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Alrighty, here's a new one for you. Can you guess the game, purely by listening to me making roughly similar noises to the game's soundtrack?

Good luck, everyone!

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!



    It's Monkey Island!

    Edit: I think I guessed Monkey Island for a previous Singtaku, let's make it Half Life this time around.

    Last edited 27/05/14 12:08 pm

    Dammit. So familiar. Dammit.

      I know right? It sounds similar to Hyrule Field from OOT, it sounds similar to Starfox Adventures opening. It also sounds like a number of the Route themes from the pokemon series.

      My guess for lack of anything better is Pokemon GSC has a similarities to Zelda 2's overworld theme, but I'm not so sure...

    Its one of the Sonic games on Megadrive...sounds like a boss fight:
    Sonic the Hedghehog
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    or Sonic and Knuckles

    Everything sounds like Zelda. It's the chicken of the game music world.

    Defender of the Crown. Based on his timbre I'd guess the C64 version :p

    It sounds super familiar. Like Pokemon.
    Maybe a later generation Gym music?

    I felt like I've heard this before, and I constantly play Nintendo games so...

    Must be from Smash Bros!

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