Thank You Arnold Schwarzenegger For The Japanese Commercials

Thank You Arnold Schwarzenegger, For the Japanese Commercials

I grew up during the 1980s. And like most kids, I watched a bunch of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. If only I had lived in Japan. I could have grown up with something even better: his commercials.

But good news! After a long absence, Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to Japanese advertising, appearing in a Kowa coffee commercial. He's long overdue for a return. (Bruce Willis, another Japanese commercial favourite, also appears in the same series of coffee ads.)

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Schwarzenegger appeared in many cup noodle and energy drink ads. Known as "Schwa-chan," his catchphrase was "daijou-V", a wordplay on "daijoubu" ("ok" in Japanese) and the "V" in energy drink he was selling, Alinamin V.

Lots of foreign celebrities have appeared in Japanese TV commercials. Schwarzenegger, along with Tommy Lee Jones, is one of the best.

That's why it's so good to see Schwarzenegger back in Japanese commercials. They were some of the most entertaining work he's done (dead serious!). Schwa-chan's playful, gonzo attitude is a perfect fit for the country's over-the-top marketing wizards.

Here are some of Schwarzenegger's most memorable — and mental — commercials.

コーワ パワードコーヒー アーノルド・シュワルツェネッガー テレビCM[Kowa]


    What.the.flying.fuck.. did I just watch?

      Some of the most awesome moments of Arnold's career

        The 2nd video down of his older commercials, 3rd clip in. Incredible.

    The red-triangle outfit one is just insane.

    Ramen time.

    Haha, I kept annoying my girlfriend whilst we were there for 3 weeks by randomly saying "... POWAAAAA!!!", or saying to her "you know what this/we/I/that needs more of?"

    omg, would never know of their existence without this post.
    Very fun! I love Japan and I love "Schwa-chan"! xD

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