The Digital Version Of MLB 14 The Show Is Experiencing A Game Delay

Briefly: Several tipsters alerted us to the digital delay earlier today, upset that the game, slated for release at 12:01 am this morning, was still a no show. An update to the release announcement post on the PlayStation Blog cites "unforeseen technical issues" as the reason for the delay, and that "all parties are working as quickly as possible to remedy the issue."


    Is this like when a game has a release date so once that date hits we expect it, but in reality we have to wait for overseas times not ours? So midnight here is not midnight overseas...

    Had that issue with Arkham City. It's released in whatever date it was. Nope, you have to wait for midnight their time. Such a joke.

      No this was a USA issue. It was supposed to be up to download on the USA store at 12:01 PDT but wasn't due to tech issues. It's not out digitally here in Australia until tomorrow

    Any word when it will be released on PS4 for Australian and European fans? It was mean't to hit this morning on the PS Store but nothing yet. There is no concrete information.
    I want to purchase a new PS4 game but it looks like I will have to spend my money on Dark Souls II.

    Hello! When will this game be released for PS4?

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