Tell Us Dammit: What Do You Want To See From Nintendo

The world has had its fill of 'Nintendo is doomed' articles, and I sure as hell don't want to read another one — even in the context of their latest sales numbers — but I would like to know what you, personally, would like to see from Nintendo?

This isn't about how you would 'fix' Nintendo, more about what you miss, and what kind of games you'd like to play.

For example, I'd love to see Retro Studios create the next Zelda game. I'd love to see Nintendo invest heavily in a brand new IP the way they did with Pikmin. I'd love to see a Mario Kart that is genuinely revolutionary, even if I have no idea what that looks like. I'd like to see a new F-Zero game. I really would.

Oh, and a new 2D Metroid for the 3DS. I need that in my life please. I also love the idea of a Spotify style subscription that would allow me to play all the Nintendo games I wanted, from the N64 all the way back. I'd buy that for a large price.

What about you? Let us know in the comments below.


    Mostly some new IPs. I'll settle for an open world 3D Donkey Kong Country game, though. XD

    I would love to see Nintendo actually listen to their consumers and give them what they want. At the moment they seem to have the attitude "This is what we are making and you should be greatful" instead of engaging their users.

    As for games a 2d Metroid, a new 3d Donkey Kong ala DK64 and I would love to see Nintendo take a risk on a new IP that isn't just some sort of gimmicky crap. A brand new adventure/3rd person game with a new IP. Something new.

    nintendo are known for the strength of their franchises, & they've got some great creative talent in there, so what I'd love to see from them is a couple of new IPs that will be the Donkey Kong Country / Banjo Kazooie / Pikmen / Zelda of the next generation.

    I want, as a bare minimum, the digital ecosystem that I'm seeing Sony build. Cross play where possible between handheld and home console. Remembering when I've bought a game (e.g. Super Metroid) on any platform in the past, and giving me access to it on new platforms as it becomes available. Tying purchases to accounts and NOT bloody devices, so that I can play them easily on a new device or somebody else's, and recover them if the device is lost. Saves that automatically sync between devices.

    Once they have this platform in place, then we can start talking about crazy shit like Spotify. It will give them the freedom to start experimenting, releasing cool little things that really exploit the fact that they have two similar devices in the market that people tend to own both of.

    I bought a vita a few months ago and have been amazed by how well the ecosystem is working. Got the Sly Cooper trilogy on PS3 last year? Well, we've just released it on Vita, have that too! Spelunky is awesome on Vita, but when it comes to PS4 later in the year, I'll get instant access to that too. All makes so much sense, and is rapidly turning me into a fan of the Playstation, when it has historically been my least favoured system. They actually seem to get it!

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    Here's an idea not just for Nintendo but any company out there with an iconic series.

    Commission anthologies from different creators about one of their properties.

    So you might get a Metroid Anthology with entries by Shinji Mikami, SUDA51, Keita Takahashi, Warren Spector etc.

    Then if there was a lot of interest in one of these proof of concept/mini games they could pursue a game in that style. I'm into it.

    I'd love to see more about Wii U Zelda (mostly to confirm whether that "leak" is true or not) and X(enUblade), some new IPs by Nintendo and their studios (specifically Retro) and I wouldn't mind them returning to some older series like a new 2D Metroid, or HD remakes for some cube games like Super Mario Sunshine.

    But what they really need to do is GET A PROPER ACCOUNT SYSTEM. What prevents me from going anywhere near the eShop is knowing that if something were to go wrong to my system, I lose ALL my purchases. A "cross-buy" thing would be good too where if you bought a certain Virtual Console game it could be played on 3DS, Wii U etc.

    I never really used the VC except when they had Super Metroid for really cheap, but I'd be more inclined to try out some of these classic games which I never played before (like Metroid) if they implemented these and were at a more reasonable price.

      What zelda leak?

        Still just rumour at the moment (it's most likely fake) but if the game ends up having any of those then I'd be pretty happy.

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          Seems very much Majoras Mask influenced possibly way too fanboyish to be true, but to be honest it makes the rumors of the Majoras Mask 3DS release seem more inline.

          Why haven't there been any articles on this??? I know it could be fake but that looks and sounds pretty in line with everything, are there any high res files of that screenshot?


            I first saw that pic shared on Twitter but I just bothered to read the reddit comments and someone said that the shot is from Xenoblade (with some Googling that proves true). It's also still super rumoury and it doesn't seem big, or true enough for places to report on.

            But even if its fake, it has a whole bunch of bits from previous Zelda games I really liked so it'll almost be a "perfect" Wii U Zelda for me. But nothing can be confirmed unless we see some Zelda news!

              Only 3 weeks to go!

                In non Nintendo related news, there's supposed to be the PS4 "Beast Souls" announcement from From at E3 as well.

                All aboard the E3 Hype Train!

                  Yeah that game is pretty much cementing PS4 for me - all I've played for the past two months is Dark Souls!

                  Yeah E3 for me this year is all about Beast Souls, Zelda and Star Wars Battlefront :P

                  and X!!!

    The new Mario Kart and Smash Bros. look impressive, but what I'd love more than anything is a Metroid game dripping with atmosphere that makes good use of the second screen.

    - A real account system and no more region locking.
    - Genuine use of the gamepad for some new Wii U games, rather than just shoehorned in bonus functionality.
    - XenUblade.
    - Part of me wants more JRPGs for Wii U but then I'd need the time to play them.
    - Unified VC releases available on Wii U and 3DS, and full cross-buy so they can be played on both for one purchase.
    - Proper streetpass functionality in the next Pokémon game.

    I'm sure some more things will come to mind. Trying to think of one thing that would be a no questions asked insta buy if they announced it...

