The Internet Reacts To Kinect-Free Xbox One

The Internet Reacts To Kinect-Free Xbox One

Starting in June, the Xbox One will be available without the Kinect, enabling Microsoft to sell the console at a cheaper price point. It’s a controversial move that many were hoping Microsoft would eventually make — which also means it’s a move that plenty of people have opinions on.

Overall, reactions mostly fall in a few camps: snark, disappointment (all the Kinect believers are coming out of the woodwork) and curiosity over what a Kinect-free console means for the future of the console after Microsoft initially made such a big deal about how it was going to be mandatory. A few folks even seem straight up angry or wronged, but they’re a minority, as far as I can tell.

Let’s take a look at what people around the web are saying about the Kinect news, shall we?


(He’s talking about people like this.)


The Internet Reacts To Kinect-Free Xbox One

[via Reddit]

The Internet Reacts To Kinect-Free Xbox One

[via Reddit]


Over at neoGAF, people seemed to generally be happy with the news:

The Internet Reacts To Kinect-Free Xbox One

And we can’t forget about YouTube:

What about you, how did you react to the Kinect-free Xbox news?


  • I keep getting misled by the headlines, thinking that the Internet has somehow become sentient and is now reacting to matters related to the human world, thus instilling some kind of anxiety in me about a Skynet-esque future.

    Instead, it’s this….. -_-

    • On May 14th at 1:20pm, the Internet become self aware and launched U MAD BRO’s against every major city.

    • Stumbling across a snarky comment every now and then is bad enough. This article is a shot of concentrated snark juice.

  • Ha that first Reddit exchange is pretty funny! The 2nd Reddit post makes does make me question my beloved Xbone overlords.

  • Seriously… the best thing for kinect would have enabling the ‘every xbox is a dev kit’ option.

    As soon as the homebrew / indie community could start building and publishing games for it… we would have found its killer app.

  • No more Youtube troll videos of people with Kinect-prodding names getting people to sign out. That is the greatest loss of all.

    • Just on hiatus until they enable voice control using the regular headset instead of Kinect.

  • E3 and the reveal showed that MS makes poor decisions. The subsequent 180s, despite assertions that it needed to function that way, showed the MS are pathological liars.

    When the PS3 released with its “inconvenient” features (cell making it complicated, blu-ray making it expensive) at least Sony had the balls to stick to their vision (which proved to be the right call in the end.

    MS has at least come to a point where I’m only not buying an XB1 for ethical reasons, not ethical and technical reasons.

    • Blu-Ray maybe but how was Cell Processor the right call in the end – all that happened was devs learned how to use it properly sometime around 2010-11.

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