The Most Interesting People In Watch Dogs: Batman, Templars, Celebs

The Most Interesting People In Watch Dogs: Batman, Templars, Celebs

One of the features in Watch Dogs is the ability to get a bit of information on the random citizens you pass by in the world. Well, who could pass up filling all those descriptions with easter eggs?

So here are some of the best easter eggs I could find, put your own finds in the comments:

Bruce Wayne, BDSM enthusiast (Source)

Aisha Tyler (Archer, Halo: Reach) (Source)

Karl, former Abstergo employee (Source)

Malcom in the Middle (Source)

Assassins Creed Spoiler (Source)

The NSA troll (Source)

The illiterate poet (Source)

The autocorrect victim (Source)

The guy from the trailer (Source)

Fernando the poledancer (Source)


  • I’ve had to double take more than once with some of the profiles.

    Their are some weird people in Chicago

  • But… that’s not Bruce Wayne… it’s Wayne Bruce :\

    And Malcolm In The Middle’s surname is Wilkerson…

  • I’m finding the weird ones are the good people and sick people. Recovering from a back injury, occupation: unemployed, hacked $600. Rescued a little girl from a fire, hacked $1800.

  • Fernando the pole dancer 😛

    I saw a couple arguing, woman was throwing his stuff off the balcony, his phone said “recently became single” or something like that.

  • Wow, i felt genuinely bad because i hacked $16k from a guy that needed a liver transplant. I managed to find Aisha Tyler talking to someone saying that no one is watching her and that the only thing they would see would be her farting.

    The profiler in Watch Dogs is a good reason to walk to your objectives, that and cars suck major arse.

    • And walking around is so much better. While it lacks some detail, I like what they’ve done. Walking past a bum that’s taking a piss against a bus stop, stopping a crime down a dark alley way, people arguing, it’s neat.

    • Yeah it spices up the time spent between destinations. It’s almost like taking the scenic route everywhere you go. =P

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