'The Original Minecraft Has Sold 15 Million Copies!'

Briefly: Minecraft creator Notch tweets a celebratory thumbs up in reaction to his game hitting yet another sales milestone on PC. So far, only Minecraft: Pocket Edition has managed to outsell the original PC version with its 21 million copies.


    I should probably try minecrat someday. Watch my friends play it and streams but just doesn't appeal much to me?

      Had the same, 2 years later, I still play it on regular basis, sometimes more than other games.
      It has gone far beyond just mining for diamonds and making houses. A lot of modders out there creating full games in it now

    The Pocket Edition out sold the main version? By more than 5 million copies!? I truly did not expect that!

    I shouldn't be so surprised. But for some reason it stunned me.

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    Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a joke. If you want a closer experience to Minecraft PC, check out Survivalcraft. With the exclusion of multiplayer, it has a lot more going for it like caves and infinite worlds.

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