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    Good morning everybody! :)
    Hope you're all having a good Monday!
    In my quest to be a more active member (and to post sober more often), I'll continue conforming and update you all on my, admittedly boring, week! :D

    I spent a large amount of this past week pants less as my sister is off gallivanting around Europe for 2 weeks, leavibg me home alone quite a bit.

    I re-evaluated my life plan also, deciding to move to Melbourne once I finish uni in the hopes of getting a job at the EA office's there(don't judge me!), seeing as how there is little to no viable positions in the gaming industry in Perth, let alone most of Australia. This won't be till the end of next year however.

    I watched Frozen for the first time on Saturday. Overall I really enjoyed it. Easily in my top 10 movies, but not good enough to crack the top 5. All the songs were really good, the detailing was amazing, and the characters and voice acting were spot on too. Olaf was kinda annoying though. I also realised that I was practically in a man date with my sisters boyfriend while watching it :S
    Shame too, it would have been a good date with someone else (home made pizza, good movie, home made desert) ;)

    Lastly I decided to buy myself a Wii U since I've been in the Nintendo mood lately. Being a good little uni boy though I'm waiting till after my exams to buy it.

    And that's my week! I'll be the first to point out that I am not interesting :P
    Hope everyone has / had a good week! :D

      Sounds like a good weekend. BUY MARIO KART 8 for imminent fun times!

        I probably will :D
        Now all I need is internet so I can actually play with others :S

          Says he doesn't have internet.

          On the internet.

            3G from my phone :P
            I'm burning through credit like nobodies business :S
            I haven't had internet internet for almost 2 months now :S

      nice, I'm with DC get Mario Kart for all the fun. I'm getting a Wii U too, probably the Kart bundle and I'll redeem Pikmin 3. Keep an eye out for good Wii U deals and I'll do the same :D

        Pikmin 3 remains my favourite game on the Wii U by far, followed by Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze! Zombi U is pretty damn cool as a concept too!

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        I'm gonna get that bundle too, still haven't decided which free game I want yet though.

      Favourite song from Frozen?

      Fixer-Upper is mine. Let It Go is about fifth on my list.

        Easily For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) for me!

        Mines probably The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway one (don't know if that's it's name).
        It would be the Let's Build a Snowman one, but that's far too sad and made me feel sad :'(

          That would be Let It Go.

      Sounds similar to my Saturday. Mrs Tigs and I did date night on Saturday so I grabbed some take away chinese food and we watched Frozen.
      Sunday was baby classes and then out to the in-laws for mothers day family get together, Got given a bunch more baby stuff, a number of really cute blankets. Basic dinner and i watched Criken's fun house and Titan dropouts before cleaning and doing some work

      I thought your life plan was to move to Hollywood and rule over us all? Drunk posts don't lie, Liondrive.

        When the hell did I mention Hollywood, hahaha!?!?!
        I must've been drinking something strooooooong ;)
        You'll find out all about heavy drinking first hand come March next year ;)

    Gutsoup completed Child Of Light
    though the writing was a tad shite
    He rather enjoyed Aurora's plight
    If there were a sequel he'd continue the fight.

      NO.MORE.RHYMING. >=(

        Hahaha, by the end of the game I was skim reading the writing and the rhyming didn't even jump out any more.

      Hey, you should totally write for the sequel, coz that's better than anything in the game, up to where I'm at at least (I'm assuming it doesn't get any better).

        I swear it gets worse, :/

          Worse than... the intro? I watched that after installing it and was a bit thin-lipped. (Haven't played any further than that, saving it for the weeknights.)

      Master race needs to mod that game so the writing isn't so terrible.

    Gooood Morning everyone! How was your weekend?

    Mine wasn't too bad, didn't do much Saturday, Sunday did the whole Mother's Day thing, got the missus breakfast in bed, went for a drive, played some Mini-Golf and went out for tea.

    Didn't get much gaming in though, but I've got another day off today, so I'm gonna do as much of that as possible today.

    What about you guys?

      My weekend was full of dishes.
      But it was also full of Mothers' Day loot so on balance I guess it was good. :D

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      Weekend was good! Played a lot of Hearthstone, charming little game. Its tempting me into falling off the WoW bandwagon..

      I didn't have any gaming planned, but the humble bundle sale with Saints Row, Dead Island, Metro 33 etc. for pay-what-you-want has ensured the rest of my week is now eaten up.
      I missed all these the first time round.

