There Might Be Problems Getting Watch Dogs Through The PlayStation Store

There Might Be Problems Getting Watch Dogs Through The PlayStation Store

If you’re buying Watch Dogs in the next few hours, you might want to do it from a brick and mortar store. Aside from it being quite cheap for a triple-A at Target and JB Hi-Fi, we’ve heard of some possible troubles buying the game on the PlayStation Network.

Kotakuer Siegey first alerted us to preorders of the game not working if bought through the PlayStation Store — if you preloaded and took the day off work, like he did, that’s some bad luck right there. This made Siegey not very happy.

Apparently copies bought through the PSN are connected to the EU Store, which will unlock the game sometime between 5pm and 10pm our time. We’ve reached out to Sony and Ubisoft for information, and will update this post with anything that comes through.

You might be successful in getting a refund though, and then simply getting the game from a brick and mortar store. Customer service has acknowledged that there is a problem. Siegey was successful in getting a refund, and that made him less sad.

The PSN has since gone down, so it’s possible the issue might be fixed when it comes back up. In any case, a physical copy is the way to go both in terms of price, and actually playing the game. Siegey left his home, safe in the knowledge that his purchase was refunded, and he could buy a physical copy. He was excited.

With the disc soon to be in his hands, he could play today!

First he tried EB…

But they wanted around $90. So he tried Target and JB Hi-Fi instead, which were cheaper at around $65. Even though EB said they’d price match, he was already at Target, so he got it there. Now he had the game!

Siegey now has the game at home. Let us know if you’ve had any similar problems below. We hope Siegey is the only one that has to deal with this problem today. Now you know! And you can be happy too, like Siegey.


  • Just picked it up from JB, but at work now so havent played. Am quite nervous though, cos I’ve read alot of mediocre things about it so far ie. overhyped, ok but not great etc. Anyone taken it for a spin yet?

    • Same. I should be playing it two hours from now. Hoping it’s a fun kind of mediocre. If not I’ll be pinning all of this years hopes on Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    • i just picked up the disc from EB. i prefer to shop their because i like the staff and atmosphere of the store. Also when i went to pick it up the staff let me know it was cheaper at JB and offered the price match I didn’t even have to ask for it 🙂

    • Played a couple of hours last night, I think it looks great, not as good as the initial reveal, but still good.

      Can’t comment too much on story or immersion as I had people talking into my ear asking questions. Which was annoying as I’d seen exactly as much of the game as they had.

      I’m looking forward to forming a better opinion tonight.

      • Can’t comment too much on story or immersion as I had people talking into my ear asking questions.

        Can you elaborate on this?

        • He meant the entire time he was playing his mate/partner is constantly talking to him asking stuff that makes him can’t concentrate on the game.

        • @letrico is on the money.

          By the time I got home last night (I work long hours) my housemate and another mate were sitting around at home. And kept asking questions during cutscenes or telling me to try this or that.

          So unfortunately I couldn’t really focus on the world because I was too busy dealing with leechers.

          • It sounded to me like you logged into a world shared by everybody else and had constant chatter in your head like in Red Dead Redemption..

          • Ah sorry bout that! It seemed that I could’ve tried to search for some multilayer modes, but I have to do a certain mission before the infiltration mode is available.

    • Like with most Ubisoft games, I will wait around 6 months and pick it up at a quarter of the price on a steam sale.

  • OBVIOUSLY they wanted you to hack the Playstation Network in order to download the game to get the authentic experience!

  • That location of the TV was really bothering me. If someone bumped that door or pushed it open further couldn’t it knock over the TV ?

  • Its not just the Playstation store that’s having issues. Greenman Gaming has been drowned under the weight of people trying to find out where their keys are, Origin’s still not letting me download and apparently there was issues with Steam allowing downloads last night but not this morning. Its been some sort of giant distribution clusterfuck which I suspect involves Ubisoft not honouring time zones. If only some intrepid game jourmalist could uncover the truth…

  • Thanks for the sh*tload of unnecessary photos of that blokes stupid looking head.
    I’m certain that’s what the internet was invented for.

    I wouldn’t be recommending downloading this game until you see a review anywhere.

    Delays – check
    Project downgraded from initial expectations – check
    Publisher with a record of releasing incomplete or poorly conceived products- check
    Review embargo put in place until after the game is out – check

    This game has all the warning signs of a major disappointment.
    I’m ready to get it if it’s good, but I’m preparing for a letdown.

    • Thanks for the sh*tload of unnecessary opinion.
      I’m certain that’s what the internet was invented for.

      *fixed ;D

    • Yeah this one set off all my alarm bells as well. The fact that all the media outlets are holding their reviews until release is never a good sign, because almost all triple AAA publishers allow for reviews to come out early if they are above a certain rating. Radio silence right up until the game drops is almost a guarantee that the metacritic rating will be an 8 or lower.

      Given Ubisoft’s track record, I’m expecting this to be akin to the first Assassin’s Creed, a nice idea and an ok game, but nothing to write home about.

