The Zero Suit Isn't So Sexy Now. Or... Is It?

The Zero Suit Isn't So Sexy Now. Or...Is It?

If you ever needed an illustration of why Samus' Zero Suit (and now heels) outfit is so stupid — at least when it's so prominent in a game's marketing — look no further.

Or look further away. Up to you. And, no, I don't know where his junk is either.

(Modders, when you get your hands on the upcoming Smash Bros., please remember this and include Sexy Space Wario as a character. Thanks.)

xyrafhoan [Tumblr, via GameOvr]


    wah wah wah. get over it. if samus was fat, there'd be health groups complaining because it will suggest being fat can be great.

    The prominence of the zero suit kind of annoys me, as I prefer Samus as more of a blank slate "choose your own badass bounty hunter"type of character.

    Despite that, other than the heels, which are quite possibly the worst character design choice in recent memory, the rest of the outfit, by which I mean the revealing skin tight nature of it, is really quite standard when compared to other Japanese science fiction characters. Particularly those who pilot mecha, or wear power armour. This applies more or less equally to both genders, and goes back at least as far as Amuro Ray from the original gundam in 1979.

    This started to be overtly exploited for sex appeal in the late 80's and and early 90's for both male and female characters . it's worth noting that the real robot genre, whose protagonists tend to be young effeminate, often sexualised males wearing skin tight piloting suits, is now more popular with women than it is with men.

    It's still fair to say the that the zero suit is "stupid" or that it is now too prominent in the characterization of samus, but I think the claim that it's some sort of gender dichotomy issue like this article seems to be suggesting, doesn't hold water when examined against the broader field of Japanese sci-fi.

    Or maybe i'm reading too much into this, especially now that my comment is longer than the article :P

    Wario looks great! There's nothing so fine as a hairy fat man in high heels!

    It's worrying that they feel the need to emasculate him by hiding/minimizing his junk though. What kind of message is that sending to our impressionable young ones?

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