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    Good Morning TAY!

    edit: I was looking at getting this
    It is an extra 50 cents at the moment to get a 3 pack as well as the game, so I was wondering if any one would want any of the 3 pack?

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      Morning new Xeno-buddy! You gotta let us know what you think about the game :D (only good thoughts though >:( :P)

        But be honest in your thoughts! Tell us your full experience: both the good AND the very good!

    Mandatory Monday viewing.
    (Not really, but check it out if you want. My latest book trailer, for my latest book.)

    Also, there's some news of a new baby in last week's TAY (congrats to @andy)

      Oh of course I posted it into last weeks TAY. Yeah 5am this morning beautiful Maya Rose came into the world screaming her little lungs out. First time parent \o/

        Congrats and best wishes to all involved.
        I'm coming up to 2 months from the due date so really focused on this sort of news

      The Game is a black and white science-fiction graphic novel written by Shane W Smith and will be published by Deeper Meanings Publishing on June 10th, 2014.
      So you found another publisher rather than self-publish?

        I might be the sole owner and proprietor of Deeper Meanings Publishing.

    cufcfan616 is one happy chappy today because CUFC have done him proud and won the playoff finals. Back into the football league we go XD

    Alas, this has come at a price. I picked up my missus' trousers before heading off for work and have to sit at work in my workout gear instead. I regret nothing

      I don't know, that cut of pants could really highlight your assets

    Morning all!

    I've fallen back down the Monster Hunter rabbit hole. Makes the train trip go really fast at least.

      MH4U is gonna be soooo good!

        Launching will be beneficial! No underwater!
        Probably still 12 months away...

          Ugh, Underwater Battles...(ius?)

        By the way Bargainius, any good way to get another copy of MH3U on 3DS at the moment? I'm not the only one playing in our house now :)

          hmm not that I know of, but it's frequently been in 3DS free game promotions and I think there was a recent sale on the eShop version (so that could happen again). But if you're playing at home couldn't you do Wii U and 3DS co-op play?

            We have been, and it's workable for the time being. Given that 2x MH4 is inevitable, that's encouraged a second MH3 copy for when we travel, etc.
            Especially how initially it was all Wii U for her until Sunday, when she switched to 3DS while I was derping around online. A second copy will make the save sync thing a lot less fiddly, and remove the risk of one getting wiped (which nearly happened first time we tried)

            Edit: plus, we could both visit and co-op with others if we both had it on 3DS.

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              I'll be sure to let you know if I see any deals :)

                We should hunt sometime too, now that I'm somewhere remotely close to your level. (Only low G rank at this stage) - made the full brachy armour set on the weekend and got to level 7.

                  Sure, if I remember how to play :P. I'm still tempted just to pass HR7 so I can see what HR rank I end up at (if I recall it jumps after 7 depending on how many quests you've completed)

    Finished Dark Souls 2 on Saturday. Now I never have to play that game again.

    Went back to Dark Souls 1 instead and finished the DLC portion.

      I should do the DLC at some stage, but I only have it on PC while I've got 2 characters on PS3.

        I lost my PS3 completed save file when I had to replace a broken console (and didn't have PS+ to back it up) then rebought the game on PC with the DLC and only played the main game up until the DLC area unlocked.

        I still need to finish the full game on PC but knowing my luck when GFWL shuts down soon the game will be shifted to Steamworks or something and I'll lose my save file again.

      I realised I don't care if I ever finish or play Dark Souls 2 again, so next time I have time to play a game I'm going back to Dark Souls to try and finish that instead.

    In light of this morning's YouTube buys Twitch announcement, it's got me thinking about the timings - all major announcements seem to be in the morning for us - this and Facebook buying Oculus at 0830, Microsoft dropping always online requirement around 0630-0700, Diablo 3 dropping RMAH around 0700 (from memory).
    Interesting that news for the end of the day in the US turns into interesting starts to the day over here.

      It's probably so the US stock market doesn't have a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, they have a whole night to sleep on it, which will dull out any 'waves'..

        Figured it'd be something like that. I'm not complaining how the timing works out for us - interesting news to start the day.

