The Studio Behind LittleBigPlanet Is Spreading Its Wings

The Studio Behind LittleBigPlanet Is Spreading Its Wings

Briefly: The studio that helped bring many a LittleBigPlanet to life is spreading its wings with an original game of its own. It’s called Hunger, and its concept art looks gorgeous in a gloomy sort of way. Learn more about it on the Tarsier Studios website.


  • Umm, isn’t this the studio behind the port of LBP2 to the Vita? Headline is a tad misleading.

  • You may want to mention they created the Vita version of LBP. It was Media Molecule who developed the console originals.

      • Same here.

        But I’m pretty sure we WILL see a new MM game at E3 in a few weeks, so hopefully our disappointment will be short-lived.

  • Yep, horrible title and story… that being said, Tarsier did an amazing job with LBP Vita so the excitement can still be justified.

  • The studio behind the Vita port of littlebigplanet is spreading its wings pretty ordinarily 😛

  • Every time I see Little Big Planet, I read Little Big Adventure.
    Wishful thinking.

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