Tell Us Dammit: Do You Have Time For Games

Or do you have to make time?

This is something I think a lot about. Sometimes I'll go a whole weekend without playing games, mainly because I have a little boy to look after and a whole lot of commitments. I also have regular household stuff to do and a wife who like watching stuff on TV.

I often use this as an excuse though. When I'm truly in love with a game I find that I actively make time to play it. I'll essentially sacrifice something (usually sleep) to play it.

What's your routine like? When do you play games? Do you have enough time to play? Would you like more time? Let us know in the comments below.


    I guess I make time, but doesn't everybody? There are surely very few people sitting, staring at a blank wall, with literally nothing else to do other than play games. And if that were the case, I can't imagine that the game would feel particularly special or interesting.

    Fortunately there are usually no more than 2 games a year that I'm genuinely interested in and have to carve out dedicated chunks of time for, so it's not too much of an issue.

    It's a mix and depends if I'm really in to a game. I've recently become a new dad so in many ways I'm having to re-jig pretty much everything but I do still try to make time to play games, even if it's just on my phone. It's still an escape that I enjoy but sometimes it takes a great game to really push me to make the time.

    I play games on average, once a twice a month, even if I make time. Having wasted hours a day on games for years, I no longer feel the need to play games that much.
    Due to various circumstances, I find enjoying life to be much more fulfilling and valuable then spending time staring at a screen of some sort, except for the necessity for doing so at work of course.

    Same here - full time job, wife and kid - My gaming time starts when junior goes to bed and ends at 11ish, when I am going to bed. That allows me to play about 3 hours a day, if all goes well. I usually play with the missus some D3 or WoW, depending what we feel like playing. Sometimes it's just an evening watching some TV shows while I play something on the iPad.

    I can normally squeeze in an hour or so of gaming every second night if possible. Work + Martial arts teaching+training puts a strain on how much i could gaming throughout the night. It's a good thing my wife likes gaming!

    No kiddos, but I have a doting wife to cherish and a demanding yes, I have to make time, like a lot of others here. I actually appreciate my gaming more, because the little time I get.....exactly. :-)

    I'm Rebus and I haven't played a game for two years. A combination of having not a lot of money, a thoroughly shit PC, and two infants means that I haven't had time. But I've been saving up for the past two years for a truly great gaming PC, and am half way to my target, plus with kids starting kindy soon, I will eventually be coming back to the fold. I am looking forward to that day.

    Gaming was the purest of escapism for me, alleviating my depression and just letting me unplug from the world. Things have been pretty rough for a while, but by keeping my goal in mind and knowing that I will game at some point in the future, I can keep going.

    I usually game for a couple of hours during the week...weekends even more (when I don't have functions or seeing the missus) and usually late at night....

    I will play video games during the week to wind down for work.

    I have had to make time to play recently during the week. But i have just started playing wow again and invited my brother in so we can have a fun diversion on a weeknight. the best part is no matter if i have 15 minutes or 4 hours spare there is always something quick and fun to participate in.

    Eh, I fit in a few hours a week where I can for some gaming. Currently it's Car Mechanic Simulator 2014..

    I get in around 3-4 hours per day during the week, and maybe 5-6 hours per day on the weekend, although I have a family and also run a law practice full time. It's all about making sure EVERY SPARE MINUTE of time is devoted to gaming. Making time is a game in and of itself :-)

    I've found it very hard to find time for gaming for the last few years. Got married, 3 kids.... gaming took a bit of a back seat :)

    Just upgraded my PC 2 days ago! Last update was in 2007!!!

    Finally got a good gaming session in last night - already got in an argument with my wife over it :) (she hates "sound" coming from games, so she insists I use headphones. Of course - then complained when I didn't hear the baby crying in her cot!!! :)

    Anyway - just spent $1200 to upgrade my PC so I will definitely be making the time! :)

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