Tamworth JB Hi-FI Brings You: WatchDoge

Damnit, as long as JB Hi-Fi employees are being funny, there's a place for them here. This was sent in by Chris, straight from the JB Hi-Fi in Tamworth, where he claims there's more on offer than country music. Such cowboy. Many slide guitar. Wow.

Thanks, Chris!


    They can probably get away with this because their boss doesn't know anything about current trends or media and thinks that's what the kids are into these days.

      Jb Hi Fi management are not as old and out of touch as you may think. This sort of thing is encouraged all the way down from head office. In fact staff who can come up with this sort of thing are highly valued.

        That depends on what area you work. There are regional managers who also actively discourage spending 'extra' or 'too much' time on these kinds of things. I'm happy it seems some of jb's managers seem open!

      Or they realise it's in good humour, and it's good publicity for them.

      it's encouraged, they also encourage employees to take photos and share them on social media for free advertising like this article.

    I'm curious as to why there's an ABC logo on his hat.

      its what the logo icon for watchdogs looks like, visiblkle on the launch menu, the loading icons, everywhere. except the corners arent curved...



      Holy shit that screencap looks terrible. D: I am actually disgusted.

        Hooray for next-gen consoles!

          It looks dated on everything.

          EDIT, because it's cross gen. Meaning last gen/ too many platforms held everything back. That's why it looks like a turd on the x1 and PS4 as well as underwhelming on PC.

          No need to blame the X1 or PS4 for the looks of a CROSS GEN game. (Not that I'm super impressed with the 'grunt' of next gen, just think they weren't to blame here.)

          Last edited 26/05/14 2:17 pm

          Yeah, I think the main problem is the actual game. :(

            Watchdogs (PC version) vs GTA IV.


            Definitely missing some of the detail that Rockstar have refined over the years.

              You know. I don't mind how the game looks at night or in the rain, it looks ok then. But when its day time man it looks bland.

              I watched the whole thing and man, I'm even less impressed now. It looks like a cheap knock off in comparison O.O

          actually, didn't they say they had to downgrade the graphics due to the ps3 version?

        yeah.. i can remember the first video of watchdogs ever, I think an E3 video.. where he walked down a street and went into a club. It looked so ridiculously amazing... now it just looks like GTA IV... oh well I'll still be getting it tomorrow!!

      lol! Fugly, but lol.

      I really hope this game is fun, I'd love a good free roam city with a decent story and random junk to do in-between missions and GTA V on PC/PS4 looks too far off to wait, if it's coming at all.

    Urh hueuehuheuhe memes are le funni XD!!11

    They broken the street date for this?
    I thought i read people were buying it at k-mart?

      Please be so. Hmm...might have to take a look this afternoon...

        That's what I'm doing. I'm telling myself that it's a slim chance and only one more sleep anyway but I know I'll be heart broken if it's not there lol.

      i just called my local EB and they haven't heard anything about street date being broken. many disappoint.

        Good, i still want to go to the Midnight Release

          A midnight release for a new franchise that hasn't proven itself?

            im a Pirate matey, been playing the game since the 22nd

            It's had a LOT of hype. The way some people talk, it's the first true next-gen game, which makes the cross release to previous gen that bit more puzzling.

    I will get to see this sign in person on the weekend, Tamworth is where I have to drive to for new games. I may get my copy of watchdoges from JB rather than my usual EB just because of this fantastic piece of art

    he looks hot!

    I have so much love for the general attitude of JB, would love to be able to do guest reviews.

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