    I finished Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect on the weekend. Now I'm anxious for Tex Murphy 7. Luckily they decided not to end on a cliff hanger this time, though. They're learning! THEY'RE LEARNING!

    Not perfect game, but amazing for what it was and the budget it was made on!

      I just looked at how much they raised and I must say they did pretty well with only about half a million of Kickstarter funding.

      I've completed the first day. Took me nearly two hours as I'm an idiot.

      Sbhaq gur jnerubhfr xrl, bcrarq gur obk naq bu V arrq n pbqr. Jurer'f gur pbqr. Jnaqre nebhaq sbe na ubhe ybbxvat rireljurer. Trggvat sehfgengrq. Qvqa'g rira frr gung ebpx. Sryg yvxr na vqvbg. Gur jbeqf sbe shpxf fnxr znl unir orra hggrerq ng dhvgr n ybhq ibyhzr.

        Freeze, this will either reassure you or confirm I'm an idiot too...


    I also watched Saving Mr. Banks last night and totally cried, man. Amazing movie. :')


    Had a nice day yesterday! On Friday, my four year old finished reading/listening to her first really 'big' book: Roald Dahl's Matilda, so we decided to celebrate by buying her a copy of the movie, and we watched it as a family yesterday afternoon.

    In less good news, my publisher has decided not to publish The Game, so it looks like I'll be self-publishing that one. That's a big disappoint, and feels like a huge step backwards, which is particularly upsetting because I think it's my best work.

      I really do love that Matilda movie. You did good, Shane.

      Sorry to hear about the publisher, though. :(

        The movie was pretty good, but I definitely prefer the book. Though the book has subtleties that wouldn't have worked in the fast-paced visual medium of film.

          Did your daughter like it, buddy?

          I follow Mara Wilson on twitter. It's kind of surreal. XD

          Last edited 12/05/14 8:53 am

      Well done on the reading, my son's almost 6 and struggles with basic books, he reads them by looking at the pictures.

      I've never watched (or read) Matilda, I've seen ads for it when it's been on TV and that girl shits me to tears, she just makes me want to punch her in the face. That said, I'd probably like the book, loved every Roald Dahl book I've ever read particularly Revolting Rhymes. I also remember actually going to listen to him read from one of his books at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide when I was in primary school. Can't for the life of me remember which book he read though.

      Sucks about the publisher man, if/when you decide to try and get some funding for it, just say the word and I'll put in as much as I can, which probably won't be a hell of a lot, but hey every little bit helps.

        Thanks - it'll only cost between $200-300 to get it published, and then it'll be available to purchase from the usual places: Book Depository, Amazon, etc.

          I dunno if you're considering this or not given the recent experience, but I wonder if it's worth kickstarting? You wouldn't need to have a big goal from the sound of it...

            I am considering it, but honestly, it just seems easier to take it upon myself, and try to make the money back through sales.

              Fair enough, it seems like the initial outlay isn't too big at least.

      Damn man, you're not having the best run of literary luck lately. Can you not shop the game around to other potential publishers?

        Given that it's book 4 in an ongoing series, I strongly suspect it would be a waste of time :)

          Games have done okay jumping publishers, wouldn't hurt to ask would it?

          Post Attempt #5

            Games with large devoted audiences, sure. With no undue self-deprecation or anything, my active fanbase is almost entirely comprised of a subsection of TAY.

    Good morning all. My weekend was pretty good as I went to a wedding of two good friends of mine. They are huge Star Wars fans so there's was lots of in-jokes among the decorations and the cake and what not. They even managed to get two guys from the 501st Redback Legion to attend the wedding in full stormtrooper armour. It was pretty dorky awesome.

    Aside from that, not much else. Mother's day was good and relaxed even though I didn't get her a present. Thankfully she didn't bite my head off as I made her a nice lunch. I played some Payday 2 after that to try out the sniper DLC and that's pretty fun although I think I've now spent more on DLC than what I paid for the original game. :S

    And I see Kotaku still has the posting errors. Le sigh.

    Hey guys, trying to get more involved after just lurking around.

    Not much happened this week, did mothers day stuff, researched build parts for a gaming PC. I have never had a PC good enough to game with and would love to build one. May post the build list latter to fetch a few final details of help.
    Played a lot of FIFA 14 this week, after losing to my 14 year old cousin the other day. Challenged my manhood and I didn't like it.
    How is everyone else doing?

      Want some rye? Course ya do!

      Can I ask why you are a brutal toad? Is it a pop-culture reference I don't get or is it more a story unique to you?