      On the bright side.. maybe now they'll fix the shitty Twitch VODs :P

        Fix them up real good with copyright content matching?

          More just the horrible buffering time... but yeah not looking forward to that bit though.

      And all those companies you mentioned are based in California too, which makes it early to mid afternoon there, kinda makes sense I guess.

    Good morning everyone!

    I've been making an isometric adventure game for about a year now, here's some screenshots of the environments so far:

    Blog is :

    I'd love to know what you think!

      Oh wow, beautiful stuff man. I love isometric games, but I love isometric adventure games even more. This is awesome. Keep us posted on the game. Screenshots are so pretty. Haven't played a great isometric adventure game since Sanitarium but now there's this and Stasis on the way!

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      That looks very cool. How far along are you, if you don't mind me asking? Also what sort of vibe are you going for with it? I could imagine that outdoor shot appearing in a Noir-ish game (though it would probably need more rain), the school one reminds me of Corpse Party and the piano room I'm not sure.

        I've been at it for about a year and it's gaining momentum but I'm still pretty early on really.

        I'm going for a Noir-ish feel, I'm making story, exploration and atmosphere the main focus - there'll be no combat so I'm hoping to nail those areas. There's a mystery that needs solving that'll be at the centre of the story.

          Sounds right up my alley. Keep the updates coming!

      Oooooh, this is real purdy. The atmosphere is amazing.

      I like the styling and crispness of the environment! If you don't mind me asking, how have you been making the arts? Is it all 2d stuff, or 3d, then rendered out? What have you been using to do it?

        Thanks! I model it all in Sketchup and 3DS Max and render in vray. So all the backgrounds will be 2D but the characters will be 3D. I'm using depth masks to give the illusion of 3D space - for instance if you walk behind a chair it looks like the character is behind it.

          Max ftw! I'm a max user myself! All looking pretty spiffy!

    How about that gojira? anyone seen it yet?

    trying to spoiler something but IT WONT WORK

    Last edited 19/05/14 8:58 am

      I think spoiler tags have been broken for a while but we've just been using

      Guvf vf n grfg zrffntr!

        bu qhqr guvf bjaf. V jnf tbaan fnl, gur 'Fnivbe bs bhe pvgl?' arjf ercbeg nyzbfg unq zr va grnef bs ynhtugre

          Heh, sorry! I haven't seen the movie so I can't discuss it, but just thought I'd share the rot13 goodness!

          That bit was pretty funny.


          V rawblrq gur zbivr, ohg jbhyqa'g fnl vg'f nalguvat gb jevgr ubzr nobhg. V rawblrq gur cnenyyryf gb gur pynffvp Tbqmvyyn zbivrf, naq gur snpg gung Tbqmvyyn raqf hc nf gur rzobqvzrag bs onynapr, obgu qrfgeblre naq erqrrzre.

          Vg jnf qrsvavgryl gbb ybat, gur svefg npg jnf cybqqvat naq nvzyrff, fbzr bs gur punenpgref jbbqra naq/be bar qvzrafvbany. V gubhtug gur zbivr pbhyq unir hfrq zber zbafgre ohg ba ersyrpgvba vg jnf vagragvbany gung jr bayl rire ernyyl fnj guvatf sebz n uhzna crefcrpgvir. V.r. Gung fubg jurer Tbqmvyyn vf svtugvat gur ZHGBf naq gur fhojnl furygre qbbe pybfrf fuhg ng gur pyvznpgvp zbzrag. Vg'f gurve svtug, abg "bhef"

          Fb: Jbhyq frr ntnva? Znlor ba QIQ. Erpbzzraq sbe bguref? Znlor sbe snaf bs gur bevtvanyf.

          Pbapyhfvba: Nalguvat vf orggre guna Ebynaq Rzzrevpu'f irefvba :C

            nterrq 100%. n sha svyz (abg nf jnpxl nf cnpvsvp evz gungf sbe fher) ohg n yvggyr obevat va fbzr cnegf. QRSVAVGRYL orggreguna Ebynaq Rzzrevpu'f zbafgebfvgl (cneqba gur cha)

      Was about to say the only Gojira I know of is a metal band from France... Then I realised you were talking about Godzilla, heh.

