins the tale of Marv the Coward, the ruler of Cravenland and the Craven Province.
    My first city was Cravenholm, obviously. I also founded the Church of Fear. The Church of Fear's symbol is Shinto, as it kind of looks like a house, which you should be hiding in if enemies attack.
    I will spread the wonder of Fear to all people on Earth!

    Reposted because nobody reads last week's TAY at 1:00am.

    Last edited 05/05/14 5:37 pm

      The Keith is Dead. Long Live The Marv.

        Kieth has failed us. We will get nowhere with religious zealotry, fear of everything is the only way to achieve victory.

        I have also changed the title of this run to be Pacifist of the North Bazaar, (as the overarching influence guy is Arabian) rather than Prince of Panic. I think the new title is better.

      You mean nobody reads it beside greenius
      What difficulty are you going for, I'm guessing it's prince? I'm currently struggling against King difficulty. If I remember correctly Prince is the last level before the AI starts getting bonuses so you are behind from the start and need to catch-up

      No amy? What expansion added her?

      Cravenholm is a pretty awesome name for a city.

    Hi TAY!

    I was best man in a wedding on the weekend. Except I didn't get told I was going to be best man until I arrived on the day. All I knew was that I was going to be a witness and sign the wedding certificate. Then suddenly I was holding rings and cuing music and being dragged along with the photographer.

    It was very tiring! Scored a free shirt though.

      That's either some seriously ad-hoc wedding or colossally poor form by the groom.

      My random visit to TAY was made worthwhile solely by this. 5 out of 5, would read again.

      Ad libbing a best man speech is hardcore. No wonder you're tired.

      You did give a speech, right?

        Thankfully I was spared from that :P Very lucky that it was an extremely casual wedding. No speeches, no churches, etc.

    Fuck Monday. I walked into the office to find a dead switch and messed up VoIP appliance. The rage is strong with this one...

      1. Throw the switch out the nearest window
      2. Obliterate the VoIP appliance
      3. ???
      4. Everything is now working again

    Hi Tay, I hope you're all well
    Mario Kart 8 Question, how do you get the free game with it, is it redeemed from Nintendo or the retailer or whatnow? I'm curious cause I wanna get the Wii U MK8 bundle but don't wanna miss out on free things :D.

      I'm pretty sure I read it's when you register the nintendo points card

        aha, good, cause bundles usually have the old (not valid with any other other) disclaimer, gonna be an expensive month, Gotta get Wii U + MK8 + Pikmin 3 (finally), Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein and I'm sure there's others (like Mario Golf, but i still really wish it was on Wii U for couch co op). I'll justify it somehow. Did you pick up golf on the weekend? Is it awesome, I played some Gamecube golf yesterday and it was awesome.

          SO awesome! Been playing the shiz out of it. I think we are likeminded on this one, I revisit old Mario Golfs all the time (though sadly not the gamecube one - sold it after I capped it back in the day cause I was a poor student... wait they never changed T_T). But oh man, if youre just getting a WiiU now, pikmin 3 is the obvious choice I think. Holy cow, getting mk8 AND pikmin 3 in one haul is too much gutsoup, too much! That is a joy I envy.

    One last push.

    We won't reach target, but let's see if we can get to $5000.
    I'll extend the free-stuff-amnesty for TAYbies.

      Maaaaaan, what I look like, a charity case? I don't need your hand outs! I'm an adult! You can't buy me, all-the-kings-Man.

      It's a shame you couldn't make the target. It's an awesome idea, and a cause that I've seen is very important to you. Your sincerity and passion is as much of a reason for my support as the quality of your content.
      Fingers crossed.
      Don't be disheartened, though. With time, patience, and an ever-evolving digital landscape, I'm sure a project like this can and will succeed in years to come.
      And when it does, I'm sure you'll be involved somehow :P

    Got all the seals on a couple more levels of Mark of the Ninja. Tried out Prison Architect, liked it but wow there's a steep learning curve on it. Will go back to it later in the week when I have time. Remembered I haven't finished Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and jumped back in. Discovered a bunch of sidequests filling up my in-game email and spent three hours collecting macguffins which added "arty" posters of the various female NPCs to the walls of my shithole apartment which it now occurs to me has huge windows and no curtains.

    Didn't get to jump back into Tomb Raider or Titanfall. My wife had a crack at Titanfall though. For some reason the Australian servers were giving us a lower ping than the Asian ones, which is kind of weird.

    That's my whole weekend. I accomplished nothing productive.

    Edit: nope. still not working.

    Aaanyway.... weekend was pretty chilled.

    Started a new Dark Souls 2 character on Saturday. wanted to try a strength build. died way too much getting to the first boss. the difference a fat roll makes.

    then went and watched these guys on Saturday night it was freaking cold, but the beers were tasty & the show was pretty damn rad. Brian Cook, the bass player, is one of my favourites. he's got such skill when it comes to effects & tone & sampling. sound was great, too. first time I've been to a show at the Manning Bar where it didn't sound like the band were playing from inside a tent.

    Sunday was more Dark Souls. having a much better time of it. knocked off Dragon Rider, Old Dragonslayer, Pursuer, Flexile Sentry & Ruin Sentinels in just over 2 hours. that wooden club +5 is a beast. biggest problem I'm having is keeping weight under 70%.... oh well. time to spam Endurance.
    Edit #2: is it just me, or is The Pursuer surprisingly forgiving with his moveset? like, he shield bashes me & I'm stunned for 3 seconds & he just stands there waiting for me to recover...?
    I dunno. it was the first time I've fought him & he should've beaten me easily. but then again, he's a early boss. supposed to be a bit forgiving, I guess....

    then watched the A-league final. was a bit annoyed to find out that the SBS broadcast was delayed by an hour coz Fucks-tel wouldn't sell them live rights. good game all in all, but yeah... CCM weren't involved, so I wasn't overly invested.

    today, managed to turn off my alarm while I was still asleep. overslept by 40 mins. gotta say though, 6 mins to get out of bed & get out the door is a new record.... anyway....

    soooo......... whats happening with you lot?

    Last edited 05/05/14 10:17 am

      Dumbledore is Harry's father.

      Edit: yeah, Pursuer is incredibly forgiving.

      Last edited 05/05/14 10:30 am

    reply fail because TAY is being a shit right now

    Last edited 05/05/14 10:14 am

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