The Daily SingTaku

Well done Crotchdot. Well done indeed. If anyone was going to guess Dr Curlytek's SingTaku is was going to be you. Correct: it was Suicide Voyage. Nice job.

Today's SingTaku comes from me!

Good luck everyone!

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!


    Ummm... There's nothing here... So its obviously Biker Mice from Mars! aha! i win again!

    Last edited 06/05/14 12:02 pm

    Silent Hill.

    Edit: now you've added in the video, that's just not even funny anymore.

    Last edited 06/05/14 12:20 pm

    Wonder what the guy in the grey hoodie behind Serrels is thinking.

      he's probably wondering why he keeps getting posting too quickly errors :)

    sounds like an early 90's platformer too me but I have no idea.

    So familiar and I'll be kicking myself when its revealed. I know I've played it!

    The worst part is that it ends one bar* too short.

    *Not a musician, probably misusing this term

    edits: actually, maybe that is the whole thing.
    I still have no idea what it could be though. Some sort of menu music?

    Last edited 07/05/14 12:42 am

    Rogue legacy sounds like this, actually...

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