    @elranadiablo: You've mentioned adventure games, now you've got to tell me your favourites! :D

      you'll be saddenned to know i just sold off a bunch more...

      Grim Fandango would be my all-time favourite, but I grew up playing King's Quest and Police Quest pretty solidly! Especially King's Quest 3.

      Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, Monkey Island, Broken Sword, the Dig - the list goes on...

      Now let's hear yours :)

        Dude! We're pals now! The best of pals!

        Gabriel Knight is easily my favourite adventure game of all time. Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Game is my personal favourite but I can see that Sins of the Fathers has aged a lot better. :) Full Throttle. Tex: Murphy: The Pandora Directive. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. Day of the Tentacle. Heavy Rain. Grim Fandango. The Longest Journey.

        I've got a very special place in my heart for Laura Bow too. I love those games so much.

        I was more of a Space Quest fan over King's Quest but I loved me some Police Quest too.

        As for newer adventure games I really loved Night of the Rabbit.

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          That's the first I've heard of Night of the Rabbit - it looks amazing! I'll get to playing that some time this week I think.

          Don't know how I forgot to mention Day of the Tentacle, or numerous other LucasArts games for that matter. I loved the Indiana Jones games very much.

          More recently I played the first half of the new Broken Sword which didn't impress me greatly, I'm hoping it picks up though. Broken Age is also pretty good but I get a little frustrated with games getting released in installments. Once I lose momentum in a game I struggle to go back to it!

            I thought Broken Age was split into half a lot better than Broken Sword though. There's atleast a self-contained story there where Broken Sword just leaves you wanting more. (And not in the satisfying way.) Haven't gotten around to part two yet, like you said though -- that sense of momentum has been lost. :(

              Most of the puzzles weren't overly gratifying. The cockroach? Renaming that guy's shop? Felt like they were really struggling for ideas.

    Morning folks!

    So in case anyone is interested, or has been following the Kotaku articles on Death Cargo, I can confirm its real.

    This is footage I captured myself over the weekend from a version that was sitting on an old HDD that was laying around, left behind by a friend of mine who has permanently moved overseas.!m9Ym2ZIJ!706azRG9zXprb1DwpZADCt8YWsV8zu4ao-YbnnEuBMI

    Its a very old alpha/beta from 2012 which looks like it is a character test for "Leech". The game goes literally from the start screen straight into the fight then back to the start screen.

    If they sorted out the bullshit activation system, id probably consider grabbing it as it has that old school Mortal Kombat/Killer Instinct feel.

        Interesting. However, the problem at this point I believe, is not so much is the initial beta real as much as 'is the finished version real' as they claim. Claims of 'the server is causing the compressed files to miss files so you cannot get background files, moves etc' reeks of BS to me. Their authentication process is simply unheard of. 5 days for *what* exactly? A code? Then there's the way they're treating legitimate customers which is simply the worst any company ever has. They do themselves no favours. There's no defending these assclowns in any way, shape or form. I mean they were threatening facebook posters *and* Kotaku with jail when I was reading their facebook site over the weekend lmfao. Not that they'd be able to do that, but it was hilarious reading it nonetheless.

          I think it is more of a case of "worst game launch ever". The five day activation system i believe has more to do with sending request codes from one timezone, and getting a delayed response from the other. It seems that they are generating all the activation codes manually for every user, which is unheard off. The beta i have at least proves that they have the resources and ability to pool this off. Apparently one of the guys that worked on fatalities for MK9 was hired to make some really gory finishing moves... I wonder if he has commented on the game at all...

            It's got to be the worst situation for a game ever. If you check out what's been happening from the company alone on their FB, they deserve for this game to fail *hard* based on that alone. People have been quite reasonable on the FB page with their comments, only to have PR people and staff scream and rant at them for literally no reason. It's disgusting beyond belief. It makes me feel like it's a game entirely developed by 4chan.

              Are you dissing Katawa Shoujo? >:(
              My waifu will hear about this!