      Last edited 12/05/14 9:10 am

        My bet is on a reference to the difficulty of battletoads

          I would totally play the shit out of a spiritual successor called Brutaltoads.

        I couldn't get my xbox gamertag username on a steam account, so I thought of two of my favourite games, Halo and Mario. Originally came up with toad the brute (cause lets be honest toad is a brute look at the size of him) then decided that brutal toad sounded better. Was one of those, I need a username now moments and I also don't like numbers in usernames of my own.

          With you on the no numbers thing! I went out of my way to make up a stupid gamertag so nobody else would want it and I could have no numbers.

            I don't really like my Gamertag, but every time I think of something to change it to it's friggin' taken.

            ...aww :(

              I was almost going to apologise to you and Numbers, but I didn't. :P

            I hear you on that one. To avoid the numbers thing, I took upon the alias of 'Saucepan of Life.' I realised that was dumb, and changed it to something stupider.
            TIP: Use as few vowels as possible.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend- went to the football on Saturday at Adelaide Oval, which is a great, great venue for it, and up to Tanunda for a 2nd birthday party on Sunday (trying to get the kid on Duplo, because I'm a badawesome influence. Manged to escape doing most of the Mother's day stuff as my mother is currently in Ireland.

    A Monday morning Question: Best Videogame mothers?

      Crono's mother... I swear that world would've been doomed if she didn't persistently wake up Crono that first day!

      Depends what you mean by "best", most badass for me would have to be Flemeth.

      Adelaide Oval looks to have come up really good from what I have seen from here in Melbourne. Much needed improvement over Aami.

      Kinda tricking the system but Fire Emblem. Everyone is a good mother.

      Honestly, the only one I can think of is Crono's mother. She's nice to his friends, and gives him all the freedom he could possibly want. But she doesn't come to his trial, so maybe she just doesn't give a fuck... which would make her a not particularly good mother.

        Well to be fair, wouldn't she have to have gone through a monster-infested forest to attend? Seems like a dick move to not have patrols keeping traffic routes safe, a sure sign of a corrupt government. Apart from y'know... the whole secretly being monsters thing.

      Pokemom! The creepy old guy next door wants to send her son to see another creepy old guy in the next town and wants him to go all alone and she's such a rad mother she's totally cool with it.

      Hang on a second....

        Not to mention the mother from Pokemon gold and silver would constantly steal your money and spend it on shiny things. And the mother from Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald forced you to remain inside the moving van alongside the furniture. And the mother from Red/Blue/Green/Yellow kicked you out of the house at 10 because she saw it on TV. But hey, the mother from Gold/Silver makes great Cinnibar Volcano Burgers, apparently.

      I dunno about best. Normally they're side characters.

      One interesting one I thought of is Miranda in Grandia III. She's a playable character, one of the strongest party members early on, and she's the protagonist's mother.

      That one is easy. The best video game mother is clearly mine.
      I know that's not what you meant, but it's the right answer anyway.

      Elaine Yesterday from the point and click adventure game Yesterday.
      (2:225 - 4:10)

      Last edited 13/05/14 1:34 am

    Man, I missed out on the whole Fifa revolution, due to a lack of interest in football and massive interest in basketball.

    I have gotten so in to it lately and been having so much fun playing seasons mode online. The big plus it has over NBA2K online is that it is actually playable due to manageable (if any) lag. Plus, the ecstasy from scoring a goal (when you're pretty amateur like me) is just great.

    Also, wondering if anyone shares this problem with their Xbone...

    Sometimes when I go to turn it on now, I tap the on button on the console and it makes the noise, lights up then immediately turns off. If I try turn it on with the controller it just does nothing. I have to disconnect and reconnect the power brick cords and then it usually works. Once it's on, I've had no problems at all with it.

    Hope y'all had nice weekends!

    Last edited 12/05/14 9:03 am

      I know what you mean, I used to be massively into basketball, haven't watched since around Michael Jordan retired (for the second time), so I probably wouldn't know most of the players these days.

      Got FIFA 14 on my Xbone, but am still yet to play it.

      Can't say I've had that problem with my Xbone, a few times I've pressed the button on the controller and the console hasn't turned on and I have to press the power button on the console itself, but that's about it.

        Damn. If it persists I think I will just send it off for inspection/repair before all these good looking games come out in spring.

        I'm still a huge bball fan, watch every game of the playoffs on League Pass, etc. But the joy in NBA2K for me was playing against a mate, sat in the same room. I moved from NZ to AU 3 years ago and now don't have too many friends here who are big on both NBA and gaming so I've moved on.