      • My thoughts exactly, particularly regarding the Assassins Creed comparison.
        At least AC was a full generations leap forward, there’s no way in hell you could have pulled of AC1 on an original Xbox or PS2.

        The lack of a review says everything it needs too. If Ubisoft thought their product was as good as the hype they would have had the release embargo lifting at least a few days before launch.

        It would be very interesting to know what big companies like Ubisoft consider to be an acceptable Metacritic rating for a game with this much hype to allow reviews to actually increase sales.
        When a game has this much marketing, does it need at least an 80% rating to get sales above those of people you’ve bought it purely on hype? Or would a rating like that just put people off who are expecting this game to be the next GTA?

        I could be wrong though, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

        • I guess it depends on the publisher and the game.

          You can be sure there’ll be someone at Ubisoft whose only job is to gauge whether they are more likely to sell copies based on hype or the game’s review scores, and plan accordingly. With a game that has as much hype behind it as Watch Dogs, I’m guessing any Metacritic rating that falls short of 90% would be a step down in sales at this point.

          The sad reality for Ubisoft is that a game like this could score 8’s across the board and the internet would be awash with people calling it a failure, mostly because so many folks were expecting it to be the first real “next-gen” game.

          The whole charade is all a bit silly when you think about it, but it is what it is.

    • Calm your tits bloke. Your mother take a shit in your cornflakes this morning? You finished the article so clearly your nerdrage didn’t hit peaks. Still, calm those pert nips, seriously.

    • It is the arrogance of man to believe that they can know nothing about video games or the “industry” yet provide what they believe to be insight.

      • Maybe you should learn to structure your sentences so that they make sense before you start posting try-hard proverbs on ‘the arrogance of man’.

        Your post doesn’t make sense either in the context of my own post or when taken on its own.

        +1 for trying to sound smart though. Better luck next time.

      • Ahhh! I’m being confronted by the guy I was making fun of!

        Sorry Sir, sorry for those comments about your unnecessarily hi-resolution head.
        It’s a nice beard.

        *hides in corner*

    • $63, hehe, I do love how they’re undercutting the lowest price so far by $1 😛

      Although I think the OzBargain deal goes lower after the $10 rebate is factored in.

  • Review embargoes and what I’ve seen so far are definitely not good signs. Still, it’ll at least be a decent time waster on the new consoles; siegey can send us his expression if it truly does all go south.

  • I’ll wait of the Wii U version – it will be so delayed it will have all the bug fixes – plus gamepad hacking features 🙂

  • I just went to EB and asked them to price match it to Target for $64. They wern’t happy at all but they did it :).

    Suck it EB! Thats what you get for overpricing games!

      • i do it for the perks… see, i just price matched it at eb down the road from my house for $64 even though target is 50m away… the reason? as a level 3 eb games member, if i dont like it and it turns out to be a hunk of shit, i can return it within the next two weeks no questions asked for any reason…


    • This is bullshit i waited and didnt work first and last time i buy redownloading it again to see if itll work..

  • I got mine from Target for $54, now I’m waiting them to email / sms / smoke sign me so i can pick it up

  • Yeah, try the delay and total lack of communication from Green Man Gaming.

  • I have an issue with disc, dosen’t work for xb1. Forza still does, can anyone offer a solution?

  • $65 pre-order from Dick Smith, picked up on my lunch break, waiting to get home to play.

    Slightly worried by the embargo date but hoping it’s still reasonable. My PS4 just longs for more games!

    • You realize some Youtubers have uploaded at least 13 to 14 parts in a walkthrough in the past week right?

  • I have been playing it most of the day. It’s pretty good! There is so much to do it feels like there is something to do on each corner. I think gtav is better though from the first 5 or so hours of pkaytime

    • Listen to everyone above. They’re worried about it scoring high but not high enough, they don’t care. Next they’ll be on about how you can only trust user reviews or something equally ridiculous.

      I never thought the game looked amazing in the first place, it could score a 6.5 (note that few reviewers list this as terrible) and I’d probably still try and play it sooner or later.

      It’s a game. Sometimes they disappoint when they look great but it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like this is Man of Steel we’re talking about.

      • I have the game, it’s above average. It’s not a must have. But like you said, it’s just a game, I’d be hard pressed finding 20-40 hours of entertainment for $64 elsewhere so if anything, it’s great value.

  • I’m having a problem doing my season pass wasn’t able to download after it accepted the code but I have the retail version of the limited edition so I’m good on the game part.

  • I purchased my copy on the psn store and it wont let me down load it all it says is an error ocurred during the install operation (80029753)

  • I’ve brought a hard copy from a store and I can not get it working on my ps4 I just get an error message restarted and rebooted but still not working getting annoyed now

    • thats odd, i installed and started playing my PS4 version last night at 9pm… The Ubisoft servers must be getting hammered though, when i first started a new game it said it couldnt connect to ubisoft servers and the online features would be disabled… I reset my PS4 and i was all good.

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