                Not really, no idea wtf that is lol. More likely to the point is the stirring pot of abhorrent behaviour and lowlife scum that 4chan breeds that this company is pretty much reflecting lol.

                  Not really, no idea wtf that is
                  Oh dear. You seem to have unleashed the knowledge demon. Prepare for a 500-word essay about how Katawa Shoujo is the best thing ever.

                  @Phlanispo I write 2-3000 essays regularly and grade others. lol. Have at it and I'll grade it :P


    Weekend plans went to poop - rain again meant we're on 5+months waiting to go mountain biking... Luckily we had lots of work to do and backups, so not all bad.

    Also I finally have the Swift Sail in WW lol. Wii U tells me I have 20+hrs in it, but that counts idle time I think.

    So last Friday I emailed my mom and got an auto-reply saying that she's not at work. With one of those typical 'if the matter is urgent, please contact blah'.

    So I emailed 'blah' with my typical humorous emails, which told a tale of how I had to undertake the treacherous journey from the train station to my home. Where there's been reports of stabbings, assaults and... fire breathing dragons.

    Unbeknownst to me, that lady turned out to be my mom's arch nemesis at work. So I get an angry phone call from my mom this morning asking why the fuck I emailed that lady because she's gone around telling people about the 'bizarre' email she got.

    I feel so bad now. But at the same time, stunned that some people just don't have a sense of humour. And office politics... Jesus, forgot all about that because I don't personally work with dickheads.

    But what do I do now? Send flowers?

    I'm such a bad child. :-(

      Hearing about office politics from my mum makes me think that women of a certain age and generation cannot be in the same room as each other without stupid drama like this. XD

      You're okay, Mikey. Don't change your humourous e-mails.

        That certain age would be from 0-200.
        #Sexist's not confined to women.
        You and @shane are on the List now. :P

          I'm pretty sure I was on that list already. But now I can have underlines! UNDERLINES!

            I think we all know I'm too lazy to even bother with underlines. Stabbing with a pen takes way less effort and is way more satisfying. :P

              But if you use a pen to stab him it will probably break and then how will you write your shopping list (which is an essential part of your duties as a woman)? /joke

        Yeah, totes not confined to women.
        I work in an engineering consultant firm (ie. mostly males) and the amount of politics you play is boggling. If you're a nice guy (which some are not), when things hit the fan, you have to be able to cover your own arse, without throwing someone else under the bus. Or having to deal with someone trying to pin the blame on you. That stuff is stressful. But it's also business.

      There's just no pleasing some people. Forget flowers, keep your head down, grow a beard, change your name, move to the wastelands of Alaska. Or, y'know, just do the first part. Actually, grow a beard as well. No harm in doing so.

      I'm sure it was funny, but I actually can't see a way that it'd go down well. :\ Unless you personally knew the 'emergency contact'.

        I've sent a stack of these sorts of emails to people in the past and nobody ever complained. They always thought it was funny and quirky. I think the issue was more who the person was and their relationship with mom. Anyone else in that place would have found it funny.

        Apparently this lady is a real bitch.

          No doubt she is, but that's the risk you always take with something like this. :P

      Send another email to the same place saying the courts have ordered you back to rehab and your teen sister is having another abortion and your mum has to pick her up from the clinic tonight. Also that 14 year old Thai girl your dad left you guys for is too old now so he got a new girl.

      That should clear up matters.

        Hahaha, oh man I'm so tempted to do that... but that'll only piss my mom off even more.

          You could always try romancing your mum's arch, that'd be a good story twist. At first it'll look like you've betrayed your own mother but then right at a crucial moment, bam, turn around and stab the arch in the back! Then you and your mum can stand over her laughing how this was your plan all along.

      Send porn. Send much porn. Much disgusting, degrading dirty as hell porn.

        I'm going to do what @freezespreston said. :D

          How did that work out, anyway? Week in review, as it were.

            Well, mom and I are besties again. I called her up and the conversation went like this (near verbatim):

            Me: "So how long are you going to stay mad at me for?"
            Her: "I don't know."
            Me: "I need a time frame please."
            Her: "OK, fine, this evening."

