The Most Realistic Military Simulator Now Has... A Go Kart Mode

The Most Realistic Military Simulator Now Has... A Go Kart Mode

For April Fool's Day, the good people at Bohemia Interactive made this video showing off a new go kart feature in ArmA 3. Well you can't do something that silly without people asking you to make it real, so what choice did they have?

The original video is a play on the Jean-Claude Van Damme split commercial, and people really loved the idea of having a go kart mode in a serious military simulation like Arma 3. Not only did they do something great by making this joke real, but it will also help charity:

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Arma 3 Karts DLC will be donated to the Czech Red Cross. The total amount raised will be announced on in June 2014.

The DLC includes exciting features like "A racetrack safety coordinator", and it works with Arma's amazing Zeus DLC, where one player can modify the game in real time while others are playing.

You can pick up the DLC for $US2 right now.


    Considering the franchise got a real shot in the arm from a zombie mod, how could anybody think this couldn't be real?

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    Pretty sure april fools day jokes is how World of Warcraft ended up with Pandas

      It was, in 2005.
      It was a response to the fact that Lineage 2 had just announced a /pizza command allowing you to order pizza from pizzahut in the US from their game.

        Really? They had the Pandaren in WC3:FR as a neutral hero, "The Brewmaster", which was released in 2003.

    Looking at the current state of the game after all this time DayZ SA is one big april fools joke. (the joke is on me for buying it)

      what has dayz got to do with anything? it's not even on arma 3's engine?

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