        I guess I also like Fifa, because although I'm not a big football fan, I grew up in the UK and have been a lifelong Manchester United fan, so I can appreciate the sport. Honestly, has been so enjoyable at times (and also rage inciting - which is great.)

    I shaved yesterday. I hate shaving. being clean shaven is the worst.

    So I bought myself an electric beard trimmer dealy. *decisive nod*

    Here's hoping clean shaven is something for the history books now. :P

      And now you have a whizzbang electrical thing to take care of your beard for you, you'll have more time to write long Year Of The Hermit updates, right? :P

        I was thinking of relaunching in June. Mentally focus on writing things of substance.

        Don't hold me to that, though. :P

          So ... relaunch party at @dc's place?

          Don't take this as advice as such, just I read this the other day and what you said reminded me.
          A thing by Scott Adams:

          "The other day I put on my workout clothes and drove to the gym. But when I arrived I didn’t feel like working out. This was not a huge surprise, since I didn’t feel peppy before I even laced up my running shoes. Perhaps I hadn’t gotten enough sleep that week. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. I ate lunch in the snack bar then drove home and took a nap.

          Question: Did I fail at my exercise goal?

          Your answer will say a lot about you. But I’ll warn you that it’s a trick question. The trick is that I didn’t have an exercise goal in the first place, so I couldn’t have failed to reach it. What I do have is an exercise system, and I was completely successful at the system. My philosophy is that losers have goals and winners have systems.

          In this case, my system is that I attempt to exercise five times a week around lunchtime. And I always allow myself the option of driving to the gym then turning around and going home. What I’ve discovered is that the routine of preparing to exercise usually inspires me to go through with it even if I didn’t start out in the mood. This particular day, my body wasn’t going to cooperate. No problem. The system of attempting to exercise worked as planned. I didn’t have a trace of guilt about driving home. I’ve used this system for my entire adult life. I see exercise as a lifestyle, not an objective.

          If I had a goal instead of a system, I would have failed that day. And I would have felt like a loser. That can’t be good for motivation. That failure might be enough to prevent me from going to the gym the next time I don’t feel 100%, just to avoid the risk of another failure."
          — Scott Adams, Author of Dilbert

      I share that feeling. I think I've been clean shaven 3, maybe 4 times in the last 11 years. Once for a girl (didn't have the desired effect), once because I was bored and once more because I thought it might've been a good idea at the time. Each time I felt like a pre-pubescent boy.

      I use my hair clippers though to keep my beard under control. One of the best investments I've made

    Trailer for the Constantine TV series:

    Yep, I'm in.

      Can't watch at the moment but Constantine as in Hellblazer?


        And this time, he's British and looks a bit like Sting, as it should be!

        Above trailer is a little tell, don't show, but I'd expect that from a pilot

      Wow, never been interested in it up until now. That trailer looks awesome.

    Dark Souls 2.

    Where I actually progress but am still a noob.

    V fpenccrq zl Rkcybere naq erfgnegrq nf n Qrcevirq (fghcvq V xabj) naq V'ir znqr zhpu orggre cebterff. Xabpxrq qbja gur svefg gjb obffrf naq abj nccebnpuvat Fuvc Pnir/Pbir/jungrire vg'f pnyyrq. V qvq trg zl nefr unaqrq gb zr ol gur Chefhre naq gur Ryqre Qentbaevqre ohg V guvax V whfg znqr n srj zvfgnxrf naq jvyy yriry hc gb qrny jvgu gurz. Qvq ybfr nobhg 7,000 fbhyf gb gubfr gjb gubhtu. :(

      Yikes! You're a brave one for choosing Deprived.

      Don't forget that upgrading your weapons is usually way more effective than leveling up if you already have the stats required for the gear you like.

        See I was considering doing that but I horde materials like you wouldn't believe. I didn't even consume any random souls until after the first boss and that was about 4,000 right there. So yeah, I need to get out of my "store everything because you might need it later" mentality.

        I mainly chose Deprived because I liked starting from level 1 and allocating stats that way. It gave me more options to allocate points as I needed rather than being locked into a set base level of stuff.

          I didn't consume any random souls until after the final boss... Nothing wrong with hoarding.

    EDIT : Meant to be reply to Red Dragon (Kotaku still a bit screwy for comments)

    Yeah Adelaide Oval is awesome isn't it, really well set out, easy to get in and out of, bloody good viewing and lots of bars. I spent my first game under the old scoreboard on the hill the other weekend and it was nearly as good as it used to be for watching cricket from (not nearly as many drunks though)!!