            ... later that evening

            Me: "Are you still mad at me?"
            Her: "Yes."
            Me: "But you said you were going to stop being mad at me this evening."
            Her: "Oh yeah, I guess in that case I'm not mad at you any more."

            I think the fact that everyone in her office found the email amusing helped a lot. And maybe in a weird twist, it made it less tense between her and that lady. Main thing is her and I are back to normal.

    Morning, TAY!

    My weekend was super eventful. I definitely have fun weekends, yup. Oh, so many things to talk about. Where to begin?

    I... er... I managed to buy some cauliflower at the third shop I tried? That's interesting, right?

    ...carry on.

      Did you roast the cauliflower? I did that for the first time the other week (with some garlic, olive oil, smoked paprika and salt) and my kids actually loved it. So I roasted broccoli next time and they loved that too. \o/

        I made cauliflower and bacon soup in the slow cooker! Not the best, but not the worst :P (I think I put too much bacon in it)

        I've got some leftover so I'll roast it tonight maybe!

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          Too much... bacon...?

          I don't think I understand the sentence.

            These words... I'm an english teacher now and I can confirm that:

            Too.... much.... bacon.

            Are words that make no sense when combined. These are not words that can be used in the english language!!!

        Woo kids! I never understood the whole "everyone hates broccoli" stereotype, I've always loved it.

        We used to have both cauliflower and broccoli baked in the oven... with three kinds of cheese? I know there was cream cheese and just the grated whatever that was in the fridge, but can't think what the third would have been. I don't know why we stopped having it that way, but I kinda miss it.

        There used to be something about the way my Nanna did the cauliflower that was so good. No idea what it was, but it was completely unlike Mum's and it was great.

          When my Nana made it, it was a bit crunchy and I loved it. It had texture, it had taste, it was great.

          Mum boils the shit out of it, its soft, slimy and gross. Ugh.

        We had roast last night and because I bought her some more fresh beetroot this week, mum tried roasting one and said that turned out really nicely. Might be worth a go if you're into disgusting stuff like that.

    Expendables 3 going for PG-13 rating? C'mon son :(

      That would translate to an M rating here. Pretty stupid seeing the other two were rated MA15+. Obviously they wanted to make it more accessible to younger people so they could make more money.

      They know they have a huge untapped market in testosterone-fuelled early teens who love to see this stuff, and they're trying to access that market before the DVD gets released. I would've gone ape for these films when I was thirteen (doesn't mean I should have had access to it, though!).

    Morning fellow TAYbies, how was your weekend?

    Mine was pretty average, work followed by more work, had 10 minutes with The Walking Dead S1 before it froze on me and more work.

      Ah, really sorry you're having so much trouble with The Walking Dead. :(

      I imagine it gets less fun every damn time it crashes.

      Last edited 19/05/14 9:45 am

        Pretty much.

        Like I've said in previous posts, I've already finished S1 on PS3, but because I bought S2 on 360 I want to play it again so my save (choices) carry over. Gonna give it another shot in a few minutes.

      I managed to stick to my weekend plans! After my token levels of socializing on Friday and Saturday I hid myself from all forms of sunlight and got in some solid Persona 4 time =D Managed to hit level 30 so I know I've still got heaps more to go.

      Have you thought about getting The Walking Dead on your phone or tablet? I know its not ideal but you might actually be able to play it through without any issues =\

        Yeah, wanna stick with 360 (see my above post).

        If worst comes to worst, I'll just have to buy S2 again on PS3.

    Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein and Last Of Us PS4 on Xbone/PS4 is $65 at DSE, as long as you pre-order it ($75 minus a "put $10 down on pre-order, get $10 off total price"). The risk is that DSE pulls another inFamous and reduces the official price to $65 a couple days before release, making it $55. You're putting down $10 only, so you're safe if price drops.

    Last edited 19/05/14 9:52 am

      Are they not obliged to pass on reduced pre-release prices to all pre-orders? That's disappointing...

        Ah yes, good point. So you're safe to put down $10, because if price drops it'll be lower ... my mistake. :)

        Last edited 19/05/14 9:55 am

      Yeah, it's pretty sweet, and a damn sight better than EB.

