The Epic Rap Battle Between Superman And Goku Is Too Close To Call

The Epic Rap Battles generally present me with a simple choice — Mozart Vs. Skrillex, Bob Ross Vs. Pablo Picasso — but when the Man of Steel goes up against Dragon Ball's Kakarrot, I just don't know.

Goku's rapping skills are clearly more advanced than Superman's, and he does go Super Saiyan all over the underwearing Clark Kent, so that's a couple of points for old pointy-hair. But then he has to go and end the whole thing with that "never walk again" line, and that's taking it too far.

Gah, I just can't decide. You pick.


    Uhh, goku, duh. Superman hasn't been anything but a loser since... when was he invented? Then.

    Not that goku is good or anything, but anything vs superman is an easy win to call.

      Not even close.

      In terms of what they've done in their respective story lines - Superman became a literal god, travelling the universe, living in the heart of the sun.

        Superman is a mary sue, and thus becomes an instant failure. Take away his plot armour and he's nothing. He doesn't have a storyline, his writers has a literary cumrag.

    With Goku you also inevitably get Krillin. The master of destruction.

    RWJ as Goku....hmmm.

    ^^^ This!
    Also, the superman V goku argument has been done to death. ERB has put a great spin on it though.

    The only decent line came from Goku, so he pretty much wins by default.

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