There Are Already Mods That Make Dark Souls II Prettier

It was only a matter of time, really — and while this mod takes the "dark" part of Dark Souls to heart, it's still a joy to gawk at.

The mod, which you can see in action above, comes from WickfutENB — and you can see how it compares to "vanilla" Dark Souls II in the same footage, too. But if you need another look at it, here's some more video:

Gorgeous. And the dim lighting kind of accentuates the atmosphere, no?


    This really does look gorgeous. I think I'll wait til I've done NG+ and play through it again with this, I just kinda wanna see it the way From Software wanted it the first time round. :>

    If its the same mod i put on, it makes the game more like the early demos where you NEED torches and going around lighting the areas so you can hold a shield in combat becomes needed.

    It made the game better for me!

    Just be careful they added VAC protection to the game, if it triggers a false positive you will be banned.

      As they said somewhere else (I think on their youtube page somewhere), it hooks in to directx's dlls and thus VAC shouldn't notice it.

      Last edited 04/05/14 5:16 pm

    Man that is how was supposed to look I'm pretty sure, playing on the ps3 I dont think I ever used a torch at all and my brightness settings were turned right down.

    Are my eyes broken or is it exactly the same, just darker?

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