    Tanunda is my neck of the woods mate, I lived there for 8 years (just moved to a new place about 6km away recently).

    Hmmmmmm, video game mothers hey............must be Monday because I am really struggling to think of a good one not already mentioned.....(let me get back to you on that one)

    Last edited 12/05/14 9:23 am

      6km away? Nuri?

        Nah to Greenock mate, I work in Nuri though.

        I see you are familiar with the Barossa layout, are you from these parts ?


          Aunt lives in Greenock, I used to work at the community store :)

          Last edited 12/05/14 10:02 am

            Ha, nice mate, small world and all that.

            if only split screen coop was still a thing then we could hook up for some couch coop !! (lol)

              Heh. I've moved to Adelaide, but I still have a couple friends up there.

                All good, most of my mates moved on from Barossa to either Adelaide or interstate as well, just not enough opportunities here for them. But as a bonus I've got plenty of places to stay whenever I need though so that's a good thing.

    I want to get in as much gaming as possible today, I pulled a bunch of games out of my 360 collection at random, but I'm not sure what to play, help me.

    South Park: TSoT (almost finished)
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (about halfway through)
    Red Faction: Armageddon (didn't finish Gorilla)
    Ride To Hell: Retribution
    Hellboy: The Science Of Evil
    Deadly Premonition and
    Onechanbara: Binkini Samurai Squad

    What should I play first?

      Onechanbara: Binkini Samurai Squad

      I ... I thought you made up that game until I googled it just now. Not really surprised though because Japan.

      Last edited 12/05/14 9:27 am

        There's a movie too! It's.... something.

          Oh I must see this. I rented the game for a joke that didn't pan out (it's not a great game).

          Edit: Like... I think I returned the game early.

          Last edited 12/05/14 10:00 am

            Come to the next soon to be organised as soon as I get my shot together Freeze meat. I have it here.

        I bought that game for Mr. Strange. It was fun but nothing great.

        It's not just a game, it's a whole series!

        They're all pretty bad but that's kind of to be expected since they were part of the Simple series. D3 Publisher did a whole long series of games in the PS1 through current eras where they made cheap games on a shoestring budget and sold them at a low price (eg the original Simple series was Simple 1500 because the games were 1500 yen which is about $15-20 - most new release games are 5000+ there).

        Most of them were complete crap but a few stood out. In particular, those were the Onechanbara games (which are still terrible) and more importantly, The Chikyuu Boueigun, a.k.a. Earth Defense Force, which are the best bad games ever.

        Side note: another company, Success, did a similar thing to Simple Series with their SuperLite low-budget games. Their output was a lot less hit & miss though since they published some excellent visual novels under that label, including Remember11 and Ever17 by the Zero Escape guy, and Akai Ito and Aoishiro, the latter of which I think is still my favorite of all of the VNs I've played.

      Ride to Hell: Retribution. No wait, don't play that. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

      I would say finish Stick of Truth. I am curious about that last option though but I will definitely not google that while at work.

      OK, I think I'm gonna finish South Park (should only take a few hours), and then move straight onto Deadly Premonition.

      Thanks for the help guys.

      I played a demo of Red Faction: Guerilla and it seemed really fun but I never tried the full game. I got Armageddon in the Volition Humble Bundle/fire sale and grew extremely bored with it after an hour. I tried pushing through and probably got 4 hours or so in, but it didn't really get more interesting.

    You know what? I've never seen Frozen and I hope I never do. I may have watched it eventually but now just seeing the words "Frozen" or "Let It Go"are enough to make me cringe due to over-exposure.

    Also, that tilting window over the side here on the "Recently On Gizmodo..." box is all kinds of NOPE.

      Things only get over exposed cause they resonate with people though.

      That's exactly how I feel about game of thrones. It's the only thing I've gotten utterly sick of despite never having seen it

      This is probably what a lot of non Dark Souls players feel whenever the Dark Souls hype kicks into gear.
      Journey had the same effect around it for quite a while too, made it hard to convince others to share the experience.

      Fun random Souls series trivia - Sony own the rights to the Demon's Souls name as part of their exclusive publishing deal.

        Oh, Dark Souls is a pretty great example. I understand where Strange is coming from now even though I'm a Frozen true believer. Haha. (Then again, I loved Titanic and Avatar as well, two movies that had that over exposed thing going on too.)

          I liked both those movies, but the more I hear about Frozen the more I'm certain I'll hate it.

