The Last Of Us Sequel Idea Isn't Real, But Maybe It Should Be

The Last Of Us Sequel Idea Isn't Real, But Maybe It Should Be

You could call this beautiful image of Ellie "fan art", but that would be a weird definition, since the artist actually worked on The Last Of Us.

That artist was the exceptionally-talented Marek Okon, whose work we've featured here a few times before.

While unrelated to any actual TLoU work going on at Naughty Dog, Okon imagined his own take on a continuation of Joel and Ellie's story, in which Ellie is "being chased by a woman who will hesitate at nothing to find the cure and save her loved ones."

Then he drew this. It's wallpaper-sized, so just click "expand" and you can see it at 1920x1080.

Marek Okon [Facebook]


    I gots me a new desktop wallpaper.

    I don't think everything needs a sequel. With the recent port of The Last of Us, Sony could easily keep focusing on some post game DLC.

    But the problem with sequels in the gaming industry is, they rarely just stop at a number 2.

      The world of The Last of Us is an interesting one with many a potential story, but I really don't want them treading familiar ground with our existing characters. Set it in Paris or west coast US or something. Find a new hook. Doesn't have to be about saving the world either.

        If they make a sequel, it better not be set in the US. Seriously, you've the whole world to choose from, what better way to differentiate yourself than... Setting it in the US. Sigh...

        The problem I see is that we've already been privy to the most interesting story that can exist in that world, the story about the one person that was immune. Sure other stories can exist in that world, but if they don't HAVE to exist in that world why not set them in their own so we can experience new stories in new worlds (I know I know, because money)

          I'd like an even darker story, The Road style. Give me Siberia; Russia. Give me Chernobyl, even. Give me Japan. Give me Africa. Give me a AAA game outside of the goddamn USA.

        Oh I agree, the world is fantastic, but focusing on the characters in the first game would be waste. A sequel to me is continuing the story of Ellie and John, which doesn't need more telling - its done.

        I agree it would be nice seeing a post-apoc game outside the US, Paris or any European city would be great

    They should make one every year until we are sick of them then pump a billion dollars into a last of us MMO...........\o/

    I know people always seem to get excited about the possibility of a Last of Us sequel but for me that game was more about using the setting to tell the story (something I thought it did brilliantly) but now that the story's been told there's no reason to back, the point's been made. Anything else would just be a sequel for the sake of making one.

    I've always had the hope that Naughty Dog would take on a 'one for them, one for us' approach. One money leeching Uncharted sequel alternating with one risky, original IP, like The Last of Us.

    Sorry (not sorry) but I totally have a crush on Ellie

    Loving the art.

    Not sure how I would feel about a continuation of Ellie's story though. His imagined premise sounds cool but if the woman chasing her is doing it for a loved one she would prob agree to it.
    She would need that reason to keep going that Joel always relied on.

    Suppose they could write something in there but I worry they would just kill her off at the end anyway

    I think there is plenty of scope left in the story of the relationship of Joel and Ellie. They didn't exactly wrap it up with a nice little bow (yes that's what made it great too).

    I love the idea of setting it somewhere other than America but the industry is so scared that anything set outside of the US won't sell in the US. Would at least need to have an American protagonist to please the backers.

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