The World's Largest LEGO Darth Vader Was Just Built In Sydney

We mentioned earlier that folks were planning to build the world's largest LEGO Darth Vadar is Penrith's Westfield. Well, they've only bloody gone and done it and it looks way, way cooler than I ever expected it would.

Put together by LEGO Master Builder Dan Steininger, I sort of couldn't really imagine how big it would be, or how it would look, but when you see it in perspective, it's actually pretty impressive. It's massive.

The Yoda's not too bad either, but that Darth Vadar is a beast.

Both were built with the help of fans at the Westfield.

"Usually models of this size would take two Master Builders more than three days to complete. With this being the first time a Darth Vader model of this size has ever been built with LEGO bricks, we needed help from fans of all ages." said Dan Steininger.

"It was so rewarding to see more than a thousand Aussies come together, dress up, play and help build these iconic Star Wars characters - we certainly couldn't have finished the giant models without them!"

The LEGO statue remains at the Westfield in Penrith so if you want to go and take a gander head over there. It will remain on display for a limited time.


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