The Swampland

Video: Wanna see how a map in Titanfall is made? Check out this quick look of Swampland, a map that will be in Titanfall’s upcoming DLC, Expedition. You can also read more about the map here. The DLC will cost $US9.99.


  • So I was at EBgames yesterday and they were doing a charity thing. For 50 bucks I get a Titanfall DL code. I was thinking about getting it then selling that code off to someone else. How much is Titanfall for download?

  • That sure looks like a swamp and swamps are boring as shit. Not exactly the picturesque location for free running and giant mech battles either..

    At least we might run into Yoda along the way :3

        • They don’t see them coming. They have the amphibious rule and can’t be attacked and do not block LoS.

          • That Minions pact also has a fair amount of abilities that increase their damage, defense or armour when close to living enemy models. So your opponent either needs to hit hard, bring in more ‘jacks, or play as Cryx (most of their models are undead).

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