The Second Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Has Everything

The Second Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Has Everything

If Bradley Cooper’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy‘s psychopathic raccoon doesn’t sell you on Marvel’s next big comic book movie, then wait until you hear Vin Diesel utter his first “I am Groot.”

Whether or not this tale of Marvel’s team of intergalactic “heroes” captures the imagination of the general public is moot at this point. Everything a fan of the comic books could possibly want is in here, and should this be the only Guardians movie made, we’ll always have Rocket adjusting himself.

And a special bonus GIF, for my fellow Rocket Raccoon fans.


  • Awesome. This is at the top of my “must watch” list this year…

    Also, I can’t keep my mind from making the random coincidental connection of Bradley Cooper -> Sly Cooper, another raccoon of note…

  • I had the 4 issue limited series of Rocket Raccoon when I was a kid. I have long regretted that I didn’t hang onto it, as it was surprisingly awesome. It looks like it’s since been reprinted in collected form, so I may have to track it down again…

  • The only thing that doesn’t work for me is Bradley Cooper as Rocket. I know you have to see it in context, but it just sounds like some dude.

    Even on screen with the character, doesn’t seem as if the voice has any personality. Doesn’t seem to fit the character in anyway. Now I understand seeing 30 seconds of him talking on screen in a scene will probably wash it away. It just is the only thing that doesn’t work for me in the trailer.

    I don’t want a squeaky voice, just some personality.

    • I personally wish they just used the same guy who voiced him in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It seemed to fit really well, IMHO.

      • i agree. it’s weird without him having his english cockney accent. the umvc3 VA would have done very well :S

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