      I would love for the unified account. I want to buy Smash Bros on 3DS, and have it on my Wii U. Or at least have a discount code so I can download it on my Wii U cheap.

    Would love to see a large back catalogue of great titles on the Wii U Virtual Console. I would have a colection of all my favorite games on one system. Its a no brainer, Nintendos greatest strengh is in its old games. I would love to play through the first Mario Kart before the new one comes out, for example. Also they should be a little cheaper, its not like they havent made their money on games like Super Metroid, why is it still $10? the games 20 years old!

    I want Super Metroid available on all consoles.

    ...yeah I just said that!

    *Fix their pricing structure across EVERYTHING.
    *Put everything possible on the Virtual Consoles for 3DS and WiiU.
    *A new console with hardware that not old and an proper controller that’s affordable (or go 3rd party, whatever works).
    *New titles that are significant evolutions from their old ones. No more rehashes.

    Honestly, the news that would make me happiest tomorrow is if they announced they were going 3rd party and would be releasing games on the PS4/ Xbone/ both.
    Then they can take their time and release games when they are happy with them and when they see fit. No more rushing shit out because’ Super Mario World Cut-and-past-job Land’ needs to be out by Christmas in order to prop up their shitty hardware division.

    I just want good Nintendo games on a console that’s good value. That’s really the crux of it.
    I can buy a WiiU but it’s overpriced, underpowered, needs 3 extra controllers to get the most out of it. It’s not worth it to play 1-2 good-not-great Nintendo 1st party titles a year when the same investment will get me a dozen or more games a year on the Xbone, PS4 or even the last gen consoles (which really are genuine competition for the WiiU).

    Imagine a new F-Zero sold in the same vein as Trials. Released with a bunch of awesome tracks on PS4 and Xbone for $40, looking great at 60fps 1080p. Online timetables, online races for 30 people, 4 player split screen….. Or a new Mario Golf based on the same model..... that would be great!

      I agree 100%. Nintendo haven't really been at the forefront for gaming hardware since the SNES and every generation they feel like they've fallen further and further behind. Not the concepts behind the hardware and certainly not the games, but the pure execution of their hardware and low-level infrastructure is just not up to snuff. It feels like they stopped paying attention to anything around them in about 1999.

    SNES games on the 3DS VC. It'd be fun to play a Nintendo take on Dark Souls too. Oh, and less ridiculously expensive VC games.

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    A modern IP. I think we are far past the age of mascots and zero dimensional characters that Nintendo tries to redo with each new iteration that comes out. Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Pokemon and Zelda still have thier place in gaming, but Nintendo is preaching to the converted by releasing those titles rather than getting new customers

    Honestly, this is going to sound harsh, but I want Nintendo forced out of the home console market (but keep their handheld market).

    As a looooong time Nintendo fan, I've been incredibly disapointed with their archaic principles of the last few years; hardware based purchases as opposed to account based purchases (as mentioned by others above), inability to embrace online, stale IPs etc.

    If Ninendo bit the bullet and started developing for other consoles, I'd be very happy. They've proven time and again that they are unable to move with the industry, and the flack they've been receiving in recent years by media and competitors alike is warranted.

    Mentioned above already, but yeah I definitely need games associated with an email account (or similar), not the hardware itself. Mainly for insurance against hardware faults, but also for theft and the like.

    1. A proper account system. Games tied to accounts, not hardware.

    2. Removal of annoying region restrictions on everything

    3. Hurry up and announce some actual details for X so that I can know if it's a proper successor to Xenoblade (what I hope) or if it's a PSO-style multiplayer game (what it looks like). And assuming it's the former and not the latter, actually get it released and localized.

    4. Some new IPs

    5. More Metroid, as long as it's not like Other M.

    6. Do a 3DS Port of Mother 3 and actually localize it this time.

    7. Give studios like Retro free rein to take some older franchises and give them a full reboot treatment. One of the rumors that was going around a while back was a Metroid Prime-style reboot of Star Tropics and I'd play the shit out of that.

    A Wii U pricedrop. It's absurd that the premium is still $430 RRP.

    EDIT: Also, wish they would lower the damn price of their first party games a few months or even years after release. (Although I understand why they wouldn't do this)

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    I think the only realistic way now is to just drop the wii u and make games for ps4 and 3ds. Once the 3ds life runs out change to vita. Just suck it up and stop been stubborn Nintendo become a 3rd party. They will make heaps more money in the long run.

    I want to see them ditch the controller! Give me a nice sturdy durable controller! Having 3 kids under 6 I really want them to experience that Nintendo magic, so I resorted the other week to breaking out my old n64. I just hate to think how many broken tablets there will be when Mario Kart comes along with its battle mode and thrown controllers from sore losers! That tablet keeps me from purchasing a wii u for many years!

    Lens cleaner kit HD remaster for Wii U

    Poke MMO

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    I love my Wii U, but every point people have brought up is spot on. What really winds me up is waiting for the VC to be updated every Thursday, only for it to give you one NES game. Where are all the amazing games from the Wii VC?

    Their Virtual Console needs the variety of their VC for the Wii. The Wii U would be powerful enough to run emulation of Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games, for example. They went all out last time - this time, it's pretty limited and lackluster. Also cross-buy.

    But mainly, I just want more games. End of story.

    As a Wii U owner, I'm happy with the system.

    I have faith in upcoming games. Theres going to be some beauties. What I really want is a redesigned system. A console that looks sleek and modern and clearly differentiares from the wii. I think nintendo has an image problem that they could fix with a simple design solution.

    also a sloghtly smaller redesigned and more premium gamepad would be nice. I think the gamepad is great however the screen could certainly do with an upgrade and aesthetic that makes it look less like a toy.

    lastly the entire back catalogue available and tied to an account rather than the system would keep me very happy indeed.

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