            Good chance you would've hated it anyways. Haha! I remember when it first came out and I was hyping it you didn't seem interested even then. :D

        I usually don't mind but recently I've had too many bad experiences when trying things everyone's been raving about forever. Like 'The Walking Dead' game. I was bored by it, and found its emotional manipulation too obvious to make me feel anything. And people were just "Oh, it gets better by the end, Episode 3 is where it really picks up." but these same people had been raving about it since the very first episode so I trusted their assurances even less. :P

        It probably goes back to why I always prefer to go in to games and other entertainment mediums completely fresh, knowing nothing. So I have no expectations, and my experience isn't coloured by everyone else's opinions.

          Yeah I don't want to know any thing about the games I'm about to play. I don't want reviews good or bad. I don't want word of mouth. I don't want advice. I want a clean slate. :D

          Going in blind is the best way I've found for experiencing entertainment media as well. Also why I don't like seeing trailers for movies I'm going to see.

            Especially these days, the trailers tend to spell out the entire plot.

        It's my experience with The Last of Us all over again. /o\

          WHY DO YOU HURT ME SO? :'(


          I'll wait until Naughty Dogs' next game comes out so that the hype shifts over before playing it :P

            I played the Last of Us and really didn't like it. In fact I disliked it so much I think I gave it away to someone.

            Last edited 12/05/14 9:48 am

              Thanks for the anti-hype, Nob! :D You're such a good wet blanket! :D

                Ser Wetblanketulus

                Nob gave it to me. I liked it, but it made me feel quite ill.

                  Because of the big feels or the simulation sickness?

      That's a lot of the reason why I never wanted to try Dark Souls and look how that went once I did :P

      EDIT: Haha, Beavwa reading my mind.

      Last edited 12/05/14 9:35 am

      My wife and son have seen it twice, I haven't seen it once, but working at a cinema I've heard that song "Let It Go" probably about a hundred times or more, after a while it starts to grate. Not only that, but every time I hear it I think in my head that the next line should go "Can't hold it back any mo'" like they'd do in a Hip-Hop song, because "Go" and "More" don't rhyme.

      Everyone raved about Frozen for some reason saying it's the best Disney film since forever, but I didn't think it was much cop and think Tangled's a much better film in general. You're not missing much really except for Disney trying to make pop songs

        Yes! Tangled was brilliant. Although no CGI Disney movie has half the soul of the 90's traditional animation ones.

          Nothing has yet to beat Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Lion King for me.
          But that might be because I'm a slightly older fart than the target demographic.

            My go-to Disney films are Aladdin and A Goofy Movie. Even though I was seven when I first saw AGM, I think it taught me how to be a parent.

        This. It's a decent film, above-average for kids' fare, and very pretty, but there isn't a whole lot to it beyond the obvious marketing opportunities.

          I disagree. I think if it was animated in traditional cell animation and released in the '90s it would be every bit Aladdin and The Lion King's equal. *decisive nod*

          What's missing is an attached nostalgia. (In my opinion of course. :P)

          Last edited 12/05/14 10:14 am

            I didn't like The Lion King, either. :P

              Yeah, but you were exposed to the monster gene in that lab accident, remember? :P

            I found the writing in Frozen to be very hit and miss. There are some great moments, Disney at its best for sure, and there are some that just don't make any kind of sense.

            And Let It Go is just such a confused jumble of mixed metaphors and failed poignancy at a totally random point in the movie that I can only conclude that they just didn't care about whether it fitted or not, as long as it would sell records.

        Yep, Tangled is probably one of the better CGI flicks I've seen.

        Though I didn't mind Brave. I really dug seeing the mother/daughter dynamic, with the mother as an actual human with strengths, flaws, hopes and fears, instead of a cardboard cut-out filling a foil role for the protagonist to play off. More stories need to do that - humanize parents.

        It can't be the best Disney film because its not The Black Hole

      My wife feels like that about Frozen which is a shame because I watched about half of it while she was napping and she interrupted halfway through. She was interested then and I didn't want to finish it without her, but now she's sick of hearing about it.

      I feel like maybe if I sit her down and we watch it she might just like it and we can just move on, but I have a feeling this is going to be one of those *things*.

      By *things* I mean where she shows me a new show or movie or something and gets really disappointed if I don't like it so I've taken to feigning more interest so it doesn't seem like I'm ignoring her. But at the same time, she openly derides things I like to watch. For instance, there was an episode of Chuck a few years back where some goofy shit happened and I had to pause the TV while she made fun of the show for 10 minutes. When I unpaused the shit got even goofier and that set her off again. Yes it was a dumb corny over the top scene but it kind of made sense if you were a fan of the show. It happens with various TV shows, stupid old movies I grew up with, and even youtube channels.