      Think I might go down a bit later and put a tenner on Wolfenstein for tomorrow.

      Interesting... The catalogue states $65 with 10 down, but the website says 100 bucks.

        Yep, no idea on the website. In-store it was $65.

        Also DSE catalogue says Wolf releases 22nd, but website says 20th. Wtf

      What's happened to dickhead smiths lately, have they suffered a corporate blow to the head? Several decent deals in relatively quick succession... I'm uncertain if I should take advantage of their vulnerable condition or insist they go to a doctor.

        You know how they got purchased by someone, so they aren't owned by Woolworths group any more? I've spoken to some employees and done my own research, and this is my conclusion:
        - DSE is doing a fuckton of 'deals', esp. on gaming side. It's undercutting pretty much everyone.
        - They went on the stock market end 2013, and are looking to boost share value.
        - Amateurs will be pleased by a "boosted sales by xxx% since buyout!!" announcement, no matter what the net profic for that section is.
        - DSE are heavily reducing staffing costs in various ways, and coming out with alternatives to generate revenue. E.g. have a massive sale on games, require in-store physical presence, perhaps make additional sales in-store from the increased traffic.

        In any case, buy from them or price-match everywhere. Everyone needs a wake-up call about the price of games, and apart from DSE + BiGW + Target on selected items, no one is doing good deals.

          Yeah well if I can get watch dogs on PS4 for $65, I'm damn sure going there. JB is more conveniently located but tacking $20 onto the cost of the PS4 version of a game is one of those things that does rather stick in my side (and wallet) a bit too deeply for comfort.

      If only my local DSE had a games section at all these days! They replaced it with an entire wall of 42 dollar DSE branded HDMI cables, the same thing wich is 6 dollars across the way at Kmart...

        Lol, damn. :( I feel for you.

          They do have a PS4/Xbone selection I should say, but they got rid of the PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS & Vita stuff it appears, and them selling brand new PS4/Xbone games at 65 bucks, to me is just devaluing a product which is not favoured by the supplier or publisher, but DSE probably do it because they're happy to take a loss and make it up on their over priced other stuff.

          Saying that, I don't like to buy from my local DSE, especially since they aren't very nice there... Once when handing a resume in, I was told to go away and apply online like he had to.. This bloke was a manager of some sort, they're fucking dicks.

          Personally I prefer to pay a little more and buy at EB cause I love their customer service, and are happy to price match for me, I wish I could say the same about JB's game section with service, which is only good when my mate is working in it heh.

    Good morning everybody! :)
    Hope you all had a good week!
    Mine was pretty uneventful and boring, so pretty much like usual.

    Highlights include throwing away near to $100 cause I am retarded and shrunk two wool tops, that I tried to but can't fix. I'd only worn one once and the other twice, and they were really pretty :'(

    I also almost finished two of my assignments, so I'm a lot less stressed then last week which is good.

    I got peer pressured into watching Orange is the New Black, which is really good and you should all watch too. There was accidental flirting with both the girls working at Sanity when I bought it, simultaneously :S
    I'd probably make a good straight guy if I actually noticed flirting other than in hindsight, and you know, liked girls :S

    And last but not least, I went on what one could consider a date on Saturday :3

    Overall I had a pretty good week. Still haven't played much games, but I promise I will when I get the last of my assignments polished off! :D
    Hope everyone's week is / was good!

      Don't forget I peer pressured you to get Girls too. *decisive nod*


        Yeah, but I haven't watched any of it yet :P
        Looks good from the cover though! :D
        I'll watch some tonight! :D

      I'd probably make a good straight guy if I actually noticed flirting other than in hindsight, and you know, liked girls :S
      Lol'd thanks for the monday morning laughs. :D

      Good stuff on the date.

      Last edited 19/05/14 9:57 am

      Details on the date are a bit vague, was it good at least?

      I'd probably make a good straight guy if I actually noticed flirting other than in hindsight, and you know, liked girls :SPeople often want what they know they can't have. I mean, my frankly creepy obsession with Aisling Bea is proof of that. As are my obsessions with Josie Long and Rachel Riley...

