The Sadness Of The New Tony Hawk Game

The Sadness Of The New Tony Hawk Game

Oh, Tony. Your name was once synonymous with good games and even better soundtracks. Seeing your brand reduced to this, even after all the recent heartbreak, is just...sigh.

Below is a clip of Tony Hawk's Shred Session being played by, well, Tony Hawk himself. It's a free-to-play mobile game. That's an endless runner. Well. Skater.

Here's some footage of the game in action, courtesy of Touch Arcade. If you're wondering, that's Tony himself playing/selling the game.

Look, I don't know if the game itself is any good. Right now, I don't think that matters. I look back to Tony Hawk's 2, then I look at this, and on principle I just get a little bummed out.

Tony Hawk's Shred Session [Touch Arcade]


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    ahh sweet nostalgia.

    I can understand that completely. I think THPS3 myself was the pinnacle of the series, THPS2 was the bomb as well. But this, this is just tragic...

    I wonder why EA don’t make another Skate game.
    The last one was great and surely the market is crying out for a new AAA skateboarding title.

    The focus on media sharing on both new consoles really leans towards the kind of community sharing that the last Skate title set a platform for.
    A massive, next-gen open world full of skate spots where people could really be creative would be awesome.

    I think the Tony Hawk formula of bashing out massive arcade-style combos is a bit stale these days.

      I agree , would love another skate game on next gen !

      Definitely; I'm still playing Skate 3 and would love to see a new one for the new consoles.

      Some of the best multiplayer. Hall of meat was a fantastic party mode cause it didn't matter non of my friends could even Ollie. All had a good laugh. The online stuff was also fantastic.

      I'm with you there man, I would LOVE another skate game, especially on the new-gen.

      There are so many ways it could build on the previous titles too... sigh...

      Unfortunately EA Black Box was shut down in April 2013.

      It's unlikely we'll see another Skate game, sadly.

    It's on mobile platforms....well if the controls are nice and tight then it should be a good mobile game (compared to most of the skateboarding games on IOS/Android now IMO)

    As for Skate....yes that would be awesome if EA made another Skate game

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