      Now whenever she starts up I just turn it off and to go back to later. It's extremely passive-aggressive but I've gotten fed up with having to justify everything I like that she doesn't, especially when me watching it has no effect on her whatsoever.

      So, I will probably never see the end of Frozen because I don't want to have already seen it if my wife ever feels like it, but I'll also never raise the question of "should we watch Frozen" ever again because I just really don't want to have that conversation.

      Edit: Too many typos to ignore.

      Last edited 12/05/14 10:15 am

        Spouses are weird.
        Mr. Strange gets cranky if I watch stuff without him, but I like to mainline shows and he just likes to watch one episode at a time, and then he forgets about it and we never finish the show. Drives me nuts.

        He also makes fun of me if he walks in or is around while I'm watching things like Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf, yet he made us watch the entirety of Bitten which was just trash. :P

          My wife likes to consume some shows one episode at a time and marathon others. I had to wait until season 5 of Archer was finished before we finally watched it, but wild horses couldn't keep her from the new episode of Game of Thrones.

          I think we've basically conditioned each other. I ask her once if she wants to watch something and if she says no, that's the bottom line. If I ever ask her again, even if she concedes and watches it, there's maybe a 10% chance she'll actually admit to liking it and even if she does her experience will be tainted by her resentment about being forced to watch it. I think we're the same in that respect, but I an more open about watching things so I don't butt up against that wall as often.

          At the same time, she is gradually learning to keep the majority of her comments to herself. I mean, I don't expect silence, sometimes goofy things happen and riffing on it is fun - True Blood for instance long ago became a parody of itself and we enjoy making fun of it as much as we like watching it - but not during tense dramatic scenes or important character moments even if those scenes seem hackneyed out of context to a casual observer.

          Yeah, me and my wife are the same. I like to marathon shows, and she likes to watch them one or two episodes at a time. The last one was Breaking Bad, I was about 2 seasons ahead of her, and then she said some idiot on one of those morning shows (Kochie I think) spoiled the end of the series, and she didn't want to watch anymore now that she knew the ending, so I just marathoned the last few seasons alone.

        Spend an entire weekend playing Secret of the Magic Crystals. Everything else you like will become more tolerable. If you don't go mad during the process, that is.

      I intend to see it at some point.
      Somehow I've managed to avoid hearing Let It Go so far. Would rather hear it for the first time within the film.

        I had intended to see it at some point, which is why it was good I'd also managed to avoid hearing 'Let It Go', but I think it would have to be fairly far into the future now.

      Unpopular opinion. I think it's not my taste, I really couldn't stand any songs by the main woman, my girlfriend made me turn it off, I watched the end later, didn't mind the storyline (a bit predictable) but that music did not agree with me was too pop diva for me not enough quirky musical style. I really liked the intro and thought I was gonna like the whole thing too.

    Well, turns out my 6 weeks of planning ideas for mum's food when she was in hospital having a leg op has turned out well. Technically it was a bit disrupted by her only having to stay overnight since they didn't need to do a skin graft after all but it seems she was quietly impressed by the stuff I've been doing and by 'quietly impressed' I mean telling everyone she's talked to on the phone just how spoiled she's been.

    She's one of those martyr-mothers who'll not buy herself anything nice in the shopping but then spend twice as much buying me stuff I could easily do without and probably shouldn't have in the first place so since I was doing the shopping this week, I turned the tables. Basically nothing for me and everything I know she liked and a few things I suspected she might, it turned out I was right on the money each time. Even stuff I have no experience in like choosing an avocado tuned out to be perfect and experimental things like making potato salad with half the potato replaced by pumpkin turned out really well so I'm pretty chuffed.

    Add that to the fact that I was playing Trials Fusion's Balancing Act skill game and am now (or was last night) world #9 and I'd say my weekend went fairly well.


    Big NBA fan, loved NBA 2k games, did get over some of the bugs. I remember doing a full season in My player only to make the finals and in game 2 get a corrupt save. Was so annoyed.

    Also just got in to FIFA but have only been playing offline, have never had great fun with online sports games. Also have never had a problem with the Xbox One doing that.

    Last edited 12/05/14 9:34 am

      You, me and @jackunit13 should have a session of FIFA 14 one night (after I get a bit of practice in of course). What are your Gamertags?

      Anyone else want in?

