The Humble Bundle Store Sale Is Stacked With Cheap Indie Games

And some major AAA games are part of the sale too. For example: Batman: Arkham Origins is $7.49 for the next couple of hours! South Park: The Stick of Truth is $37.32.

But some of my own personal favourites?

Nidhogg for $9.99 Trine for $0.99! Outlast for $4.99 Broken Age for $14.99

There is a lot going on in this sale. It's a good one and apparently there are plenty more flash sales planned.

The sale lasts from today until May 21. I'm certain we'll all be dead broke and on the streets by the end of it.


    Now lets see if I can manage to log into Steam's Broken McBrokentown to redeem the codes..

      If you attached your Steam account to Humble Bundle, they will automagically register your games for you.

    I’m certain we’ll all be dead broke and on the streets by the end of it.

    I'm dead broke now, got like 3 dollars till pay day.

    Oh well, my PC wouldn't be able to run these games anyway.

    Just scored Batman Origins for $7.50 ($8.31AU ). Happy with that. Time to see how well my home network can stream it using Steams Home Streaming.

    Bought Octodad finally! :D

    And I'm waiting to see if Papers Please will appear as a Flash sale - if not, $6.66 still seems a pretty good price. :)

    Not a bad price for South Park when you consider you'll get an Australian key (when they get more of them in stock), might pick that up. Thanks for the info Mark!

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