The Most Extreme Way To Play Counter-Strike

The Most Extreme Way To Play Counter-Strike

If you’re not strapping on an Oculus Rift headset and using both a virtual reality treadmill and a special assault rifle controller when you play a first-person shooter, well, I just don’t know if you’re getting the most intense experience possible.

The treadmill being used here is the Virtuix Omni, and though we’ve seen it in action before, here we see how a player fares against other actual people in an online match. Spoilers: you can actually be a formidable foe while using all this gear. Heck, it actually looks like you’d be able to be rather accurate — the main issue might be stamina:

It’s still an elaborate set-up that not everyone might be into, but hey, you can’t say it’s not novel.


  • For $500 pre order it is pretty good, however it would be better if the gun had separate tracking instead of just being for show as a cool controller.

    • Yes, but seeing as FPS games have head movement and gun movement locked together that would require the game to be rewritten to allow separate movement of the head and crosshair.

      I could certainly see it becoming viable in future FPS games (provided the controller is updated to suit) – say they have a setting under the option to decouple the two for OR/gun users and keep them locked for KB/mouse users.

  • Yeah, agree with above poster. The concept is sweet but the gun just being a controller (no tracking) just a ‘shoot’ button is pretty meh.

    If that was not the case I would be all over this.

    • I agree with this but you have to think that it will become part of the next games that are released when this is widely available.

      Also, one thing I don’t understand is the animated gifs and then the video. Why not just have the video?

    • Gun tracking would be pretty awesome. I reckon it’d be really tough to get working though:

      A) Getting the right level of sensitivity and granularity in the gun tracking
      B) Making it so the physical gun lines up perfectly with both the virtual gun and the virtual point of view.

      I’m guessing that with some effort it could probably be done to a level that would rival controller accuracy, but I couldn’t see it being as good as a mouse-keyboard anytime soon.

  • Won’t be worth buying until the Commercial release of the oculus rift is available and that’s that if the final result is for what the original developers wanted.

    Let’s hope facebook honour their decision.

  • I can see this product turning unfit and overweight gamers into cardio gods. Imagine Skyrim with fast travel off!

  • Great, now rig up something that will let me play Mirror’s Edge or Titanfall in the same manner.

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