The Best Humble Deals Combine To Create The Voltron Of Game Sales

As you may already be aware, the Humble Store has been running a fairly brilliant sale that's far from humble. Each day or two the store has been updating itself with new sales and what not. Now, with only a day or so remaining, they've done something pretty glorious. They've taken all the most popular sales and put them back on sale. This essentially means that, for the next 30+ hours, there are some amazing bargains to be had.

As always I'll highlight a few of my own personal favourites...

Far Cry 3 for $9.98. Papers Please for $4.99 FTL for $6.66 Gone Home for $6.66 Kentucky Route Zero for $12.49 Batman: Arkham Origins for $8.99

Sometimes with online digital sales it's sort of weird. I know that if I went to JB Hi-Fi and saw those games at that price, I'd probably buy them all on the spot, but in the digital realm money takes on a different shape. I might only buy one of the games on sale instead of all of them. Maybe online shopping will make all of us a little more thrifty.


    No. Noo. Noooo. It's pay day. I have bills to pay.
    I. Have. Bills. To. Buy Far Cry 3 and Papers Please and then Batman for my friend who loves the games and then a few others because it's only about $40 in total. Pay.


    Crusader Kings II is all you all need.

      I want to buy it. I want to learn how to play it and love it. I just don't have the time to sit down and keep track of a game in 2-3 hour intervals every 2-3 days or so. I struggle these days to get a total war save going which makes me sad :(

    Was going to buy Far Cry 3 till I noticed that it needs UPlay, not Steam... So I decided against it

    Saw "Voltron" in the article title. Got excited. Clicked link. Was slightly disappointed.

    Oh what the hell, i have been debating over getting Ketucky Route Zero for ages now.

    I should get Arkham Origins to complete the set of unplayed Arkham trilogy games i have bought from sales past but have never got around to playing.

    Are we seriously forgetting Octodad for $7.99? Nobody suspects a thing?

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