Tell Us Dammit: Do You Have Time For Games

Or do you have to make time?

This is something I think a lot about. Sometimes I'll go a whole weekend without playing games, mainly because I have a little boy to look after and a whole lot of commitments. I also have regular household stuff to do and a wife who like watching stuff on TV.

I often use this as an excuse though. When I'm truly in love with a game I find that I actively make time to play it. I'll essentially sacrifice something (usually sleep) to play it.

What's your routine like? When do you play games? Do you have enough time to play? Would you like more time? Let us know in the comments below.


    I'm Rocketman and i haven't played a game in 6 months

      It's not your fault, it's been a long, long, time
      'Til touchdown brought you 'round again to find
      You've not played the games you had at home
      Ah, no no no...
      Your a rocket man

    I tend to procrastinate when it comes to playing games. I tell myself I'm going to play a game, then I spend several hours on the internet instead.

    I can usually get in an hour or so a couple of nights per week on weekdays.

    If the weather is good on the weekend, I'm skydiving and thus games are the last thing on my mind. If the weather is shit, I'm usually gaming or watching tv/movies.

    When Watch Dogs comes out later this month, though, the girlfriend has been advised I will not be available for pretty much anything for a few days.

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    Fortunately I have no life, have lost interest in TV and never had much interest in movies so I've got gaming time by the bucketload

      Same! Except I am struggling to find games I can be bothered playing so I am a bored panda.

      Second that lol

      So much so I finished 90% of infamous second son in one sitting and have put 120+ hours into d3 in the last month, as well as watched 3-4 tv series in the last 2 months seriously no life here lol

      The joys of living out in the middle of nowhere. Plenty of time for games.
      I completed TLOU in one sitting, pausing for coffee last weekend.

    No family to look after.
    I only go to the movies once a year for something special (This year it was the Lego movie despite me also wanting to protest).
    I don't watch any TV show anymore and only watch what I am interested in.

    The only thing thing that gets in the way is gym, and maybe Warmachine if you don't count that as gaming.

      Why did you want to protest? LEGO is awesome!!

        Because they delayed it in Australia for marketing reasons, despite being made here?

        Because they delayed it for no reason while trying to put pressure on everybody to not pirate it. Then the guy who made that decision went and saw the movie months early while telling everybody they should be patient enough to wait.

      The important thing was that you WANTED to protest. Im sure you will have plenty more opportunities to protest, I doubt that the movie industry will start giving a damn about us any time soon.

    I have too much time to play games. So much time that I sometimes don't appreciate the time I have. It has its advantages though. I can play real slow and taken in the sights and sounds.

      I am green with envy. My gaming experience of late is the exact opposite of this.

    I have to make time these days. In addition to a day job I do a lot of freelance stuff on the side, which occupies most of my evenings. Sometimes I can fit in an hour or so here and there, but if I really want to sink my teeth into a game with a long session, I'll probably stay in on a Friday or Saturday night.

    Interestingly, I'm finding that I enjoy less challenging games now than before. With so little time to game, I can't dedicate as much effort to honing my skills to work through incredibly difficult titles. The reward from beating the challenge has been replaced by the frustration of spending the little time I have playing the same segment of the game over and over.

    When you have a full-time job, a wife and two kids, you have to make time for everything, because if you do nothing, your time will be filled for you.

    Girlfriend usually takes up most of my time, but as she’s been away for 3 months I’ve made some amazing movement on my pile of shame. TW2 (second playthrough), Fallout NV, WW HD, Tomb Raider, Darksiders 2 all completed during this time. It felt good but tbh it feels like it will likely be my last opportunity to play games in any extensive way. Seems like a last hoorah as I know more and more pressures on my time keep coming up. I'm okay with that.

    I always try and game a little bit too much, to the extent that I've run off barely any sleep for work on more than a few occasions. Things do get put to the side/ignored if I'm really into a particular game so I guess I try and prioritise games.

    I have to make time.
    It's a lot more handheld than console these days.

