The Science Behind Game Of Thrones

Let's forget that many of the mysteries in Westeros can most easily be explained by the word "magic". What are some of the scientific reasons behind some of the stuff we see in Game of Thrones?

It's OK To Be Smart delves into all sorts of subjects in this video, from why Game of Throne's weather is so whack, to what real-world steel comes the closest to Valyrian steel. Yes, many things explored here don't have concrete answers, but they're still fascinating to think about.

The Science of Game of Thrones [It's OK To Be Smart]


    So this isn't so much the science 'behind' GOT as... a random bunch of speculation about how 'science' could in theory approximate some of the stuff in GOT.

      Thank you good sir for saving my the time of watching this Video.

      I admit I feel a little silly for falling for click bait but I do love "A Song of Fire and Ice"

    GRRRRRRRMMMMM!!! George did actually say that the seasons are like that due to magic and not orbit.

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