      Last edited 12/05/14 10:28 am

        Yeah im trying to get into Fifa (got it with XBone) as I've never really been into it, I'm more a BBall guy.

        may username/gamertag is Steed1080 for all consoles and steam (except Xbox its St33d1080)

        Xbox Gamertag is FoxRiver (yep, prison break season 1 was hitting its straps when I got xbox live)
        Steam Username is toadthebrute

          Cool, i'll send you a request mate (or send me one in case I forget, I can be a bit forgetful sometimes).

          No need to apologize, Prison break was the bomb in its first season or two then it totally went off the rails, come to think of it did it ever have a proper ending or did it just get canned?? I cant recall seeing one.

            Nah it ended, with a pretty ordinary movie. I watched it through to the end. Season 1 was one of the best television series I had ever watched, still is. It went down hill quick though.

    Hey TAY, happy Monday! Nice weekend for me and I hope it was for all of you.

    I watched all of Eurovision on the weekend. Mrs and I love it, because it's so bad it's awesome and then it's so awesome it's just damn awesome. I have beard envy of the winner. I ate too much cheese, and was up in the middle of the night for three hours not sleeping due to cheese. I fell asleep...for 10 minutes, until Quiz jr. decided that would be a good time to wake up because 4am why not wake up and stay awake. So, I really need my bodyweight in coffee to function today.

    Also, I've put in a bit of leave and it looks like I'll be road trekking up to QLD for a week or so at the start of next month. Being a Tassie Taybie, I've never gone to one of these mythological meats, but I can rock One Week by the Barenaked ladies on karaoke so perhaps I may be up for it if everybody* else is?


      If it makes you feel any better: her beard is painted on! :P

        It makes it worse. I can't do biologically what she can do with makeup.
        Her skill > my biological functions.

        That was an odd sentence to write.

      Rescind the TAYSignal!

      Last edited 12/05/14 9:41 am

        Did this have my name before?

          It did, but as @dc and I did all the tags at the same time (well, a minute apart) I just edited them out of my post. Originally it was "Send out the TAYSignal - [tags tags tags]"

      Yes! We're overdue for a Karaoke Meat and I'd love to meet you.

      I've never met any TAYbies in real life either. Makes me feel a bit nervous just thinking about it.

        Took me months to work up the nerve. Then I went to Movie World with them. And then we killed that drifter and became the best of friends. :P

          You should come to PAX! Then you could meet me! ME!

          That drifter had it coming

      Recent Eurovision convert of last year. Watched it all this year. Some thoughts. Would put in spoiler tags if they existed. Sorry everyone that doesn't care about Eurovision.

      Personal Top 5:
      1. Not Alone (Armenia)
      2. Silent Storm (Norway)
      3. Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria)
      4. Undo (Sweden)
      5. Running (Hungary)

      Best support act: Ukraine
      Most disappointing non delivery - Romania. I expected a magic trick, not the crappy fake piano ring thing.
      Favourite silly act: France
      Best of big 5: Spain. Might have had a chance if it came through the semis.
      Also a little disappointed that parachute drummer guy was the silliest it got.

        Wasn't feeling the Armenian entry. Was surprised it was so popular.

        Personal Top 5:
        1. No Prejudice (Iceland)
        2. Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria)
        3. Calm After The Storm (Netherlands)
        4. Undo (Sweden)
        5. Miracle (Romania)

        Also thought Malta, Finland, Russia and Norway were pretty good
        Best cultural demonstration: Poland

          Iceland was pretty awesome and I was happy to see them make it through to the final.


      Keep me updated as to the dates and I'll try my best to be there!

      I'll certainly do what I can! Always happy to meet new TAYbies, but I also have a lot of issues that tend to stop me from being able to attend things. I also have a lot of other issues unrelated to any of that, but that's a story for another time! ;)

      Will try my best to meat thee, goodser.

      I'm in Tassie then :P

        OH what??!? That is just bad timing on our parts, man.

          Haha, yeah going down 5th-10th June for a friends birthday, never been to Tassie so thought why not! Also gonna be in Melbourne 2nd-5th of June lol.

    Hang on... who tried to write this comment?

    All I did was refresh the page but somehow the comment system thought I was posting a comment that I never wrote! haha

    Last edited 12/05/14 9:44 am

      it did something similar to @beeawwb the other day

        Yeah, and it was just as weird when it happened to me! Doubly so because I then ended up actually posting @dc's comment.

        Like, seriously, how does a comment box download text from somebody else attempting to post somewhere else on the internet? That doesn't compute to me.