    Kids + work means no time for games... haha who am I kidding, I was up until 2am last night playing Dark Souls 2.

    I don't have as much time as I'd like, but there's always time for the special games.

      Respect. I basically game from 10pm til I pass out because I am a selfish bastard and sleep is for babies. Now I'm playing ds2 and I seem to pass out later and later each night.

    If I wake up before 9am then I usually have a couple hours before work at 4pm and I squeeze in an hour or 2 when I get home at night if I am feeling in the mood. Weekends I usually chalk up a few large sessions though.

    The choice is generally gaming or bed. Gaming usually wins.

    Though I'm starting to get pestered by my 3yo to play "Mario game" on weekends. This means I actually have an excuse to play stuff for a couple of hours during the day! Hopefully it's not too long before he becomes capable enough to be an effective co-op partner.

      Yeah, I found about that age getting older, the whole finding relative ground through games just continually grows, becomes more and more of a bonding thing over time which is great ^^

    I find time to play...usually after my daughter has gone to bed. I tend to get a few hours in at a time.

    Sometimes I'm lucky and get to play a little on weekends.

    So many things trying to take my time. I play games sometimes during the week, and then most times I have weekends where I don't play at all. It's amazing how much time you can spend with your gf.

    Makes me kinda sad to think about. I have PS3, PS4, 360, Wii, WiiU, 2x gaming rigs, new car, cool TV, awesome mountain bike, awesome gf, friends... and I always have to choose what to do. :(

    Between work, gym and a relationship I find if I don't actively put some time away each for gaming I lose it completely =\ Usually though when a game I've been really looking forward to comes out like Infamous I put aside a whole weekend for it and go crazy xD That said I can only afford to do this a few times a year =\ Thankfully with next-gen releases being so far apart I can safely organize the weekends without copping too much flak from the mrs ^^

    Generally by the time I come home from work, go to the gym/karate training, come home, shower, eat try to squeeze in a half hour of guitar practice... I can usually squeeze in some gaming from about 10 - midnight, then go to bed.

    I generally play games at night on school nights after work and dinner. Interestingly though, on weekends I somehow never end up having as much time to play games even though I'm not always really doing anything.

    I don't really have much time for any of the games on my Xbone right now. That's mainly because of how I feel about them though. I usually save console gaming for the weekends and will make time available if there's something I'm really in to. I'll use any spare time in the working week to play my Android games though. I think I need a 3DS .

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    Yeah. My girlfriend is happy to sit in the bedroom and watch trash TV when I wanna game.

    Also I work 8 til 4 and the only other commitments I have are band practice once a week and the occasional gig.

      Band takes up heaps of time for me recently. I've been doing some portable gaming while touring and we practice a fair bit as well
      other than that, 2 jobs and a partner leaves me with no where near as much gaming time as I'd like. I still get a couple of hours in a day... but is so unsatisfying.

    i only get a chance after the kids are asleep, gone to the gym and had a shower, so generally thats at about 1am and im wide awake and cant sleep due to running for an hour and bit, so yeah loving getting like 4-5 hours sleep sooooo sleeepyyy

    The editor of a video games website doesn't play video games... So that's why his content is laughably pathetic.

    Weeknights I usually make time for an hour or two of Rocksmith after dinner, but rarely anything else. This is the reason I've been glad that MMOs have previously never appealed to me - if one game takes up most of my time for months on end, I never have time to play anything else. With Rocksmith, I'm finding my only real gaming time is on the weekends, so I try to cram 20-30hrs of backlog into those two days. Now that my annual social commitments are out of the way, I can actually get back to doing that. The problem is that two games in my current backlog are ESO and Dark Souls 2...

    So, do I have time for games? I suppose... I just don't have anywhere near enough time for games.

    I squeeze it in where I can but other stuff takes priority.

    Most games don't suck me in but I'm pretty obsessed with Dark Souls 2 right now so whenever I have some alone time I'm all over it.

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