      Last edited 19/05/14 11:34 am

        The date was good :)
        It was pretty relaxed, just had dinner and watched a movie really. Relaxed dates are the best kinda dates I reckon :)

        And it's not like girls just look at me and know I'm unavailable, hahaha! I think it's just cause I can talk to girls without getting flustered and be natural, which comes across as flirting, and my obliviousness results in flirting back :S
        I'll admit I'm a mess at talking to guys though, haha :S

          A relaxed date sounds like fun. Then again, any kind of date would be a step up for me

    Google Rubik's Cube solved! 49 minutes and almost 600 moves, though. Ugh.

      12 mins and like 120 moves for me. I messed up half way and had to restart :P. I forgot the moves, so I struggled to do it on the computer and had to solve a physical one at the same time to jolt my memory.

        I messed up a few times. Yeah, I used a physical one as well. Confused myself big time because I'm familiar with using a bottom-up view, not a top-down one.

        Down to 170 moves in 12 minutes - success!

          I tried a second time in the afternoon but gave up :D

      ...this is hard to figure out. Like, controls-wise. Also I can't seem to figure out how to get it (the whole thing) to rotate around the y-axis, which is super annoying.

        Oh hey there's a handy little Help thing.



          Ok yeah no fuck this, completely can't remember this one move without feeling it and every god damn click sends the things the wrong direction.

            Yeah thats why I stopped, if I had better controls I might well have spent a bit more time pissing about with it but it was just awful, especially on a shitty touchpad (which is something of a tautology, I know)

            Works well on the mobile site on a smartphone.

              Maybe but who even does that.

              (Also phone screens totally hate my fingers. My friend is convinced my fingers are haunted :P)

    Hola Tay

    Just been in a bloody car accident. Me and the other guy are OK and all that, not much damage to either vehicle, but the money and the insurance and the... aargh.

    I had a pretty quiet weekend, went on a date sat and then pretty much played GTA V on Sun.

    A monday morning question: Favourite video game location to drive around in?

      Aw man, hope you're feeling okay. :( Glad you're not hurt!

      I loved driving around Los Angeles in L.A. Noire! If horse counts as driving? RED DEAD REDEMPTION!

      Sorry to hear about your accident, man. That stinks. Hope there's no issue sorting out culpability for insurance purposes, because that can really hold things up.

      Re MMQ:

      MAFIA II
      ...that's not a location, but it's my answer.

      Last edited 19/05/14 9:51 am

      Bugger. As long as no one got hurt, that's the important thing. Paperwork pain is the lesser evil.

      Favourite driving location would be all of grand theft horse - driving a horse in RDR.

      Damn, fingers crossed for a successful repair.

      By "bloody" you're just swearing and not being literal, right? Right?!


        Certainly not literal, just annoyed. Mainly at myself for hitting the guy.

          Were you checking TAY while driving?

          Sucks to have to go through the whole insurance claim/repair process, but at least everyone's alright, I'm guessing that the cars are still drivable, so that's something.

      Since no one was hurt and it was your fault I will proceed to laugh at you and make some jokes:

      When people first heard of the ABS, it was braking news.

      Drivers who speed in the snow often find themselves adrift.

      You could not pull out of your parking space, so you used your back up plan.

      You couldn't figure out how to fasten your seatbelt. Then it clicked.

      You tried to learn how to drive a stick shift but couldn't locate the manual.

      Sorry to hear, Red. Hopefully you took some photos of the collision.

        To post on TAY? YOU MONSTER! :P

          Haha, no - for insurance purposes of course.


              And for arse-covering.


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      A date eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

      -raises eyebrow so far that I scalp myself-

        Yeah, went OK. Still working it out- think she's into me, not sure how into her I am.

          not sure how into her I am
          If porn has taught me anything, it's traditionally all the way in and then most of the way out and then repeat

            Instructions too vague, dick stuck in blender.

              Perfect time to film the most extreme episode of "Will it blend?"

      Just been in a bloody car accident.
      played GTA V
      That's all a histrionic copywriter needs to pad out a slow news day