The Watch Dogs Trailer Makes Things Blow Up. A Lot.

Watch Dogs hasn't launched yet, but it's launch trailer has, and if that makes no sense to you then just let all of the explosions knock the logic out from your skull. Who needs logic when everything is blowing up. No-one that's who! Just watch the explosions ya dingus.

Actually, I might exaggerating with the explosions. A lot of other stuff happens: driving, shooting people in the face, fancy hacking stuff and — of course — Aidan walking in slow motion from an explosion and totally not looking back at it. He knows the explosion has happened, he's the man that made the thing explode. It's all part of his masterplan idiots. Why would he bother looking back?

He's a cool dude that Aidan.


    I'm a bit worried about the game now, i just hope they don't over do it.

    This trailer has successfully killed any sense of hype I had for the game. The graphics, frankly, look shocking. From what this trailer shows, GTA4, a 6 year old game, is equal to these graphics. Also, why the bandana on his face? At what point in life do you honestly think a man wearing a bandana looks inconspicuous? Ugh, this was the one new gen game I was looking forward to, the justification of my PS4, and it just looks exactly like GTA but with more phone functionality. Not impressed.

      Ummm who cares about graphics? I mean they might look pretty but it clearly has absolutely no influence on the game being good or bad.

        That's a ridiculous statement. Of course the visual fidelity has an impact on the users experience. And I agree with everyone else, it looks bad.

          Im happy to agree to disagree. Graphics are cheap and last for about 10 mins. Whereas a quality in-depth game will last many many hours. Killzone is probably the worst game Ive played in a while, as far as shooters go, and it looks amazing. I have so many more games with this exact same problem

          Sure, graphics/visuals joined with amazing gameplay together would be the best but i stand 100% on my original statement. Graphics are a WAY WAY WAY down the ladder of things that make a game good.

            This ^

            There are already walkthroughs of the 360 version on YouTube and it looks pretty good to me

        A next gen title with last gen graphics... no thank you

          It's not really next gen its cross gen. That's fine, you get to miss out then. The game might still suck but im not going to ride it off becuase of graphics. That's insane in my books

    Ugh. Those 00s mobile sound effects certainly didn't help make the game feel next-gen to me.

    I'm more worried about the gameplay now than the graphics. The game still looks goddamn amazing, but all the nay-sayers are bringin me down about the gameplay. Still a day one purchase, easily despite that.

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